Food in Langkawi 2010

At Langkawi, being a seafood lover like my husband and myself got to enjoy the seafood there very much.
 First everning, we had the dinner at KITTA Seafood Restaurant.
 April was a bit tired due to the long hours of travelling by car and boat in the morning.
While browsing at the menu for ordering the dinner, my little May had started to show some tantrum due to over exhaustion.
She was almost falling asleep on the desk.
 Sweet and sour crabs.
Fried Hong Kong style mantis shrimps.
Deep fried fish.
The bill for 2 adults and 2 children is RM190.

 Second evening, we had dinner at May Hiang Restaurant which served life seafood.
 April looked more refreshing after getting a lot of breezes during the exciting ride on banana boat.
 May too, surprisingly she wasn't that tired after splashing water for 2 hours in the sea.
 Roasted chicken wings.
 Stir-fried broccoli.
 Steamed mantis shrimps in liquor.
 Steam lobsters.
Their homemade ice-cream as dessert.

The bill for 2 adults and 2 children is RM232.


  1. Look like you are a fan of mantis shrimps. :D
    Food in Langkawi are quite pricey nowadays.

  2. Wow, the mantis shrimps and lobster looks delicious!
    I remember I dint ate much seafood when I was at Langkawi last 2 years.... Guess we're not good in hunting for food ;) But agree with Shenny's mommy, food there is not cheap at all...

  3. How come i don't see beers on the table one lah,, Langkawi good seafood and good beers, abang adik they say................

  4. Wow... the seafood in your post, especially crabs is very tempting :)

    Sadly, it's quite expensive....

  5. the food is good but pretty expensive huh?

  6. I was about to say the same thing too... very expensive maybe because of the crabs and lobsters. They looked really good though. You picked a good restaurant. I remember our meals there were cheap. The beer over there same price with soft drinks ler... u didn't order any?

  7. Hi Sheoh Yan, wow! I love the seafood displayed here. The fried fish, shrimps, lobsters and crabs.
    You sure know what to order.....

    Sheoh Yan, I have been away a very long time and lost touch with the foods here as well Malaysia....mind telling me, just out of curiosity....what would be the cost of all that lovely dishes?

    From Canada, wishing you and all at home the very best of Seasons greetings and a very happy new year.
    Stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart...
    Best regards, Lee.

  8. Poor May she looked almost dozed off, at least eventually she enjoyed the water play!

    Eyes rolling big at the seafood prices O_o, anyway it looked like a delicious spread of seafood, tummy rumbling now!>_<