Chicken with bean sprouts

The most famous chicken with bean sprouts in Perak should be in Ipoh. However, my home town also has one shop which sells quite good chicken with bean sprouts.
Last Friday was Yvonne's 25th big day, she treated Hayley and me a lunch there.
It is not nice to make you guess which drink was for who anymore. Wakakka! The two lime juice were for Yvonne and Hayley, and the soy drink was for me.
Soy source bean sprouts.
Kelabu petai.
Half part of the chicken.

No need to guess, noodle was always my choice of order.
The two fellows sure ordered rice one, what else?

The chicken rice/noodle and bean sprouts from this shop is the best in town.
Apparently, I was like promoting and adverstising for all the goodies in my hometown lately. lol!


  1. Hmmm, thanks Yvonne for her kind treat..
    Their chai buoy is nice too!

  2. Kelabu petai. I never try this b4.. Looks tempting..

  3. The taugeh looks so plump, sure taste yummy to eat with a bowl of kuey teow and chicken. I don't eat petai but love chicken feet kerabu. Yumz!

  4. I just had my dinner... but how come after reading your post I feel hungry again?!>_<

  5. I can't tolerate my stomach now, I just ate few minutes ago hahaha... But I want to munch something after read your post LOL
    Do you like soy-drink? I feel a bit nausea every time I drink soy-drink @__@

  6. Mmm...if you were to ask us to guess the drinks, i would get it wrong cos i thought the 2 lime juices are for you and Yvonne since both of you always post about weight loss...hahhahhahahhhh.

  7. happy birthday Yvonne!
    the food look good!
    and i will always choose rice over noodles too. lol. eating noodles not full leh.

  8. 在熟悉的地方,尤其是家乡;当然什么都香、都好吃。同意吗?

  9. I am sure now three of you are like good buddies lol, makan together, blog same same, Kose together, make over together,, cool.

    keep that friendship flourishing ya? good friends are hard to find,lest keep, right?

    take care now and god bless..

    got go make over somemore or not?

    Penang has got two more shopping more,, one is good one they call The Straight Quay,(not been there yet) but it houses famous brand, heard LV coming too, another one is 1 Avenue,,,come come lah....

    you girls got come,let me know,

  10. Sorry typo error,, shopping malls not shopping more,,,, i guess i always associate you girls with shopping mall and shopping more,,hahahah, my apology.


  11. We've been neglecting this shop for some time. I think we should make more trips there ;) and gain some weights (OH NO!!)

  12. Hi Sheoh Yan, you really brought back beautiful memories to me re these dishes with the bean sprouts.
    I used to eat these in Ipoh very often when enroute to Penang as well when residing there.

    Have a nice day, keep well, Lee.

  13. The food from your hometown really makes me drool. Lots of nice food there. First time hearing and seeing kelabu petai...looks yummy though. :)