Something healthy

Yesterday, when we were out for lunch at Tops Thai Restaurant. While waiting for the food to be served, we stole some time to go to the nearby pharmacy. I bought 2 bottles of Vidaylin Minibear Gummies with garden vegetables and a packet of Fernleaf milk powder with 3T formula.

I am a person who normally drinks water, coffee and green tea. I drank milk only when I was pregnant. I occasionally would buy and take some HL low fat milk or low fat yogurt drink to gain the calcium. I don't have milk powder store in my office cabinet. I didn't have intention to buy this Fernleaf milk powder until I saw Yvonne bought herself the Anlene milk powder. lol! Then, I remember I was given to taste Fernleaf milk in the mall a week ago, and it tasted quite nice. Some milk powder have horrible taste and I hate it. I was told by the sales woman that Fernleaf milk powder can be taken by the whole family and also children 1 year old and above. A working mother like me definitely need to have additional nutritious to help strengthen the bones and body, and also provide energy.

My little May likes gummies bear all the time. I don't like to give her the high sugar gummies bear which sold in the candies bar. Instead, I choose to give her the Vidaylin Minibear Gummies, which contain 5 garden vegetables: carrot, tomato, artichoke, spinach & beetroot.
These vegetables are known to have important antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta carotene, calcium, iron & zinc for growth and development of child. Though it also is coated with sugar, I believe it enriched with Vitamin C supports the immune system and helps to build resistance against common colds. Moreover, its delicious yummy taste is a healthy treat that my children always enjoy.
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When it is a good time

Today, the boss is off, and we are having a more peaceful day in the office. In addition, everyone just got their annual increment yesterday, except my colleague, Yew. As Yew has tendered his resignation last month, and he is going to leave us by end of May. At lunch, we decided to celebrate the good time in Top Thai restaurant again. Hayley is in her new hair style, and she looked even younger and sweet now.
Yvonne and Yew. Yew is a very nice and helpful person. We are definitely going to miss him a lot, as it is always fun to have him around.
The dishes that we ordered were Tom Yam Kung,
belacan fried rice,
stir fried 4 different green veggie and prawns with sambal belacan,
sweet and sour deep fried fish, and the desserts were
black sesame dumpling in ginger tea,
assorted beans in syrup,
ginkgo nuts with sweet taro mousse,
and sago variety mixed in coconut cream.
The bill was RM74.50.
After this heavy and statisfying lunch, I feel so sleepy. I really can't stand the rest of the hours if not making a cup of coffee now.
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Motherhood - From the bottom of my heart

LilHyppo's Hypopotamum is having a contest for Mother's Day. I was thrilled to try it out by writing about my motherhood too.

I am always a cheerful person, but not during my two pregnancies. I was heavily influenced by the changed of the hormone in my body. So, I could only conclude that my pregnancies weren't the pleasant one, and I totally forget that I should at least try to enjoy then.

After being in the motherhood for 6 years, I could summarise what I feel about the motherhood here: too many sleepless nights, too mentally tired of worrying of my children's development and health issues, too physically exhausted of feeding, bathing, making them sleep, and reviewing their homework after coming back from work.

My motherhood makes me miss my late mother so much. Every time when I feel that I am so helpless, I wish that my mother is still around to share with me her valuable advices, her moral support and her great experience as a mother of four.
Although I only talk about the negative part of my motherhood, I already cannot live without my children.

From the bottom of my heart, I couldn't agree more with Pearl S. Buck at his quote, "Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together."
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Spinach Pan Mee and Pumpkin Pan Mee

This was the first time in my life eating the Spinach Pan Mee and Pumpkin Pan Mee. It was recommended by my colleague in other department.
Last weekend, I purposely drove to that kopitiam, it was located at the road to Pokok Assam. Stupid me forget to take down their address or a business card, but I definitely will go there again. The pan mee with an egg was sold at RM2.80 only. The pan mee is so yummy, even my daughters like it. Have you tried spinach pan mee or pumpkin pan mee before?
This is the kopitiam name.
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Home alone this evening

April and May has gone to their UCMAS Arithmetic lessons. I skipped my yoga lesson as I felt very tired. My husband was still at work. So, what did I do home alone?
I spent my sweet one and half hour at home watching 8pm Singapore series at CH301 Astro AEC, going on-line to check on people blogs, emails, FB and having my dinner too. As I had skipped my Yoga exercise, and I felt rather guilty, so I could only have 1 Japanese cucumber and 2 oranges as my dinner.
Everyone, how you spent your Friday evening? I need to go and fetch my two ladies back home. Have a nice weekend. Bye.
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First baking attempt

Yesterday, I got tagged by Alice Phua from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy. The tagging game goes that the person who got tagged will look into his/her first folder according to Picasa or hard drive and then select the 10th photo, blog about the story behind the photo, mention the person or blog that tagged the person and finally tag five other blogs.
This was a picture that I took on 2nd day of Raya 2009. These were the ingredients that I used to make chocolate cornflakes cookies together with my children. I still remember, it was a relax and nice day. My husband was on duty to cover for his Malay colleagues. I was alone with my 2 princesses only at home. They were in happy mood after their bath. They helped me to sprinkle the colourful balls on the chocolate coated cornflakes. Oh ya! My first batch of cookies were not successful, as I accidentally bought the non sugar added dark chocolate. So, the cookies tasted very awful and bitter. I threw the first batch of cookies into the dustbin. I took my 2 princesses out and got the Mak Nona Chocolate cooking bar that you see in the picture now, from the grocery shop. I started the whole baking process again after reaching home. I didn't write about the failure when I blogged it here. So, this picture and this tag actually reminded me of my small mistake on that day.

Here, I would like to tag, hope you girls haven't got tagged on this before.

2. Hayley from HAYLEY AND HERSELF.

3. Barbara from LITTLE'S CHUMSY BLOG.

4. Angeline from ANGELINE'S SITE.


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Don't tell me my fears are silly

I have written about April's fear at sleep in my earlier post. We spent the whole last weekend bringing her to pray at the big and small Taoism temples. I don't plan to bring her to a doctor, as I know the doctor will only provide her medical help for her sleep anxiety symptoms.

I am not a very superstitious person but I really have no cue on why my princess April suddenly became so cranky and disturbed at night. I brought this topic out for discussion with my closer buddies, be it in the office or in my yoga lesson. I seems like getting some hints after some discussions.

1. Her fear started on Wednesday morning 3am (14.04.2010), which was first day of 3rd month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. 3rd month is also considered as Qing Ming month, which is one of the Chinese wedding taboo months, other than the 7th month.

2. April was in Monkey zodiac, this zodiac was actually not accepted to go for Qing Ming this year, be it in front of the tomb at the memorial park or at the temple. All blame it to my ignorance of this Qing Ming taboo, and still brought them there.

I hope all the praying that we did during the weekend, and all the "Ang Kung Hu" that we got for her, would eventually calm her mind and get better sleep. I had also swifted April and May to sleep with us in our bedroom.

Nevertheless, I feel so guilty for spanking her, as I thought she was purposely doing it to get the attention. Now only I know that something is actually disturbing her during her sleep, and that is totally out of what she could control. Her fear for 'it' is more than her fear for my scolding and spanking. That is why she kept coming to my room and just plead that I didn't tell her, her fear are silly. She just wanted to tell me that "They are terribly real to me and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand."
We tried to bring April for some dim sum as breakfast to cheer her up a bit.
But, she still looked so grumpy in front of so many delicious dim sum.
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Ain't happy

2 months ago.
I just started to feel like I was the happiest woman, as my two young children were growing up well and they have slept in their bedroom since last June; my husband was always supportive and caring, and we have more time to be together; I also had more time for myself. I dressed more beautiful. I picked up new make up skill. I had best hair days.

These 2 months.
My 4 year old, May who has started her nursery last Jan, suddenly showed refusal to go to her nursery almost every alternate morning. Not only this, she has given me all sort of problems, and I suspect that she is in her terrible fours. I have also talked about it in my earlier entry.
My 6 year old, April has no behavior problem at school and day time, suddenly came into my room 3am/4am for 3 continuous nights. First night, April told me she was hot, and told me that she couldn't sleep back. I checked the room temperature and it was just fine. I asked her again in the morning, she admitted that she was scared of monster. Second night, she came into my room again and claimed that she was cold. I tried to talk her and reassure her for her fear. Third night, she came into my room, she also woke her sister up. I lost my sleep, April lost her sleep and so as May. When May woke up tired, she showed more tantrum and it was even harder to get her ready to school. I went mad. I put all the blamed to April. I spanked April a few times on her tights on the third night. I feel that I am not happy as I were 2 months ago. Why all my angels have suddenly turned into monsters? I also hate myself for yelling and spanking my children like crazy woman. What have gone wrong actually? Anyone knows? Please....
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May is in her terrible fours

My little May, once a tame and adorable angel, has recently turned to be a very difficult monster at home.

She delayed sleeping time and also going to school time by telling us nonsense like peeing and pooing. She takes forever to do it. We have to use cane to threaten her to leave the potty.
She refused and made a big fuss on the outfit that I have chosen for her to wear to school. She wanted to decide on the outfit on her own and made me really annoyed at her sense of fashion.
She rejected milk and meal too, by showing us her very ugly sour long face.
She is stubborn and purposely doing things that you asked her not to.
She whined and cried without any reason at school and at home.

I felt terribly stressful, tired and upset at her terrible fours, and thus I scolded, spanked, caned and threatened her whenever she get on my nerve. Even my MIL also suggested me to bring her to Ang Kung temple and ask for some "Ang Kung Hu". T____T. When I have tried many methods to discipline her and I still failed, I finally gave in and brought her to pray, and also got some "ang kung hu" for her to drink at the end.

I totally lost my mind on what else I could do to manage her terrible fours. In fact, I hate scolding her or spanking her, because I would feel guilty every time when I saw her going to bed with teary eyes.

I have tried to google for tips and ways on dealing with terrible fours as well. I hope I could find tricks that I could get her to listen and behave the way I want.

Managing a 4 year old behavior can be even harder than dealing with the terrible twos.
Here are 5 quick tips to help me improve deal with 4 year old behavior.

1) Always acknowledge what your child is saying.
If you try to distract your child from whatever is on their mind without first acknowledging them, they will see right through you. But if you first repeat what they are saying, you'll "enter their world" and calm them down before any fights begin. So if your child is asking if he can have this great new toy while at the store, start by saying "you want this toy, don't you?".

2) When your child is acting in a way that you do not like, make sure you tell him or her what you DO want, rather than telling them what you don't want.
In other words, speak in positive terms. "I want you to come over here" is better than "stop going over there". Or "keep your hands to yourself" is better than "stop hitting your little sister". This goes for pretty much anything you communicate to your child.

3) Stay calm when you discipline your child.
If you show your anger and frustration, your 4 year old will know he or she has pushed your hot buttons. You'll have more success with discipline if you keep your cool. You can be unemotional when implementing punishment.

4) Never apologize when implementing punishment.
If you stay unemotional and act with calmness, you simply follow up on a threatened punishment with a simple explanation of what your child did (after being asked to behave differently) and you explain that the punishment is because of the behavior/action. No apologies necessary here.

5) Feel comfortable following through.
If you make a threat such as, "If you don't get over here right now I'm not taking you to Grandma's tomorrow", then you better be prepared to actually follow through. Therefore, maybe you need to consider what is a realistic punishment and what is not. Keep a short list of realistic punishments on the tip of your tongue, and make sure at least one of these can be used when you are not at home. Get your children in the habit of understanding that you are someone who acts, not just talks.

Source is from here.

p/s: If you also have tips on managing the 4 year old behavior, I will really appreciate if you can share with me.
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Feast on Sushi King Bonanza

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is here!!!! 12- 15 April 2010 for Peninsular Malaysia. 19-22 April for East Malaysia. We get to know this from the Internet and today being first day of Sushi King RM2 Bonanza. We, being the most kiasu fans of Sushi King, there we went to feast on sushi during the very short 1 hour lunch time. I tell ya! I walloped 6 plates of sushi just now, totally ignored my most recent weight gained issue and my holly diet plan.
I savoured 3 plates of Unagi,
1 plate of Fry EBI, and
2 plates of smokes salmon.
4 of us savoured 24 plates of sushi.
15 Purple plates (original price is RM6 each) = RM90 , now RM30
5 Red plates (original price is RM5 each) = RM25 , now RM10
3 Pink plates (original price is RM4 each) = RM12, now RM6
1 Beige plate (original price is RM3 each) = RM3, now RM2.
Exclusive of the taxes, instead of paying RM130, and we now paid RM48. Definitely worth eating.
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April 6th Birthday

Today, April celebrated her 6 year old birthday at school. Last year, I had the cake house customised the Sleeping Beauty Aurora birthday cake for her. This year, I had the same person to customise the Cinderella birthday cake.
Little May has decided on Snow White for next month birthday cake.
The number 6 candle and 6 small candles.
This is all April's 6 year old classmates. 5 boys and 5 girls.
Teacher had little May and her classmates to join in for some photographing. Besides the cake, we have also prepared some goodies pack for the children. They were mamee, pencil and jelly sweet.
If you look at the photos here, you will notice that April is getting more sociable and friendly now. She looked rather shy on her 5th birthday at school.
Children like to show the peace sign. lol!
Very fast my princess April is going to the primary one next year, and I have registered in Hua Lian I Chinese school.
Though she is still having sibling rivalry on and off, she has showed a good improvement in her behavior, study, art and her Mental Arithmetic lesson. Our next plan is to add sport in her activities. We will let her join the swimming course by this year end.Do them look alike?
Happy Birthday and Good Health always Jie Jie. Mommy and Papa love you forever.
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Kids evaluation books

My children, 6 year old April and 4 year old May, can be considered as good girls in their overall behaviours. However, there are also several things that I would like my children to improve on it.

I am still upsetting with them on,
1. Do not drink water at school. May would bring a full bottle back home after school.
2. Do not eat the snack that I prepared for them at school break time.
3. Do not finish the milk at the babysitter's place.
4. Do not finish lunch or dinner.
5. Do not greet teachers, grand parents, friends, neighbours and relatives.
6. Do not acknowledge or answer the greetings of friends, relatives, teachers and grand parents.
7. Being too shy and coward, not sociable enough.
8. Do not listen and follow the instruction of teachers in school.

I have tried a couple of methods to coax them improve on the list above. All to no avail. Then, a weird idea hit my mind one day. I told my husband that I need 2 note books and some stickers. I want to do an evaluation book for my girls by pasting the sticker for good, and drawing a :( face for bad. I will do it on daily basis and review the book monthly. They can use the collected stickers to redeem a gift from me.
We just started to do it beginning of this month. See how the thing will go. I hope I can see them improve in general after having this evaluation book.
What is the method you use to change your children's bad behaviors? I hope to hear from you whether you think my evaluation book works.
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I want a straps polo T shirt

My husband got a free yellow straps polo T-shirt from buying meadjohnson product (Sustagen School) for more than RM108 in single receipt from Giant. I decided to give it to little May. I personally like the T-shirt very much. I went again to Giant, and bought another 3 big boxes of Sustagen School to stock up at home. So, I could get another free polo T-shirt for April. This time I chose the blue straps one.
The T-shirts were in free size. It is a bit loose on May, and it is just nice on April
My husband also has one light blue straps polo T-shirt, that he bought from Geordano as his CNY clothes this year. April said, "Only mommy doesn't have a straps shirt.".
Looking at my wardrobe, I really do not have any polo T-shirt. I only have shirts or blouses which are more feminine one. But now, I think I would like to have a change in my fashion sense. I really don't mind to have red straps polo T-shirt, which can make me look youthful, just like the PADINI AUTHENTICS models in the the picture below. Picture is taken from here.
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Qing Ming 2010

The Qingming Festival is an opportunity for celebrants to remember and honour their ancestors at grave sites or temples. Young and old pray before the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer food, tea, wine, chopsticks, joss paper accessories, and/or libations to the ancestors. Another common practice is to carry flowers instead of burning paper, incense or firecrackers.

The Chinese see this festival as a time of reflecton and to honour and give thanks to their forefathers. According to the ancient custom, grave site veneration is only feasible ten days before and after the Qingming Festival. If the visit is not on the actual date, normally veneration before Qingming is encouraged.

Last Saturday, we started early in the morning by paying respect to my late parents at the Siamese temple. This was my princesses first trip to the place where we worship my late parents.

Only the soup and rice were cooked by me, the rest of dishes, biscuits, flowers and fruit were bought from the market in the morning.
Traditionally, the family will burn paper money (paper having the imprint of money) and paper replicas of some material good such a car, maid, home, phone, etc. In Chinese culture, even though a person has died, he or she may still need all of these in the afterlife.
My two princesses were helping me to unfold the yellow burning papers one by one. Since this was their first time joining in the Qing Ming praying, they were curious with a lot things, especially matters regarding life and death.

After taking turns to worship in the temple, we brought the food home and feast on it ourselves.

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6 year-old art work

My Princess April is celebrating her 6 year old Birthday next week. What has she been up to recently? She showed less interest in toys, be it Barbie dolls or LEGO. She didn't connect too much to TV, neither the online games.

Most of the evenings, when she was back from the nanny's house, she would take a piece paper and the color pens that I bought for her. She would start drawing. She would draw and draw until the dinner time.

These are all her creative drawings without any reference.

She loves drawing princesses. The princesses that she drew always have long hair, wear tiara, and hold flower.

Other than princesses, she also drew a fish tank which has 2 fishes, a boy in front a house and a sunset.

These are a busy road, a car, and a Hello Kitty.

Again, a princess, a seaside, and a castle.

Another good one is a cat and some butterflies in front of a house. Papa got her a document holder. April would punch the holes, and file all her drawings in the holder herself .

Besides drawing, April also spent her leisure time on colouring.

This is her Copy Colour book. From far, I really couldn't tell which one is the printed one, and which one is hers.
I adore her great interest in Art very much. She is very quiet when she is concentrating in her art work. She has less tantrum and less discipline problem now. Though she is getting more mature and steady, she is forever looked cute in my eyes.
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