Days in Langkawi 2010

This post is to summarize the day time activities that we did during our last week Langkawi trip. I will let the picture do most of the talking.
We went to Taman Agro - Teknologi, Stesen Mardi Langkawi, because my husband found out from the map that there got free seasonal fruit for visitors. We are so cheap skate. Lol!
There got free transport for the plant tour as well, but we have to pay for the entrance fees of 2 adults and 1 kid. I cheated that May is below 4 years old. Kekeke!
This giant guava could definitely help saving us lunch money.
My princesses were enjoying the pamelo. This was the first time they took pamelo.
The tour lead said that this banana was special, because it was hard to find elsewhere for this type of size.

We went to Wildlife Park after filling up our stomachs with Guava, Pamelo, Watermelon and Pineapple.
Apparently, my princesses found that rabbits were the most appealing animal out of all. The above picture reminded me of the scene in Snow White.
I didn't expect that my very shy girl would have the courage to carry the rabbit. I myself don't quite like holding any furry animal.
May was struggling to hold one, but failed. April helped May in catching the rabbit.
Finally, May managed to catch one with the jie jie's help.
Luckily my girls were more animal friendly than me. Sorry to admit that I don't like holding any animal close to me.
We were in the beach for 2 evenings. First evening, the girls were playing with the sand only. Second evening, we all dipped into the sea and tried out an exciting ride on the banana boat. So no picture was taken, as we didn't want the camera to taste the salt.
While waiting for me to get a beach set, they felt the sand with hands and foot.
We should have brought along our beach set from home, as a small beach set like this cost us RM15.
Other than playing with the beach set, we also got the entertainment by watching people trying out the parachute, jet ski, and banana boat.
Please stay tune on the food in Langkawi in my next post.


  1. So,you did not do any water sports ka? must play lah, since Langkawi is the beach paradise you know.....

    i bet the girls were the happiest of all....

    hey have a great week ahead ya,, so where go on countdown to 2011?

  2. When you mentioned Langkawi, all I can think of is beaches and duty free stuffs. Little did I know there are activities like you posted - eating fruits and playing with rabbits.

    Anyway, thanks for carrying those chocolates all the way back for us :D I would go crazy if I were to step my foot on that island, for its cheaper chocolates of course!

  3. nice to meet you^^
    i think you is a good mummy,when i saw all your blog.

  4. Hmmm, I think April and May enjoyed themselves so much! The photo of them carrying the rabbits is so cute ;)
    Hey I dint see you tanned this time! :P

  5. Wow, the orchard... One of these days must bring them to Langkawi, since my whole family love fruits, specially Juan Juan! Look at May and April having so much fun playing with the rabbit, and the gigantour Guava, you can get filthy rich by planting one!^-^

    Looking forward for your foodie post, yummy~!;D

  6. Fun outing! OMG.. the guava is indeed very giant!

  7. Yan, you have a very happy family outing. The girls look so happy wif mummy n daddy.

  8. Hi.
    A lot of people dont know the Taman Agro-Teknologi existed. You among the first to blog about it.. & honestly i can say nice pictures & great story.. will link your experience to my blog..

  9. I didn't know there's such a fruit plantation there. Got free fruits to eat, I will surely go too hehe. The banana is very unique. I've never seen anything like that before.

    Very nice trip... got orchard, rabbit farm and beach :)

  10. The giant guava was real? Must be some camera trick..hehe.

    I didn't know there is an orchard too. We didn't go to the wildlife park but we went up the suspended bridge.

    You are looking good..gorgeous mummy.

  11. wow, i didn't know there are so many interesting places to visit besides the beach and all the other touristy places :D

  12. I didn't know there is a free for eat orchard wor, not bad ya, ehehhe!