Karaoke Singing Contest 2010

Last weekend was quite a happening weekend, at least it was for me. I love singing and I do enjoy the Karaoke Singing Contest very much. The Karaoke Singing Contest was held in Chinese Recreation Club, and the participants were coming from the whole nation of Malaysia.
This golden age contestant wore in a cowboy fashion and sang a song about cow farm. Part of the lyric ".....hule he hule he ho...hule he...".
The special guest did a great performance with the song of Laura.
This sweet  young thing sang BAD BOY. She made the whole atmosphere real high and caused some of the uncles nose bled.
The participants were ranging from Golden Classic group to Young Idol group. Some of the contestants were actually seen before in Astro Golden Classic Melody contest, Astro Hua Hee Lai Kara contest and other well known singing contests in TV.
In order to outshine the SYT above, I brought my two very hot male dancers along. We are the Malaysia F.I.R (F.I.R is a popular music group in Taiwan, it is formed by a lady and 2 gentlemen), but we are the classic version one. Me and my two very hot male dancers posed at the back stage for our supporters. Are they hot enough? Do you think our performance would qualify for the best top 10? Boo hoo.
Wakakakka! tsk tsk... They were not my dancers la! they were the special guests of the night. They were also the judges for the contest. I just acted like a fan, went and grabbed their poster back. The singer at the right side was one for the champions in Astro Golden Classic Melody Singing competition.
The organizer gave a special token for the five judges.
It took about 3 hours to complete the contest. While waiting for the result, my little May started to show her antics.
Whereas, April was able to enjoy the singing contest more.
Here the top 5 finalists were waiting anxiously for the announcment of the contest result.
Here left the top 2 finalists, and this was the most heart throbbing moment. Drum roll....... the right one was the champion of the night, and the left one was the first runner up. "Congratulations and celebrations"....was played in background.

In fact, this was the first experience my two girls and me watching Karaoke Contest live on stage.


  1. I thought you were one of the participants! LOL...

  2. Yan: I think u should edit ur picture into the poster,so it will look more real! :D Nice weekend ya.

  3. LOL, your little May looks very cheeky there~
    Hmmm, I've never heard of this band before... Did they perform that night?

  4. waa. singing contest! sound fun! but i don't like loud noise :O

  5. i also thought u were one of the participants!! hey, u should join in one day!

  6. muahahahahahahahahha...this is funny. I thought you were one of the participants :)

  7. Hey, you like singing,i like it too, come come you sing i sing, my fav is Leslie chung,, ho ho ho mo sam siu min, ho ho ho lo kau ching,,,,,,,,,, \

    good night i miss my family now ,,my lovely wife and my boys hahahahaha

  8. Hahaha Aunty Yan why don't you participate the contest ;D
    (at first I really thought that you were participating that contest LOL I just can't imagine haha). I love karaoke too, I sang many chinese songs when I was at May ages haha
    Lil May's expression is sooo cute ^0^
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend Aunty ;)

  9. Hahaha..I thought you were one of the participants too. I don't think Gwen could stay there even for 20 mins...May was very good already.

  10. Hahaha... An eventful weekend with superstars! I got to emphasis here both the special appearance and guest judges are very metrosexual (I already give them face by giving this term instead of 'gay'). Bwahahaha...

    Lil May is so cheeky and cute with her antics. At last I see her 'dark' side.

  11. Wakaka... I fell for it too. I think I would show the same face as little May too haha cos I'm not interested in karaoke or any other singing competitions like this :p

  12. Hehe...I actually thought you were taking part.>_<

    p/s: great experience for April and May, who knows if they could be the champion of the contest in their new future!^-^

  13. CHEH!!! u make me suspend i read and read waiting for your performance mana tau u go see only ah? *pengsan*