They still believe in Santa

Hi folks, I am back from being MIA. I am now finding time to accomplish all my outstanding jobs and the blog hopping homework.

2 more days to Christmas, and I usually prepared my kids a Christmas gift. At first, I was thinking of giving them the pillow story book which I ordered online. However, I have accidentally revealed them the pillow story book and they have got no surprise on it. So, I have given the pillow book to them as a reward for their good behaviour a few weeks ago
Thus, these are the gift for them this Christmas. It is a Tupperware brand tumbler.
This Santa sock is the only Christmas decor that I have in my home. My girls will look up for their Christmas gifts here on every Christmas eve.

They still believe in Santa a lot. April had one time saw the Barbie doll that she has at Tesco, and she yelled, "Mummy, Santa Claus got this for me from Tesco one. " April asked, "Mummy, Santa Claus came to Tesco when every one had gone home through the chimney right ? " I have to say yes, because of no choice.
My little May too, once brought one of her favourite book - "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" to me and asked me, "Mummy, do you still remember who gave this book to me?" I was puzzled a bit, but quite smart in answering her, "Was it me?" Then, my little May grinned and said, "Aiyo! It was Santa Claus. He gave to me on last Christmas."

Here, I wish all my readers in advance, "Have a joyful Christmas and let's celebrate with your loved ones."


  1. You have a pair of loveliest and sweetest girls in town, that's the most wonderful Christmas present you have got! :)

  2. My boy too, till now still believes in Santa, probably due to too much reading of Enid Blyton's and we just play along. He wrote to Santa asking for a Ben 10 Illuminator but I got him Archie Comics and Enid Blytons instead.

  3. We don't celebrate Christmas. Gwen knows about Santa from school and the TV.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Welcome back.
    You are a very thoughtful mother. Your girls are so sweet for still believing in Santa does exist. However, my girl still doubts about this.

    Thinking to take my girl to visit one of churches nearby on Christmas day. Ha..but we didn't get her any christmas gift but her music teacher has given her two already. :)

    Merry X'mas to you and your family.

  5. Hahaha, same here. Avery also believe in Santa... Talking about Christmas, I haven't got any present for her yet :S

  6. Haha kids are so cute and innocent right? Yesterday I also overheard Chloe asking her daddy "Is Santa Claus coming to Malaysia?" She still has the impression that SC only lives far, far away where there is snow :)

  7. Hi Mommy,
    Let's win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

  8. I've got your Xmas gift already, haha, thanks for the chocolates ya!
    Wishing you and family, Merry Merry Christmas!!

  9. Welcome back and merry chirstmas to you and ur family.

  10. Now,this is the time to go and give them a big bid hug ya,,,, this is the season of loving, loving more, forgiving,forgiving more, giving, giving more............

    now i want to say thank you for being my friend here in blog space ya, truly appreciate it,, take care now and Merry Christmas and god bless ya

  11. i think kids everywhere still believe in santa. i'm sure they must be very excited and can't wait to check out the stocking :D have a jolly christmas and happy new year.

  12. hhehehe! my mummy never lead me to believe in Santa Claus. LOL! so cute, i am sure when they know Santa don't exist they still think of it as fond memory ~welcome back! to blog. heheh