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Tomorrow is 31 August 2010. It is the National Day, and it is the whole country public holiday.

Happy Merdeka to Malaysia.

Here, I would like to extend my best wishes to my best friend in US, Sasa, as 31 August is also her Birthday. I have mentioned about her before here and here.
I wish her all the best in everything she pursues. I also wish that she and her fiance, Alan are forever love each other and living happily ever after wherever they are.
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Other than taking milk

My two girls are still taking 3 times of milk daily in between 2 main meals of rice, porridge or noodles. One feeding in the morning before they go to school, one feeding in the noon before their nap and the last feeding is before bedtime at night. They both had successfully weaned from bottle, and started to drink from cup since April this year. April takes 7 oz of milk and May takes 5 oz each feeding.

When the refrigerator is stocked up with yogurt drink, I will substitute one of the milk feedings with the yogurt drink on weekend afternoon. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium and protein. Besides, it contains of other health benefits.

Here are just a few of its health benefits in the daily diet:
o It's loaded with friendly bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus that is tolerated and assimilated better by those with allergies.
o Vitamins B and C are increased when raw milk is fermented into yogurt and other products, like kefir and raw cheeses.
o It protects from bone loss.
o Fermenting milk breaks down difficult to digest milk proteins, so those that are lactose intolerant can usually enjoy the healthy benefits of yogurt.
o Lactase is an enzyme in fermented milk that breaks down the lactose in the digestive system, so yogurt improves digestion.
o Yogurt is very beneficial for young nursing mothers, children, the elderly and those that are ill.
o Yogurt helps fighting infectious diseases.
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Soup: Arrowroot with pork rib soup

These were our Sunday home cooked dishes.
Soup of the week was the arrowroot (粉葛"Fun Kok" in Cantonese), red dates and wolfberries with pork ribs soup. I like taking this hearty soup, as it was really tasty, but I don’t like eating the root, as it was too coarse and hard.
Other than soup, we also had the stir-fried cabbage, fish balls and dried shrimp.
Another dish was stir-fried cauliflower, carrot and fish balls.
All these dishes, including the soup were cooked by the only man in the house on Sunday morning, while I was attending the Sunday Di Zi Gui class with the girls.
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When Jie Jie is not at home

Saturday, Princess April went to an extra Ucmas Arithmetic lesson. Princess May was home with me. Whenever her jie jie wasn't around, little May would be the nicest kid in the world. Pardon me for over exaggerate the situation a bit.
She would extremely quiet. She would do her own stuff. She would never come and bother me. She enjoyed her own sweet time by reading books. She would pick her jie jie's books to read when her jie jie wasn't around. No one would scream at her for touching jie jie's belongings.
And myself, I got some ME time too, when little May was fully focused in her own world. I have to tell ya! The atmosphere and scene weren't as peaceful as in here when her jie jie was back. When two kids were ganged up together, I have to scream when talk. So, having more than one child is totally different from having single child.
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Face Masks

Time flies, one more month, we are entering the last quarter of 2010. Most festivals are celebrated towards  end of the year. There are, Malaysia National Day in August, Hari Raya Puasa in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving and Deepavali in November, and Christmas in December. It is never too early to prepare yourself with all these upcoming holidays.

If you are going to celebrate Halloween this year, I am here to recommend you a fresh idea. Instead of using lots of color and outrageous make-up, you can get yourself great Venetian Masks as a new tips to dress up your Halloween costumes.

Perhaps, Full Face Masks is the best choice to make you stand out in the Halloween party. Moreover, you can save your effort and time in thinking of what make-up to put on your face for the night.

If you want to be Cat Woman, get the cat mask. There are animals and other varieties which you can find in Venetian Masks.

I have just talked about the Chinese Hungry Ghost month which fall on the seventh month in Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it is actually now in August 2010. Luckily, the Chinese Hungry Ghost month isn't fallen on the same date as the Halloween holiday. Otherwise, the street will be quite happening.
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Don't speak

This evening, I was really tired. Actually, I felt tired in almost all the evening. as I worked really hard from 8 to 6. My work needs me to sit in front of the computer and use all the brain cells to program. Sad to say, I just started to like my job though I have been in the workforce for a total of 11 years.

Ooops! I have shifted to far from today topic.

Back to the point. I dragged my tired body to go for the Yoga class. Simply because I could feel that my uniform and skirt were thighter than before.

Upon reaching the fitness center, one of the yoga pals said, "Hey! Yan, are you putting on weight? I can see extra flesh at your back and buttock.".I replied, " Yes, I have put on weight, about 2 to 3kgs, and I am so sad ....all blame to me whole day sitting in the office, very less movement,.... input is more than output....."

To all my dearest friends, I won't be upset. If you are to tell me, I am horrible, I am dark, I am old, I am not pretty, I am too tall,.....or any other negative remarks. But, my emotion will be seriouly impacted, if someone tell me that I am FAT. So, if I don't ask you whether I am fat, please don't speak. Ok?
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Treats from my sister in Ipoh

My sister and her family came to visit us on Sunday. She brought me JJ swiss roll, big pau from (城中城美食坊) Golden Point Food Court and 2 big Fuji apples.

Golden Point Food Court is located at Lot 106885, Persiaran Bercham, Selatan 20, Taman Bercham Jaya, Ipoh, 31400 Perak (Perak, Ipoh). The food court is famous with a lot of varieties of food and dim sums.
This is the durian flavour swiss roll. It cost RM12 per roll. I cut them into 12 pieces and I could eat up to 4 pieces at one go. Scary or not?
I like this durian swiss roll to bits, because it wasn't too sweet.
It is stated in the paper bag that JJ Cakes are rather healthy, as they are no  presevatives, low sugar, and they are made with fresh fruits and vegetables. So, the 4 pieces of swiss rolls at one go wouldn't cause any damage in my diet plan right? I really hope not. Pray hard.
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Little work with little reward

I have mentioned before that I have my princesses to fold their own clothes, towels, socks and handkerchiefs. They have been helping me up for this job for the past couples of months, and I get more and more satisfying with the outcome of their job.
My little helpers never say NO to me, whenever I need them to help me out in folding the clothes. 
April is doing it faster and neater now. 
These were all folded by them.
What did I reward my two child labours? Answer: The KFC cheeky set with toy.
We had to go KFC for 2 continuous days, in order to get them a power puff girl toy hand phone and diary book each.

Who dare to say child labour is cheap?
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Extra courses on weekends

Every weekend I send April and May to the AMTB Buddhist association which is located near to my place. If time permitted, I would join the class together with them. Otherwise, I just drop them there with teachers. They get to learn the Buddhism and DI ZI GUI 弟子规 at the same time.
These were how my princesses dressed for the Buddhist classes.
After coming back from 2 hours lesson, they usually hungry and needed to take some snacks. Then, they would start talking to each other about the Buddhist prayers and chants, as well as the DI ZI GUI 弟子规, that they have just learned.
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Original and not

I have to admit that I am not a shoes lover. I am neither a bag lover. I have less than 10 pairs of shoes and 5 pieces of hand bags. If you still remember the 3.5 inches red heels that I bought last month, it has become my pre-loved. It was adopted by my colleague, Lorita. She has the same shoes size as me. Before giving away my red heels, I soon got myself a new pair of flat MCall, Crocs. I couldn't lie to myself, especially my foot and body complained that they were in aches when I was in heels. After wearing this pair of flat shoes to work everyday, they stopped complaining. I am a busy working mother, who need to send and fetch the kids, go and back work. My walking pace is always rushing like a car in its 5th gear.
I like how they touch the floor, zero noise effect.  
Gold McCall is more lady liked than the Chocholate Mary Jane that I bought last year.
Other than the 2 Crocs above, there were also "Crocs" that I bought in my KL trip in June this year. The pink slippers were mine, cost only RM15. The white flat shoes were April one, cost only RM10. April likes her "Crocs", but it is still too big for her now. I have yet to experience any discomfort or difference in Crocs and "Crocs". Have you experience it already?
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According to Chinese folklore, there is an increase in the incidence of accidents and deaths during the seventh month of the lunar calendar, an occurrence attributed to underworld spirits visiting the earth during this time. During Ghost Month, people prepare big feasts to indulge the many roaming ghosts.

Eastern societies, unlike many western societies, traditionally try to appease the dead, rather than trying to banish them, by inviting them temporarily into the world of the living. On the first day of the seventh lunar month, 'Open Day' in hell is held, the gates to the underworld are opened and the spirits are allowed to cross over into the living world.

It is also known as Chung Yang Festival (about halfway through the month), huge banquet tables are set out in temple courtyards and mountains of fish, vegetables, meat and other delicacies are offered as sacrifice; hanging lanterns are erected to guide the ghosts to the table; non-stop operas entertain during dinner and fake money is burnt so that guests have a bit of pocket-money to spend when they return to hell.

Other do's and dont's to be observed during ghost month include the following:
- make offerings, especially the burning of "ghost money"
- weddings, special plans, business deals and outings should be put on hold till the end of the month;
- no whistling, whistling is not a good idea, whistling will lead the ghost straight to your home;
- talking ill of the dead (even if it's true) will just bring tears and heartache;
- special care should be taken when walking along riverbanks where a water ghost can easily steal a living spirit; and
- adding to the numbers by burying the dead is, unfortunately, not a good idea.

On the 30th day of the month, the gates of hell are closed again and the ghosts return to the other side.

After googling the above information from here, and today is the first day of the seventh Chinese lunar month,
I decided to drop by the Kuan Yin temple to request for these so called "safety protection" for my beloved family. Amitabha...Amitabha.....
Some are for taking orally and some are for carrying to anywhere we go. Don't laugh, ok? Better safe than sorry ma!
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Soup: Corn, Carrot and Radish with chicken

This time I added corn in the of carrot and radish soup that I blogged before. I can use corn in any soup, and it makes the soup tastier and sweeter.  Corn, one of the most popular and versatile vegetables, is also a good source of several nutrients. Corn is a low-fat complex carbohydrate that deserves a regular place on any healthy table. These high-fiber, fat-fighting kernels of goodness are also hearty and satisfying.
Health Benefits of Corn :

Corn is a body building food.

1.Corn is helpful in kidney problems including renal dysfunction. Eat everyday a soft and boiled corn. For other kidney problem; boil 4 tsp. of cornsilk in 21/2 cups of water for 20 mins. Strain and allow to cool. Drink ½ cup every 4 hours.
2.Corn bran is a heart protector, when eaten everyday it can lower cholesterol in the body. The soluble fiber in corn binds with cholesterol in bile from the liver. It then passes from the body taking the cholesterol with it.
3.Cornstarch can prevent diaper rash.

Other Cases wherein Corn is Beneficial :
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A visit to my primary school

I had a visit to my primary school today at my lunch break. The reason I went there was to confirm April's place in SRJK Hua Lian I, at the same time make a transfer request to SRJK Hua Lian II. A bit confuse right?

I actually registered April in Hua Lian I a year ago. I received the confirmation letter 2 weeks ago, which requested me to go and sign up at the school office. However, I changed my mind and thought of letting her to get her primary education at Hua Lian II. Therefore, I went to confirm and make a school transfer at the same time.
Hua Lian I and Hua Lian II are sharing the same building since many many years ago. Both schools take turn to switch between morning and afternoon class every year. When Hua Lian I in the morning, Hua Lian II will be in the afternoon, and vice versa. Hua Lian II was my husband and my primary school. (but, we weren't in the same class, and we weren't in love at that time.) 
Hua Lian II just confirmed to have a site to build a new 4th floor building, which located next to the current building. Obviously, this is the reason I want to make the transition today. I hope April and May can get a chance to utilize the new building in future.
The field, the classroom, the office, the toilet and the canteen were almost the same as in 25 years ago.
A typical government school class room.
Only this school hall was the only building that wasn't exist at that time. It is the assembly place for the students now. I remember that we weren't that lucky, we needed to stand on the field, be it cold or hot during the  assembly session.
Upon leaving, I dropped by the canteen as I haven't got my lunch.
Drink, snacks, economy rice, mee curry, mee laksa and mee soup were all sold there.
Nuggets, fish balls, sausages and other light snacks were also available.
One last picture at the canteen, before my mee curry was packed. Look at the boy. Cover his face from paparazzi shot.

p/s: The mee curry from the canteen was very nice, I forget to take a picture when I had it.
I will only receive the school transfer notice by November. If April is getting the place in Hua Lian II, she will be in afternoon class next year.
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April is Papa's love

Why I said April is Papa's love?

1. Papa talks to April more.
2. Papa protests April more.
3. Papa smiles to April more.
4. Papa scolds April less.
5. Papa is closer to April.

All these happen may be Papa loves April 2 years more than May. Or I should say my husband has loved April for 6 years and loved May for only 4 years. Not too sure whether I am right in applying mathematics  this way.
Last Sunday, we brought the children to ride their bicycles around our housing area. When we had locked the door, April told me her anklet was bleeding due to her over scratched on the mosquito bite. I responded by showing her a 'not big deal' gesture, and I rushed her to get on the bicycle quickly. .
She turned and showed her leg to Papa. Papa checked carefully on the wound. Then he opened the door and went into the house again.
He back with some tissue papers to wipe his Apple Pie's leg.
I am sure April knows well our reaction towards her wound. Mummy is so ignorance and papa is so attentive. 
I have told my husband many times that he has showed his love towards his princesses in an obvious unequal manner, but he still denied.
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They've got their ears pierced

Last Friday was 19th day of the 6th month, was to celebrate the anniversary of the enlightenment of Kuan Yin, and this was the day most little girls would get their ear pierced. My MIL had been bugging me to bring my two princesses for ear piercing beginning of the year.

Despite the busy work load for the past one week, I still decided to take a half day off and brought them to the goldsmith shop.

In the car, I briefly told them what was ear piercing all about, and also how would one feel after the ear piercing was done. Also, I promised to buy them KFC Chicky Meal set which come together with Power Puff Girl toy hand phone and diary book after the ear pierced.
Little May had finally got her ear pierced. She didn't show any fear and didn't cry at all.
Same go to April. Both choose the pink stone earrings.
Now, I do the following twice a day to take good care of their ears.

1.Wash my hands thoroughly.
2.Use a cotton ball or swab to apply rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointment to the earlobe or lobes.
3.Gently rotate the earring in the ear.

They let me do the item 2 without any fuss, but they still refused to let me do item 3. I have to leave the earrings in until their ears are completely healed. This usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.
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