The dark side of the rainbow

My 6 years old, April is my most precious first born. She is always her Papa's favourite. After learning Di Zi Gui, she has become even better in terms of her behavior and attitude. I seldom have bad remarks on her, because she has not much whining and tantrum as far as I could remember. She is good at her study and other activities like drawing, colouring and UCMAS as well, I reckon so.

Apparently, she has the dark side which she only reveals to certain people. Last Saturday, their babysitter complained to me that April scolded her with bad words. 

First incident, the babysitter reprimanded them to take their nap, she and her sister didn't want to stop  chatting and playing. April get irritated and told the babysitter off blatantly, "你这妖怪! 我不听你的话,我只听妈妈的话。" (You monster! I do not listen to you, I just listen to mother).

Second incident, the babysitter fed them lunch, and she accidentally knocked the spoon on April's nose. When the babysitter was about to apologize, April get really annoyed and yelled at her, "你去死啦!" (You die).

I was totally shocked and embarrassed. How could she be so rude? This bad manner is strongly unacceptable in Di Zi Gui's concept.

I took her back home. I lectured her for a total of 2 hours and more. She just said, "Auntie and Uncle only love mei mei."

No matter what reason, she is not allowed to say such harsh words to someone elder. Auntie is elder than mummy, and Auntie is at the grandma's age. So, I insisted her to apologize to her Auntie and I drove her there again. She did.

In fact, this babysitter was only taking care of little May, since little May was born. April was with her ex-babysitter that time. When April was 3 years old, I transferred April to May's babysitter's care for the reason of better bonding in the siblings. April feels that the babysitter cares for little May more than her.

On the other hand, she has very good bonding with her ex-babysitter and her family. I would plan for her to put up a stay in her ex-babysitter's house, whenever there was a long holiday.
This was the picture taken at her ex-babysitter's house on last September.


  1. perhaps it's just a sudden outburst from her because she feels that she was sidelined by the sitter. April is a sensible girl so I'm sure she knows what she did is wrong and won't repeat it :)

  2. I was shocked too, knowing April said those words to her babysitter, cause to me April is a good girl.
    May be some thing is bothering her, hopefully she wont do that again ;)

  3. April surprised me with her words. She is only 6 years old and already using such statements to channel her anger. Perhaps she picked them up in her school? I know a handful of students (mostly boys) use harsh words in their conversation - mainly their parents are bad role model.

    You've made a good move about making you girl apologize to your sitter. At least she's aware of her mistake.

  4. Guess her outburst was due to attention seeking as she feels that the aunty sayang mei mei more. She can't accept it as she's always the apple of daddy's and teachers' eyes.

  5. awww I hope she is feeling a lot better now. I mean these things do happen right. jealousy problem and attention ma. I hope April will understand lah.

    have a great day!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  6. Aww. ..the last picture. I can see April is really close to her ex-babysitter and her family. I think most probably there is jealousy involved. May's babysitter shouldn't show any favouritism lor. I hope after your lecture, April will understand.

  7. Barb, you make sense. Thanks.

    Hayley, I guess you are right too. Will try to find out what is bothering her.

    Yvonne, sooner they will be taken care of my PIL. So, i don't want them to spoilt their relationship with the babysitter now.

    Ian's mom, true enough. Thanks.

    Jenny, she is ok now. She always has bigger say in my house.

    Mummy Gwen, she will go to her ex-babysitter house when there is holiday. She loves going there too, because she has all the attention when she is there. Thanks.

  8. I'm shocked too. Well, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. The most important thing is, she is aware of her mistake, willing to apologize and promise not to repeat it again. This kind of small outburst is still tolerable lah cos once again, no kid is perfect.

  9. Woa, she surprised me! You are right, she shows less tantrum and bad behavior based on what you post in this blog, I think she's such a mature and good girl. It's hard to believe that she used such a words that so harsh. Maybe you should talk with her and tell her even she annoyed with someone, just express it in polite way. I believe she can do it :) April is a good girl.

  10. Probably she really feels that auntie is in favour of her mei mei most of the time. But is only natural for auntie to put more attention on the younger one. Hopefully after your lecturing she is aware of what she had done wrong.

  11. you were not there to see the whole situation and besides it is one side story, so u cant really blame her totally.

  12. kids sometime find it difficult to adapt to changes. maybe she angry coz sheis separated from her former babysitter too and have to be put in new situation. and probably she feel sidelined too coz the babysitter dun sayang her/neglect her?? well maybe should ask may for the story?:-s
    its normal for kid to behave like that. they pick up from school. they still dunno what wrong and what right. but when they know, im sure they wont repeat it.

  13. Children are just like us lah,one of those days,stressed up also ma,, sudden changes, different environment and not feeling at home,, ok lah

  14. Mummy Chloe, it is true, no one is perfect. She was reluctant to say sorry, but I coaxed her to do that.

    Angie, I told her too. We cannot curse people to die. We will have bad karma.

    Agnes, I didn't blame the Auntie, it is normal for her to care for May more. The Auntie is actually treating April quite well too, only April is bullying her.

    Valerie, you make sense and have a point too. I also know my kids well. I also sort of knowing my Auntie as a person. That's why I didn't spank her or beat her this time. I only lectured and coaxed her.

    Goldflower, she was there for 3 years already, the first year when she was just going there. She created more trouble to the Auntie.

    Eugene, correct, but I just tried to stop her from using harsh words like these.

  15. I believe after you lecturing her, she won't say those words again...

  16. Hopefully she has learnt her lesson. Poor girl!