Christmas Eve 2010

This is a backdated post to tell how we spent our Christmas Eve. We were actually invited to a humble Christmas Eve dinner that Yvonne has blogged about it here. Since we didn't celebrate Christmas, if we didn't go for the dinner at Hotel Flemington, our Christmas Eve would be another normal evening. So, I would like to thank the person, Mr. Ooi who is also a member of FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) for the invitation.
Here my Little May and her Santa hat, which she got from the previous week event.
After quickly gobbling down the dinner, my princesses couldn't wait to eat their lollipop that they've got from the Santarina at the hotel lobby.
This was the first time that my princesses experienced the Christmas event, and I did enjoy the Christmas carol very much.
A group picture of the table. The man in black is Mr. Ooi .

My husband was also taking a lollipop after the food while watching TV, which showed live telecast of  the pastor giving the Christmas message on stage.  

On the next day, April went and celebrated the Christmas with her ex-nanny's family, and 3 of us had a very quiet Christmas day at home.


  1. Looks like your girls enjoyed themselves very much!
    Here wishing you and family, Happy New Year! ^^

  2. Your girls looked lovely in their satarina hats and gown!;D

    Happy holiday Yan, wishing you and your family a wonderful New year!^-^

  3. Wow, April went through many Christmas celebrations during the season. She must had been enjoying herself very much :D

  4. I guess no beer was served,right? pity your hub,,, Horgardeen will have to wait lol...

    Hey here wishing you a great 2011,may the year to come shall bring bout good health,abundant joy and loads loads of love..

    Thank you from me for your support in my blog day in and day out,to this i sincerely appreciate it..

    i am sorry to hear that you had to go back to work this weekend,don't fret,may be got 3 x OT claim,ma right? then can go minum makan , beli beli already ma..

    take care now ya

  5. That was a great Christmas Eve dinner. All of you looked great.

  6. They are so cute with their santa hats! I wanted to get a pink one but couldn't find anywhere lah - maybe this christmas hor?

    have a lovely new year!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  7. Remind me of my Christmas eve! I also mingled with many people that time hahaha ugh lollipop, I wanna have one too hahaha too bad no santa in my hotel to bring a bunch of lollies hahah