I like noodle

I like noodle. I don't like rice. I like fast food a bit less than rice, but not more than noodle.
I like noodle soup the most. I like dry noodle a bit less than noodle soup. The below are the noodles that I used to have at some kopitiams that I always go during the lunch hours. I am so sorry that I do not have the address of those kopitiams, but I can tell you their locations. If you are still blur, please let me know when you are in town, so that I can bring you there. Wakakaka!

Clay pot noodle (RM3.20) at Ping Ping kopitiam at Taman Pertama Aulong.

Port meat noodle soup (RM3.20) at Tai Wu which is located opposite Hua Lian Old Boy Association.

Tom yam noodle soup (RM3.50) at M2M kopitiam which is located near to Hua Lian High School.

Hot plate chicken noodle (RM3.50) at M2M kopitiam.

This is my top favourite now - fish head noodle and milk soup (RM6.50) at M2M kopitiam.
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Art work did at art class

April attended the art lesson since she was 4. This is her 3rd year of the art lesson. I can see her improvement through her art work that she brought home after each lesson. Whereas May also joined the art class beginning of this year. It has been 6 months she learned art.

Exactly the same kind of drawings, I am sure that you can easily tell which one was done by the 6 years old and which one was done by the 4 years old.

Though May is not doing as good as her jie jie in her art work now, I still keep telling her that she has arleady showed some improvement. I am patiently waiting to see my little May's excelling in her art work.
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Parents' day cards

I registered April and May to a Buddhist society near my house 3 months ago. They have to attend the Amitabha class on Saturday evening and Di Zi Gui 弟子规 class on Sunday morning. Parents are encouraged to join the class together with their kids. The Buddhist class held a Parents Day 2 weeks ago. The children were required to bring presents for their parents on the project.

I asked April and May what did she intend to give us as present. April suggested an earrings and May suggested an eyeshadow for me. lol! April, May and mummy together we thought of buying sport socks for the father.

When we got all the presents bought and ready, I was taking a step back. I told the children to drop out the idea of giving us these presents. After further consideration, I totally disliked the idea of spending our own money on the present and let the children give it to us on the Parents Day. It is meaningless. I would rather let the children make us a card instead.

Again, I went and bought 2 card boards. I asked April to draw and color whatever she could think about us.
April drew her papa wearing a cap and holding a kite.
April drew Mummy wearing a spaghetti dress, tiara, earrings, heels and holding a hand bag.
Little May helped to stick all the tiny colourful paper crafts on the cover of the cards.
A closer look at the inside of the cards. I like her illustration very much.
I think these DIY cards served better meaning then those presents bought earlier. Ain't Buddisht society teach us to be humble?
p/s: This is a backdated post.
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This is my free dress

Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion is really efficient. I got the Sailor Inspired Fun Stripes Dress yesterday noon. Though I wrote here that I wanted the black one, I chose the red one when the black one was out of stock.
I was excited when receiving my FREE dress. Unwrap it immediately and wear it straight.
For those who never seen me in person before, I am 173cm tall. The dress cannot be worn as dress by me.
Despite the length is a bit short for me, I have to compliment its material is good.
I can wear it as long top now. I matched it with a long silver leggings to office today.
Stripes blouse has become my favourite now, as it can make one look more youthful. Agree? You better say yes.
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It doesn't matter

black or white, you are always my King of Pop.
Michael Jackson was truly missed in the past 1 year, and he will be missed forever.

Picture is taken from Michael Jackson official website.
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I feel so bad and sorry to her

April likes to draw and she enjoys colouring too. She draws a lot. Her masterpieces are in bundles now, and can be found everywhere in the house. She sometimes would give her drawings to either her father or her mother.

Last 2 weeks, she drew a flower on a white paper, and she used crayons to colour the drawing. She even completed the background in 3 shades of blue. She gave it to me after she had done, and she told me it is a flower in water.
Yesterday, I did a random housekeeping in the kitchen, I saw the folded drawing paper on the dining table. The paper already has stain. I didn't think further and I threw it into the dustbin.

After dinner, April said softly to me, "Mummy, I took my drawing from the dustbin just now, I gave it to you, why you threw it into dustbin?"

I felt really bad and sorry that time.

I quickly apologized and took the paper from her, " Sorry April, mummy will bring it to the office and hang it at my workstation."
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Free dresses for bloggers and website owners

I want to thanks Irene Lim for letting me know that her Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion is offering free dresses for bloggers and website owners. I am so thrilled and browsing through the free dresses all at once. There are more than 60 different items for individual preference. Oh boy! This is absolutely awesome.

To all my blogger friends,

If your blog or website is at least 3 months old, and has at least 20 posts or web pages, and you are able to write a short review of the Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion. You are eligible to choose for your free dress.
Hurry up! For more details, please refer to free dresses for bloggers and website owners.
Quick! Wait no more, please go now to select for the item that you like. Those 60 over free items include maxi dress, spaghetti top, raffles blouse, long blouse and etc. All are stylish and beautiful. Furthermore, blouses and dresses are available in S, M, L and XL size and in different colors. So, what are you still waiting for? Please submit your post or link through their email form, before it is too late.

Here my choice,
Sailor Inspired Fun Stripes Dress
It is available in red and black colors.
Irene, can you hear me? I like the black one very very much.
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My little helpers

After away for 4 days and 3 nights in Chiang Mai, we brought back the Thailand home industries products, such as a Crocodile skin wallet for myself, two paper umbrellas for the girls,
bee pollen and honey for the family,
20 key chains which represented Agricultural industry in Chiang Mai,
(This is the closer look of these lovely key chains, they are beans and legume. )
some chocolates from duty free shop,
and paper fans as souvenirs for friends.
Besides the above mentioned items, we also brought back a full big luggage of worn, dirty and smelly laundries.
We needed to do 3 cycles of washing, drying and folding to finish all the laundries.
Thank Goodness that April and May were trained to fold their own cloths, handkerchief and towels earlier.
They were a good little helpers to mummy and papa.
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Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 3 and Day 4

Our group decided to skip the visit to Doi Suthep Temple and preferred to wake up a bit late on 3rd Day. After breakfast, the coach brought us to Chiang Mai Zoo,
A family picture with the Panda at the back.
Again, another family picture after seeing Koala.
We let the girls take a ride on a horse.
This was the first time taking a ride on a real horse.
Despite many experiences riding the horse at the marry-go-round, the girls still had a lot of fun with the real horse riding.
Next, we went to Umbrella factory. I bought 2 paper umbrellas and 5 paper fans there.
Then, followed by honey factory, and last we went to Bann Tawai Wood Handicraft Village.
We rested a bit on Day 3 evening, as we needed to check out early on Day 4. Kevin, the tour guide bid farewell with us when we were on our way to airport.
This was the expression of my little May on the last day at Chiang Mai. She looked really sad as we had to return home and back to the reality. lol!

That's all for the 4 days 3 nights Chiang Mai trip.
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Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 2 Part 2

After the elephant show and riding, we went to the Long Neck Hill Tribe Village which located not too far away. I like the place very much, it is so natural and green everywhere.
There were some many unique things to see and buy.
These were actually the long neck women's homes and industries.
They are mostly Christians, and there is a church in the village.
I purposely found a pretty long neck woman to take picture together with us.
Checking on their home industry products with my princesses.
Umbrellas were provided for the tourists at the entrance of the village.
April and May were getting very thirsty after a long walk in the village.
Not only long neck women, we also found those giant ear pierced women there. After taking the lunch, the coach brought us to Gem Gallery, Thai Silk Factory and Leather Factory. That's all for my Day 2 at Chiang Mai.
....To be continued...
p/s: Hope you still continue to read my Day 3 post.
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