Shopping loots in Langkawi 2010

Langkawi is a shopping heaven for duty-free goods from around the world and Kuah happens to be Langkawi’s main location for shopping outlets. Perfume stores, cigar shops, confectionery outlets, wine boutiques and other retail venues are a dime a dozen in this quarter of Langkawi Island.
While shopping in one of the outlets at Kuah, I found these very lovely paper dolls for my princesses.
It costs only RM1 each. I got 6 of them, 2 for April, 2 for May and 2 for Avery.
April and May couldn't wait till going home, they have started to play with the paper dolls at the hotel.
Papa was actually taking beer more than water at Langkawi.
He had stocked up the fridge in the hotel with half dozen of beer cans and half dozen of beer bottles on the day that we checked in.
Wakakaka! The camera trick that I learned from the tour lead in Stesen Mardi. I am sure you folks know how to do this.
I also got these two M&M dispensaries for my princesses.
These were all the chocolates that I hunted in the Duty Free outlets. These chocolates weren't meant for our own consumption, I was actually helping my colleague to buy most of them.
*Wink* This was my Christmas present from my White Knight.


  1. Woohoo! So many chocolates! Thanks for helping me to buy the chocolates! Love it to bits ;)
    And your Christmas presents smell goooddd~

  2. Wow! Langkawi is definitely a shopping paradise! I love the paper dolls too, it's hard to find one these days!:)

  3. ahh..i just saw the paper dolls from Yvonne's blog. They are so pretty and boy, only RM1??? I like your Xmas pressie :) What did you get your White Knight? Hey, where did you stay in Langkawi?

  4. Hayley, you are most welcome. I regret for not getting more chocolates back now.

    Alice, I was too happy when seeing those paper dolls there too.

    Barb, I didn't get anything for him. We stayed at Langkawi Putih, the hotel was sucks, but it is only a walking distance to the beach at Pantai Cenang.

  5. you very very good lah,,,, i knew what i was expecting here,, your hub is cool,, Hogarden nice one lol,, how much they sell it there for?

  6. Thanks for the chocolates and paper dolls! I couldn't stop munching it and feel like I'm 10 pounces extra, hahaha....

    The beer is cheap there and I bet my hubb will also have it as water replacement :D

  7. Woot nice stuffs you got there!!! Been ages since I last had chocolates...

  8. My hubby also stocks up the hotel room's fridge with beers everytime we visit Langkawi. Hahaha..

  9. I love to shop for chocs in Langkawi..hehe. We are chocoholics. Your camera trick is really good lah.

  10. I miss playing those little dress up thingies. I remember i played those when I was little! FUN STUFF. I don't know where to find these nowadays.

    have a lovely new year!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  11. Chocolatesssss, I bought many from SG too! Sigh I will gain more weight I believe hahaha
    I craved for that cute chocolate dispenser either when I saw it in SG but it was expensive, I felt so sayang to buy, I rather buy books LOL
    Oh did you edit the pictures hahahah look so cute ah!