My 2011 New Year Resolution

I believe everyone is having joyful holiday mood since last weekend. Malaysia will close the year 2010 with longer weekend, as 31 December 2010 has been declared as a public holiday after the victory of Malaysia football team in Suzuki Cup.

I am afraid that I need to do the New Year count down in the office with my gang. T____T. Those who have visited Hayley's blog, already knew that we need to commit to job over the New Year weekend.

I am afraid that I need to get up early in the morning, do the work in the home and then go to the job, work there and comes back home with frustrations and tiredness.

Nevertheless, I want to wish all my blogging friends and readers a very Happy New Year.
I do have the New Year resolution in mind. This year my resolution is very different from the previous year. I used to put weight loss as top in the list, though I still failed in achieving it every year.

My 2011 resolution is to sleep early every night. Means, I have to cut down my time spending on FB, blogging, and watching dramas. Probably sleep early by 1 hour will be good enough for me.

Nowadays, I notice myself looking aging, losing memory, lacking patient, having bad temper and feeling exhaustion day in and day out. All I blamed to my long term sleep loss .

The only solution by which I can get relaxation and can be free from stress, tiredness and frustrations, is sleeping early. The habit of sleeping early is always good to health. Six to seven hours of sleep for adults and eight to nine hours of sleep for children is always necessary which helps a lot in terms of health and obviously helps to improve our beauty too.
Early sleeping habit provides many great physical and psychological benefits in regard to health and beauty. The real and great benefits of early sleep includes,

Stress reduction
Increase in stress leads to many health problems like heart strokes. Sleep is the best natural way by which stress can be reduced. Sleep can repair the physical and mental damage that caused in your body due to stress and fights against diseases.

Controls and prevent diseases
The people who sleep late at night will definitely suffer from many long term diseases especially cancer and heart problems due to increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body. A habit of sleeping early helps to control and maintain blood pressure and prevent such long term diseases.

Improves memory
Early sleep helps the mind to store the information in an organized way so that it can be retrieved later easily.

Enhances quality of life
Sleep will improve the quality of your life and makes you experience the joy that present in doing your work.

Increase energy level
Better and early sleep makes you more energized by increasing the energy levels and makes you feel fresh the next day you get up which helps in doing the work perfectly and in time.

Weight can be maintained
Improper sleep that is sleeping too early or sleeping too late leads to obesity problems or leads to weight loss. These problems can be prevented and weight can be maintained by paying attention to good sleep at night.


  1. Wow great infor! I also wish to sleep early everyday, but sometimes just fail to do so...
    Here wishing you, Happy New Year 2011~ Hopefully our projects can finish earlier la!

  2. Very good resolution, and one is already enough to improve health :) It can be achieved quite easily too, if determined to do it. Way to go, Yan!

    Have a great year 2011 ahead....

    p/s: not going to wish us 'happy' here.... likewise, how to happy when we need to go back to work *sigh*

  3. sorry to hear that you have to go back to work this weekend. i hope your company will give you an extra day off next week or during CNY. Wishing you and your family a great 2011.

  4. Hi Sheoh Yan, interesting post.
    Always learning something new from you, ha ha.
    And yes, a good nights sleep is very important.

    I take afternoon naps too, especially on weekends. My wife too.
    When sleeping we relax our muscles.
    When we laugh, we exercise our face muscles, all 57 of them. This way, laughter helps prevent wrinkles and growing old early.

    Sheoh Yan, from Canada, wishing you and family all the very best of the new year.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.
    And don't forget those scented candles, *wink*. Have fun.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sheoh Yan.
    Your Canadian friend, Lee.

  5. Me too, more sleep hours for me too. Looking back, I realise I have spent too much time in front of my laptop this year so I got myself a Digi broadband RM38 day plan few days ago. The internet speed will slow down from 7pm-7am and hopefully this will be a good reason for me to spend more time with the family after 7pm. Hahaha...

  6. You already look so slim, don't have to bother much about losing more weight :) Sleeping early is a good goal. Cheers to a new year and more sleep for you.

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family! I need to sleep early too. :(

  8. Hi Yan,
    first of all a Happy New year toyou and your family. I am writting from office.(yeah working again ,yesterday too) The first thing that caught my eyes when I read this post was that pretty lass on the right. I thought she looks familiar , someone I should know. then reading the 2nd para, confirmed it was indeed Hayley. didnt know you and her works in the same office.
    I guess we all need extra sleep as age catches up with us, moreso if the next day is a working day and we need to get up early.

  9. LOL, your resolution sounds really good to me too(Something I really deprived of), wishing it all comes true!^-^

  10. Hi Yan :) nice sharing! I also hope to have better and more quality sleep this year!

    Btw, i tag u here:http://secondtimeparenthood.blogspot.com/2011/01/kedai-babys-launching-giveaway.html


  11. looks like you really need to sleep more hor!! You can do it!

    have a lovely new year!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  12. This resolution really inspired me and informed new facts that I didn't know. I wish you many lucks so your resolution will come true this year. I haven't make my resolution yet, I feel like wanna make it now hahaha but so malas lol

  13. You gals looked so smart in the uniform :) Ya, talk about sleeping early, I'm supposed to be in bed latest by 11pm :p

    Hope I'm not too late to wish you and your family a very happy and all-things-good new year!

  14. I also want to sleep early! Must ask some one to control me, sigh!

  15. children need more than eight to nine hours lah. for my daughter who is going to be 7, she needs at least 10-11 hours at least and for my son who will b 3 years old soon, he needs at least 12-13 hours.they are in bed by 19:00 and wake up around 0800. for myself I need at least 9 hours :D many children in malaysia are lacking of sleep and have dark eyes circle :S