My forever baby

When the school reopens in another 2 more weeks, my first baby will be in her Primary 1. Last weekend, other than watching the Karaoke Singing Contest, we also spent the first half day shopping for back to school items like school uniforms, tumblers, shoes, white socks and white liquid for shoes. April's Papa was most excited when looking for those items for his most precious baby. We actually hopped from one shopping center to another shopping center to hunt for those items.
My baby was putting on the umbrella school uniform, which I ordered from Kids Islands. She looked really cute in it, but I found it is just nice for her now. I prefer it to be one size bigger, so that it can last longer. Kid grows fast, right?.
We bought her another ready made school uniform in bigger size, and this is for backup purpose on rainy season.
I find my baby looked so adorable in the primary school uniform. She is really excited to wear the school uniform to go to school. When she can't wait to grow up, I am getting afraid, and wondering whether it is too hard for me to let go when the day comes.

When a child starts her primary education, the tough study life has just begun. Actually, I am just being too pessimistic.

We have to shop for her a school bag in the subsequent weekends.


  1. You will be even more excited when she grows up further, form 1, college, pak tok,, and so on,,,,life's like that,ain't it,we see them grow,then we start to think back and think back..

    I am very sure your girl will do well for i know she has a mom that brings her up well too..

    well done

  2. April is so beautiful! Don't be too pessimistic Aunty Yan, just put your belief in her, she's a really smart girl, I could see it from your posts ^^

  3. She looks great! All the best to her!^-^

  4. i think the worst is when she tell u she hv a bf and u know she love someone more than u. touchwood. hehe
    she look cute!

  5. Ya, I see alot of school uniforms promotion now...
    You're right, April looks really adorable and sweet in her uniform! ^^

  6. April fits well in her umbrella school uniform. Very pretty uniform. Too bad it's "just-fit" as April has grow up so much since the last measurement.

    I think I'll have the same feeling as you next year, when my girl enters primary school - my baby is slowly getting more independent and need mummy less. Of course she still need me *self-comfort*

  7. she is so pretty and cute in the uniform. i am sure April will enjoy her school life.

    Btw, what is the umbrella school uniform?

  8. April looks so "grown up" and adorable in her uniform. I have to get 2 bigger shirts for him as he's grown taller and the shoulder broader though the blue pants still fit. I am still hunting for his school bag thus the hopping from one mall to another.:) The branded back pack such as Impact can cost over RM300! Tempted to buy but then not reluctant to part with the money. ^_^

  9. I bet April is looking forward to attend to her new school. She definitely looks awesome in her new school uniform.

  10. April looks so sweet and beautiful in her new school uniforms. School unforms getting more fashinable nowadays.

    I think I would feel the same way as you now...they go grow up so fast.

  11. April looks really pretty. Will she go to a Chinese school? If so, then she will need to tie a bun to school every morning or cut really short, right? Hate the Chinese schools ruling!