Noodle and rice

Every morning, when Hayley, Yvonne and me saw each other in the office. Other than catching up on what we did or ate on last evening, some casual gossiping and chit-chatting. We also discussed on what we should eat in the afternoon. Normally this type of conversation happened just right after the breakfast. Imagine folks, we have started to talk about lunch only 5 mins after taking the breakfast. Consequently, our weight numbers are only having potential to go up, and not to come down. How nice if the share market is also performing like our weight numbers?

These were our lunch today. We ate at the cheapest cafe in town, "Prima Kopitiam"

1. Siam Laksa
 2. Tomato  Fried Rice
 3. Tomyam Fried Rice
And, 3 glasses of warm water. Why only water? Because water contain zero calorie, and we also planned to cut down on the expenses after spending too much on the Kimono make over pictures. T__T.

Now, the contest is to match the food with the person. Just match Food 1, food 2 and food 3 to Yan,  Yvonne and Hayley.

Forget to let you know, this contest has no giveaway even if you match it right. You can proceed to let me know what you wish as a gift, I will try to convey your message to Santa. Just kidding you.
The purpose of the question is too see how well you follow our blogs. Thanks for your participation and thanks for following us. Have a nice day, everyone.


  1. I'm feeling very pathetic after looking my increasing scale number every week. Sigh... I wanted to watch my diet but lack of self-control.

    吃是富... comforting myself

  2. LOL.. for those who follow our blogs, your contest is quite easy to guess la~
    Me too Yvonne, been trying to diet but always fail, wuwuwu T_T

  3. oh no...i follow all your blogs religiously but when it comes to food...hard to guess. anyway..let me try :-

    1)Siam laksa is yours
    2) Tomato fried rice is Yvonne's
    3) Tomyam fried rice is Hayley's

  4. Life is really all about eating. Same here... after cooking one meal, I'll surely think of what to cook for the next 3 meals haha!

    I'm only following yours and Hayley's blog so far. Haven't dropped by Yvonne's yet. And my guess is the same as Barb's :)

  5. Food 1:Siam Laksa-Truly Yours, Yan
    Food 2:Tomato fried rice - Hayley
    Food 3:Tomyam fried rice - Yvonne

  6. Now i baru tahu, you three gals work in the same office,, now who started blogging first,,,?

  7. Eugene, to answer your question, yours truly.

  8. Oh no...I really can't get the answer...I better follow up yours blog everyday...
    One thing..those food look super yummy.

  9. Oh no...I really can't get the answer...I better follow up yours blog everyday...
    One thing..those food look super yummy.

  10. it's hard to control ourselves in front of yummy foods!>< sigh.
    But Aunty Yan & Aunty Yvonne, you both doesn't look fat, really!

  11. I really don't know. Here goes my wild guess :

    1. Yvonne
    2. Hayley
    3. Yours

  12. The siam laksa must be your lunch!! Am I right??

  13. I see... you held a contest, too bad I already knew the answer!>_<