Casual Market hawker food for lunch

Today, Hayley drove Yvonne and myself to have lunch at the very famous Taiping Casual Market. These were the food we ate.
I ate Curry Laksa (Curry soup + Laksa soup) noodle.
Hayley ate prawn mee.
Yvonne ate Assam Laksa mihun.
We also ordered the desserts from the dessert stall. My dessert was groundnut soup.
Hayley and Yvonne took the Leng Chee Kang. Taiping hawker food is super Ho Chiak and cheap. I am so hard sell. lol!
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Japanese Curry Onion Omelet

It has been a long time that I didn't blog about what I cooked on the weekends. In fact, I still cook on most of the weekends. Just that, I didn't cook anything different from what I have blogged before. T___T.

I went to Sushi King for dinner last month, their new set has given me an idea on cooking.

Last Sunday
I stir-fried the mustard with Chinese sausage.
I got the idea to cook Japanese Curry Onion Omelet, after I have eaten the new Set of Chicken Curry Omelet and rice in Sushi King. But, I didn't put in chicken, I replaced it with onions.
Slice 2 middle size onions and set aside. Beaten 4 eggs in a bowl. Soak two Vermont Japanese curry cube in hot water.
Heat the wok with some oil. Stir fry the sliced onions for 5 minutes, or until it soft.
Pour in the eggs, lower the fire and continue to fry the omelet until the eggs turn slightly brown. Scope out the omelet and set aside in a plate. Pour in the Japanese curry and add in a glass of water. When the curry boiled, put the omelet back to the wok. Let all the stuff boil for 1 minute, then off the fire and ready to serve.
Other than Japanese Curry Omelet and stir fried Mustard, I also boiled the black beans soup with pork. Can you see the big container? It was the Chrysanthemum tea drinks that I specially boiled for April and May due to the recent hot weather
I used to boil the Chrysanthemum tea with crystal rock sugar, but the Chinese medical hall's owner told me that it is better to use the bee rock sugar.
His reasons are that bee rock sugar is able to adjust gastrointestinal tract, increase immunity, sooth the tooth pain and reduce the bronchitis effectively. Can you believe in its benefits?
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Start the day with a hearty breakfast

If you have followed me for some time, you should know by now that I am a woman who always complain about the weight gain and put on diet as the whole life mission. However, I don't skip my breakfast. When I wake up, I’ve been without food for 10-12 hours so I need to power up my body to meet the day. If I am not consuming the sustained nutrition of a balanced breakfast, and that puts stress on my body. Studies have also shown that if you skip breakfast, you may be more likely to make up those missed calories by over-eating later in the day. Not very desirable, right?

Healthy meals in general need to be balanced with proteins, good carbohydrates and healthy fats – and breakfast is no exception. The following pictures are my breakfasts on these 2 days.

On Thursday

Yvonne made me and also some other colleagues the American Breakfast. She made scrambled eggs, baked beans, steamed sausage and sliced luncheon meat. Awesome!
I had double breakfasts, as my husband prepared me some steamed Japanese sweet potatoes. I actually kept it for lunch that day, as I was too full with the American Breakfast. Hug!On Friday

My husband blended this glass of bananas milk smoothie for me before I left for the office. Kiss!
Again, I had double breakfasts, as Yvonne made us potatoes and onion salad with eggs. Yummy!
Got a favorite tip or some healthy motivation for eating breakfast? Let me hear about it!
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Thai food for lunch

Yvonne, Hayley and Me were really missing the Thai food that we had at the company One Malaysia CNY dinner. We decided to go there again for our lunch. Before we left the office, I called the owner, Mr. Saw to order 3 dishes, which were Tomyam seafood, Otak Otak seafood and Petai Belacan.

Upon reaching the place, a table for 3 was properly set up. Thumbs up!
Mr Saw came to attend to us personally. He asked us whether we would like to try their desserts.

The desserts in their menu were really looked nice and tempting. We ordered 2 types of desserts, Crispy Water Chestnut in coconut cream and Fantasy Trio Ball in coconut cream to share. The dishes and rice were served fast once we there.
My all time favourite, petai belacan with prawns.Plain white rice.
The very famous Otak otak seafood.
The very hot and spicy Tom Yam seafood.
Their sambal chili was really nice and spicy.
Crispy water chestnut in coconut cream.
Fantasy trio ball in coconut cream.
At the end of our savouring. Burpppppp!
A very satisfying smile from Yvonne.
There, we left for office again, while Hayley was taking a picture of the shop name.
The bill was only RM51.60. We were really happy and satisfying with the always yummy and spicy food in Tops Thai Tomyam Coffee House, which located at No.14. Boo Bee Street, 34000 Taiping, Perak. Tel. 058086269.
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Shopping in March 2010

I have heard about Sasa 32rd Anniversary Sale is from Friday, 26th Feb 2010 to Sunday, 4th Apr 2010 through radio and TV. I have yearned to visit one of the Sasa outlets since I knew the sale is on. Too bad that there is no Sasa in the place I lived.

When my husband asked me to register April for the UCMAS Mental Arithmetic contest, which was going to held in Ipoh JJ, I was like my golden opportunity was coming. lol!

While we were waiting for the whole event to end, I grabbed the opportunity to shop for the cosmetic like Sasa Super Dolly Powerful Mascara in black, glue for artificial eyelash (Eye Putti) and SASATINNIE Natural Conditioning Kohl Pencil in black.
All these basic eyes make up products are essential to enhance my eyes, and definitely able to provide some extent of dramatic effect. Muahahaha!
Besides Sasa, I didn't intend to visit any other outlet due to the time constraint. To my surprise, I found out that Guess Sale: 26 February - 28 March 2010 is on too. I have thought of buying a pair of skinny fit Guess jeans long long time ago. My husband also knew this. He encouraged me to go in the outlet and tried out the jeans. Finally, I happily purchased the Beverly Skinny Fit jeans (original price is RM429, 30% discounted price is RM299) and a lacy back deep V green top (original price is RM229, 70% discounted price is RM70).
Products offered in Guess sale are Ladies’ Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories. Go and grab now before the sale ends.
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Smile or cry?

One evening, April and May were digging out some photo albums from the cabinet. They were looking through some old photos in the albums, while I was still washing the dish at the kitchen.

I could hear them happily chit-chating about their own photos. After a while, both of them ran to me and show me a picture of our family. I vividly remembered that it was taken on my birthday at my PIL's house. While laughing non-stop, little May said, "Mommy, you see you are so ugly here. "

Mommy, "....................." (smile freezed, face turned dark)

April nodded her head and said, "Yes, mommy is ugly here."

Mommy went totally speechless.

Later, May pointed at the photo on the wall in the living room.

May said, "but Mommy is pretty here."

Mommy is continue silent.Why mommy kept silent? It was because that she didn't know whether she should smile or cry.

1. should be happy, because her children are able to define pretty and ugly.

2. should be happy, because she is getting prettier now.

3. should be sad, as at one time, she was not pretty.

4. should be sad, because her children were laughing at her old photo.

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April's first UCMAS Arithmetic Contest

We went to Ipoh Jaya Jusco last Sunday, as April were taking part in the UCMAS Arithmetic Contest which was organised by Popular Book Store. This was her first UCMAS Arithmetic contest after joining the course for 9 months.

The contest was started at 2pm. We were there an hour earlier and went for our lunch at Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant. We ordered fried Wantan porridge.
Baked cheese & chicken rice.
Spicy & sour prawns and rice.
There have a lot of varieties of food and their service was efficient.
Before the contest began. I let April and May sign up for the folk art painting on their arms. May chose the pattern of sun flower.
On the other hand, April has opted the pink butterfly. It was RM3 per drawing. The children preferred the tattoo spraying than the folk art painting, because they were upset when the folk art paint was washed away in their shower.
The organizer wasn't doing a good job in the management work. The registration was in a mess. At the end, the contest was started half an hour late.
April was in the category A (4 to 6 years old age group).
Although she didn't win any prize, she gained a very valuable experience and exposure. The organizer gave all the participants a certificate at the end of the contest.
I managed to do a quick shopping at SaSa for some cosmetic and Guess for jeans and T-shirt. Both outlets were having sales at the moment.
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May at her 3 years and 10 months

Little May has started going to kindergarten for almost 4 months. She is progressing steady in the academy. However, she is still very shy, and not being sociable enough to friends and teachers.

Apart from the kindergarten lessons, May has also attended the I-Maths class and Art class in off-school hours.
She is able to read and recognise all these Chinese characters on the whiteboard.
Besides Chinese, she is also able to write from 0 - 100, Az - Zz and Zero - Fifteen in word.
Don't be bluffed by her innocent look, and think that May is always a good girl.
So far, these were the complain from her class teacher,
1. She is not responding to teachers' instructions.
2. She is not concentrating in class.
3. She likes to move around in the classroom.
4. She doesn't like to greet the teachers.
5. She simply writes anything on the text book and exercise books.
I am trying hard to correct her bad behavior and reprimand her to be more discipline in the class. Therefore, I am quite harsh on her sometimes.
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Yummy but sinful lunch

After reading Lose Weight The Cinful Way by Cindy Teh, I felt so sinful. Because I didn't eat as light as her, though I keep hoping to lose weight. I am practically one of the women who always complain they are fat. Don't be bluff by the pictures that I posted in my blog. I am good in filtering those ugly and fat pictures. Besides, I know how to pose and adjust to the shooting angle, in order to look 3 kg thinner than in actual person. Trust me, I have a lot of stubborn flesh hidden under my armpits, my waist and my tummy, all the fat was stored after my two pregnancies.

How my one Yoga and one aerobics dance a week could burn those fat, if I still continued to eat these heavy lunches that I used to eat?
Dry dark noodles with curry source.
Noodles chicken soup.
Besides those main courses, I also would order some side dishes to share the fat with my lunch mates, they would be Hayley and Yvonne most of the time.
Must really listen to Cindy's advice and be more discipline and determine in what I eat. T___T.
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Talk: Duck Off

This is the wall of the shoplot that I did my Yoga and aerobic exercises. My husband usually fetched the children along and droped me there. One evening, we reached there 10 minutes earlier. April was curious of the words that were written on the wall. April: "Mommy, what is the meaning of F.U.C.K?" .
Mommy: "...................".
(Pa Pa is more creative.)
Pa Pa: "The words were written wrongly. The person wanted to write DUCK, but he didn't go to school. So he wrote FUCK. "
Mommy: "Yes. I agree with Pa Pa. You see even the OFF was written wrongly. No such word OOF one."

April: "What is the meaning of FUCK OFF?"
Mommy: "It is DUCK OFF."

Luckily, April didn't continue to ask "What is the meaning of DUCK OFF?". Please help me! I do not have an answer.
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Congratulations to Hayley

Hayley was getting married on last Sunday. Her wedding banquet was held at Hotel Flemington. We, as her colleagues and her buddies were so excited and happy. It was because we get to dress up, we get to dine, we get to enjoy, we get to be together and witness Hayley on her big day.
While waiting for the event to start, we caught up with colleagues and took many photos together.
Other than taking photos with colleagues. We noticed him - the cutest waiter of the night. Ain't he good looking? Too bad that we forgot to ask for his name and his contact number. Boohoo.
We were actually taking more than hundred over pictures, but I only selected those that I looked nice to show. Boohoo. I boohoo myself first before you start to do that.

I end this post with a picture that we took together with the bride and groom. Congratulations and happy wedding, Hayley! Hope you have a very wonderful marriage life ahead.
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