More biscuits from town

Thanks folks for all the compliments on our Kimono pictures. This is solely the power of make over and photo shop. Before you get too bored of over self-obsession pictures of us, I must change to blog about biscuits. Other than being a noodle person, I am also a biscuitarian. I can have biscuit for breakfast, lunch or dinner to replace the rice.

Today, me and colleagues dropped by a newly opened biscuit shop, which located at Jalan Tupai, 2 shops away from Restuarant Yang Sheng Ge Steamed Soup.
 Assorted animal shape biscuits with lotus an red bean filling.
 The ready pack assorted animal shape biscuits, which reminded me of moon cake biscuits.
This was the close up shot. Can you spot the snail shape biscuit? I wanted to buy it for April and May, but Yvonne said it looked more like shit to her. Make me quickly put it back to the shelf. Shit...
There are Chicken Siew Pow and Pork Siew Pow.
Some ready pack biscuits for tourists.
"Loh Poh Peng" (Wife biscuits)
"Sak Ke Mah"
These were our huntings for tea time today.


  1. Haha, got chance I help you to get commission from my friend ya, for promoting his shop :P
    I like biscuits too! But cannot replace them with my main course, rice =_=

  2. Hahaha... my comment really turned you down, eh? But it does look like poo-poo.

    Though I like biscuits, I still can't live without rice, my main staple.

  3. LOL right looked like Poo, poo-poos that often appear in comics and cartoons hahaha... But I'm sure they taste great! I love biscuits, especially if you eat it with a cup of hot chocolate like I always do! Must be superb

  4. Look like this shop has a nice and well spread-out of chinese biscuits.

  5. wow, the cookies are really cute. yeah..from afar, the snails look like shit...kakakakakakaakakkaka

  6. No need to change lah, i still prefer the make over picture ,,,better than biscuits for sure..

    may be next time do it for Sheisedo instead..

    about biscuits, i am not biscuits lovers, may be i ate too much of it when i was small, we were poor then,, those Kiam Pieh,, Mary Pieh, Roti Pieh, hahahahaha,

  7. I love sak kei ma, the lesser sugar type, goes well with a cup of tea. :)

  8. I've never seen so many types of biscuits before. I'm feeling hungry already..hehe.

  9. Hahaha! I like this new word biscuitarian. I think I'm one too but only for snacks and not main meals lah :) The animal biscuits are so cute!

  10. HIGH 5! I'm a 'biscuitarian' too! I love those mooncake cartoon biscuits(or something similar to it)!^-^