More on biscuits

Continue from Noodle and Rice. We are so glad that Mommy to Chumsy and ChloeRuoyi got it right. At first, I mentioned that there is no giveaway, but after dicussing with yvonne  and Hayley, we decided to let the winners redeem their gifts from rain town.

Barb, please arrange your trip here soon, preferably before the expiry date. May be you can help bringing  back to Chloe's mum.  

Both winners can choose from the below pictures.
Do you want Portuguese egg tart?
Do you want Wedding biscuit ?
Do you want Chicken pie?
Do you want Pineapple tart?
Do you want Kwong Sung Ping (also known as Pong Pien)?
Or, you want all of these fresh from the oven?
Please redeem your gifts here while stock last.

Barb, now you have an excuse to come here.


  1. OMIGOD...I laughed so much as I was reading this post! I will tell hubs he better make some time to go to Taiping..if not...you ladies will kill me :D thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Just going there to see all of you is good enough. No need gifts lah :D

  2. LOL, such a great way to attract more people to visit our hometown ;)
    If I were Barb, I'd want all of the biscuits!! haha :D

  3. Aiks, I was only guessing for fun. No need to belanja us lah, please *paiseh* hehe. Thanks for your thoughtfulness though :)

    I have been to Taiping many years ago. My best buddy (from uni) was from there so I followed her balik kampung during one of the semester breaks :) Nice place, nice food, nice people (like u) but no rain when I was there :D

  4. Haha..Barb is going to strike Jackpot soon, I think.

  5. I guess we are doing the tourism job quite well, Yan. Introducing this small town and get to meet some blogger friends. Kill 2 birds with one stone XD

    And, Barb is good in guessing games.

  6. I want all of above!>_< Did I miss up any post... 'Jia lat'!!!

  7. I was late.. Hahaha... Agreed with the rest, Barb is indeed good in guessing games. :)

  8. I truly want that eggtart! I love eggtart so much hehehe ;D

  9. You are making my mouth water with all that delicious photos. If you add the famous cendol, wah I think I will plan a trip down too. Hehehehe.