Birthday Dinner at Hotel Flemington

I could have opted for a fine dining with my husband on my birthday, but I suggested to have the dinner at Hotel Fleming Chinese Restaurant with my family and my PIL. Since CNY hasn't over, I would like to invite both my PIL for another special dinner to show my gratitude to them for cooking us meals, fetching my daughters to school, and showering us with their concern and care.
I tried to dress up as it was my birthday, but I still looked a bit tired here as it was after a long tiring workday.
Thanks to Hayley, Yvonne and Lorita for their gifts.
They bought me the big round shining earrings and the snake skin printed bangles were the best accessories for the night.
Everyone were enjoying the steamed peanuts as the appetizer, before the main course was served.
Poon Choi (盆菜).
Frying noodles (寿面).
4 adults and 2 children were trying so hard to finish the poon choi and noodles. At the end, we
had to take away the unfinished noodles.
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Outdoor play for the children

Today, children are sitting in front of video games and TV most of the time. These are not health beneficial. Being out doors helps our children to become active, and also allow the children sleep better, because they are physically worked out and exhausted after the outdoor played.

Playing outside is a valuable activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. In many ways it promotes their development. Outdoor play time also allows children to move freely and make noise, forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors.

Too often these days we are afraid to allow our children to play outside. There are so many dangers waiting around every corner. Just be close by to make sure no injuries or accident occur. I know as a working parent it is very hard to make sure your kids get out side daily. To be honest, my children spent not that much time outdoor. Husband and I try our best to bring them outdoor on weekends.

Besides all this, playing outdoors reduces stress in kids. Children allowed to play freely with peers learn skills for seeing things through another persons perspective, cooperating, sharing, and solving problems.

The fact remains our children need as much as we did, the freedom to feel the wind on their cheek. The kiss of the sun, and engaging in self-paced play. Cycling around the park or the housing garden is also considered as a type of outdoor activity.
After sweating under the sun, my children will have better appetite for dinner.
We are happy to see the children laughing, running, chasing and playing actively on the field.
Tossing and catching ball are also a way of improving the children's coordination.
Joining the children in the outdoor play will also help me to burn some calories which I stocked in my body.
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Special February 2010

I received an email with a picture as an attachment from a friend, and I found it really interesting.

Here it goes, February 2010 has
1) 4 Mondays
2) 4 Tuesdays
3) 4 Wednesdays
4) 4 Thursdays
5) 4 Fridays
6) 4 Saturdays
7) 4 Sundays.
These interesting facts come in every 11 years only.

February is the month of love. February 2010 is even more awesome as Valentine's eve fell on Chinese New Year's eve. Many Chinese get to spend this special day with the closest person in the life. It doesn't happen every year, may be you will only encounter this once in your life time.

Moreover, I will receive 2 presents in February.
p/s: I don't mind receiving 2 in 1 present, if the present is truely wonderful .

It's my brithday today and I'll do what I want to.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

p/s: I born in Ox year. I'm sure you know what number of Birthday I celebrate today. Scroll down for MY answer.

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CNY dishes 2010

I really had a great time eating a lot of CNY dishes, food and cookies this year. I dare not weigh myself during CNY holidays, I scared that my heart couldn't accept and get cardio arrest when seeing the number on the scale.

On CNY's eve, I went to PIL's house to help my MIL to prepare the dishes for praying and as well as for the reunion dinner.
This time, MIL only cooked 7 dishes, and bought the roasted duck and roasted pork from outside. We brought small portion of each dish over to my house for praying purpose. We had the larger portion of dishes at PIL's house as the reunion dinner. All the dishes were nice, simply because they are the experts. They sold economy rice for more than 30 years to raise up their 3 kids, including my husband.
MIL and her sister, who back from KL prepared the steamboat on CNY day 1 dinner. This was the time that I always long for in CNY. Her steamboat was 1st rank one.
The bigger steamboat pot.
The smaller steamboat pot. I am so hungry now, by looking at the food. My stomach is starting to play drum.
When MIL "mogok" and went to visit her relatives or friends, I cooked these...............3 different types of instant noodles with an egg, and some left over crab meat and sausages from the steamboat for my family. Fattening still. T___T.
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Flower Sparkling 2010

Time flies, especially celebrations and holidays. Agree? Another few days to end the very happy CNY celebrations. Before it ends, my children get to play with more flower sparkling fireworks in front of my house gate.
When I blogged about the children CNY costumes in my earlier entry, I forgot about their new sandals. Last year, we bought them shoes which covered all the toes. This year, we got them these to step on. April got the white one,
and May got the purple one. They look great in these sandals, regardless of wearing dresses or pants.When the children are playing with something dangerous like fire, parents have to be around to provide their supervision.
When I am looking at these photos which I took with my new Nokia 5800 (husband bought me as my birthday's gift), I noticed that my two princesses are so different. April is a very careful and gentle lady. She hold the fire stick with both her hands all the time. She kept a distance from the fire.
On the other hand, Little May is a more daring girl. She went really close to the candle to light her fire stick.
Little May was also running and moving vigorously while playing the fire stick.
April only stood still. She let go one of her hand to hold her dress, when she saw me taking picture of her.
Whereas, little May never seem to bother me at all. She enjoyed putting the fire stick high and low, or swaying it left and right. Little May though is quite little, she is rough and active. Her character is more like a tom boy. Phewwww!
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Children CNY costumes 2010

Back to work from CNY holidays, I still lack of the enthusiasm to blog. I have so many photos before and during CNY celebrations. I just couldn't find the right mood to blog. All blame to the toughest assignment that I get from b*#s a few weeks before CNY. It spoilt all my mood for blogging, as I still can't complete 50% of the assignment now. I have to force myself to complete it by hook or by crook, but I can't commit the timeline, who ask me to get paid?

Every CNY I would invested quite a number of CNY costumes for my princesses. My princesses love wearing dresses. So, this year, I only bought them dresses.
On CNY day 1, both my princesses were wearing their qi pao, which I had written about here. I wore a new red dress. Even, my husband also purposely went and get himself a red Polo T with blue straps. April and May received numerous compliments on that day. Notice my fringe is red too? Red is for Huat ah! Wakakakak!
On CNY day 2, Pa Pa bought them these fashionable dresses from Tesco. April and May chose these dresses themselves. Price was at RM35 each.
I also got them a pair of new pajamas to wear on CNY's eve.
I forget to snap photos on CNY day 3, this was the dress that they wore on CNY day 4.
I need to warm up my brain engine a bit, and I foresee I will be quite busy with the toughest assignment in the year of Tiger. But, I promise I will update my blog weekly if time allowed. Please don't give up on my blog so soon. Ok?
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More CNY cookies from the best friend

Yesterday, my ex colleague and also my best friend Su In in Penang had her friend, Li Leng who stayed in my hometown passed me a CNY gift. The gift are 4 of her home made cookies and layer cake.
I felt deeply touched in my heart when I saw the different types of cookies that she baked together with her husband, Alex. My heart is really filled with love now. Thank you very much, Su In. I will give other cookies that I ordered to relatives and friends, but only keep yours for my family and myself.
Cornflake cookies.
Cashew nut cookies.
Flower butter cookies.
Seaweed twist.
The layer cake that she specially ordered for me from Penang.
This layer cake is damn yummy. I love it to bits.
I will temporary forget about the calories count whenever I see it.
I blogged about Su In here on her birthday. Su In, I am not forgetting your very cute Tiger New Year card for my family. Thanks for everything. Gong Xi Fa Cai and good health to you and your family. Wish you have a very joyful and warmth celebration in this CNY holidays.
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Something about CNY

It has been a week I didn't update my blog. I suddenly lost my mind on blogging. Why? I still couldn't figure out myself. I hope I got the answer after coming back from CNY. This is also a short post, I will let the picture do the saying.
Some of the CNY cookies which are still on the shelf. Some already delivered to the relatives or friends. I will only keep a few for myself, in order not to make myself put on weight.
The Longan and Lychee cans that will also soon be wrapped as part of the CNY gifts to relatives or friends.
The Pagoda peanuts and red wines.
The very last round of spring cleaning in my living room, and also
the kitchen, before changing to new and clean curtains.
Having my two princesses to work on the angpow fishes and flower lanterns. Most of the things were done by me, April and May were helping me to fold and cut the angpow.
The end result was hung on the plant in our garden as part of the CNY decorations.
That's all for the last few days in the Ox year. I wish everyone have a prosperous Chinese New Year and a good health in this Tiger year. Take care, and enjoy your holidays with your family and your loved ones. Don't forget that the CNY first day is also the Valentines day. Love is all around, till we meet again.
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