Please don't cut my hair anymore

I will never miss any of Walt Disney animation pictures, because they never fail to amuse me with their tales, animation, scenery, musics and songs . Last Saturday evening, we supposed to go to the Buddhist class, but the class was cancelled at the last minute. I didn't want to return home with my girls without getting anything done. I drove them straight to the cinema. We usually waited for Papa's off day, then only we could watch movie together. This time, I brought them for movie without papa tagging along. The girls got really excited with my sudden plan. They kept yelling when we were on the way for the movie. We reached the mall, found the parking lot, got the ticket for "Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale", went into the theatre and the movie just about to start. Everything went on smoothly, even though the White Knight wasn't with us. I should do this more often, in order to create more bonding time with my two princesses. My girls will be happier if mummy can bring them out more often, but Papa will be more worry then.  

Yesteray evening, the princesses' art lesson was cancelled too. Again, papa brought the girls for another experience of watching "Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale", it was in 3D. Mummy didn't follow, as I had the scheduled line dance lesson.

Less than a week, my 2 princesses have watched "Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale" twice.
After "Up" and  "Toy Story 3", this movie indeed was another good one.

Now, I have a problem to get them for a hair cut. They kept saying, " Please don't cut my hair anymore."


  1. Wow, they watched it twice... so lucky hehe. I'm very eager to watch it too but Chloe kept saying don't want :( She's not interested in movies...

  2. LOL! So looks like that is the side-effect' of watching Rapunzel!

    To ChloeRuoyi, since your daughter is not interested in movies, then you get to save money on that loh!

  3. Hahaha! My girl too wanted to keep her hair long like Rapunzel *sigh*. She's gonna get tangled soon.

    Btw, how's the 3D experience?

  4. Aiyo.. I've never watch 3D before.. Wish to watch this movie ler... too bad hubby is not keen to watch animation.. =_=

  5. LOL at your last sentence. :)

    I don't think Gwen would like watch it in 3D coz need to wear the 3D glasses right.

    I hope it's showing in JKT now so we could bring Gwen to the movies this weekend.

  6. Sheoh Yan....you made my wife look at me yesterday when I burst out laughing! She thought I'd gone nuts!!

    She was ironing clothes opposite my solarium where I have my Apple...and my radio playing soft music, she listening when I burst out laughing, loud too!

    Sheoh Yan, YOU ARE REALLY HILARIOUS! I think I had the best laugh of the year!
    Holy Smoke! I am smiling now as I type this....of you asking that aunty at 'cheng beng' at the graveyard whether she praying to her hubby, and her reply he's still alive.

    Sheoh Yan, One day I must mention this when I blog about funny and hilarious experiences.
    I really love your down to earth thoughts and especially your humour!

    Sheoh Yan, thank you for the best laugh I've ever had this year....you made my day!
    Have a great weekend and stay young, Lee.

  7. I just watched it! Yes it was a great movie. I love it, totally! (oh don't forget the horse, really funny lol). You're right Aunty, Disney animation never fail to amused me ;D

  8. LOL! dun cut my hair. so cute! i wanted to watch rapunzel too. huhuh. see la when got chance, still in cinema ar?

  9. A lot people have good review towards the movie!

  10. LOL!!! I hope Ashley won't tell me that after watching Tangled :)

  11. Chloe's mum, Rapunzel is nice to watch, even for an adult.

    Alice, you are right, Chloe's mum can save $$$.

    Yvonne, my husband said, no 2nd time to watch 3D movie.

    Hayley, go for the normal one is good enough. I don't like to watch in 3D.

    Mummy Gwen, 3D glass is too big for kids. Not comfortable at all.

    Lee, I read your reply in your blog and I know you were laughing at my unflavourable words. I am very happy too, as I can make Lee laughing. Usually you were the one who make me laughing. Thanks for crowning me the award, "The best laugh of the year for Lee".

    Angie, yes, Maximus is really hilarious. My girls kept mentioning the horse too when back home.

    goldflower, still on, go watch with your bf.

    Angeline, why don't you bring Calvin to watch as well?

    Barb, hehehe, perhaps she won't.

  12. We are going for the movie this weekend, can't wait for Juan Juan's turn to shout, " Don't cut my hair anymore!"