We're back to the routine

We went for some hawker food nearby for the dinner before coming back to our home sweet home. While having the food, I hurried the girls to finish their food, because we needed to go back feeding the fishes. The fishes have been starved for 2 days. Upon reaching home, they quickly went to look at the fishes. I found they were so cute sitting on the same car and staring at the fish tank. I took this picture without them noticing. Thank Goodness, none of the fishes die. Only the water plant is dying.
After sending the girls to their bedroom, I unloaded the luggage and the shopping loots. I covered more shopping malls this trip, but didn't buy as mush as I expected. May be many weren't on sales.
My proudest purchase was getting this pair of ballerina flat at 50% discount from Debenhams, Lot 10. I love this shoes to bits, because it is so comfy.
I've been to Suria, Lot 10, Sg.Wang, Bukit Bintang, Pavilion and the newly opened Fahrenheit, I only bought 5 items for myself, and 6 books/magazines from Kinokuniya and MPH for my girls. I got the blue and purple tops at 50% discount from Laura Ashley, the pink singles and the 2pc/set blue pajamas at 50% discount from Debenhams. Coincidentally, these two brands were from UK. I also got one Reebok blank yoga pants at 40% discount from Stadium. I couldn't get anything from the brands that I flavour like Nichii, Kitschen and Cotton On this time.
I should have bought this piece of long T/dress from Debenhams. It was only RM45 after 50% discount. Why I put it down after trying? Sob.....sob... I miss it so much now.
Looking at the clock and it was half passed 11 at night, I have to prepare myself back to the work tomorrow. Before heading to bed, I still have so many cleaned clothes that I need to fold and keep. Yawn....
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A Break

I will be away from blogging for more than 4 days. During this period of time, I will have limited access to my computer. I will be back to visit your blog when you see my comment again.

Here I put up a self portrait of my 6 years old, April.  She told me that she wants to keep her hair as long as the one in the portrait. But, I wonder why the  hair is blond.
 This is her first attempt drawing  and colouring a Disney Princess, Snow White.
Take care and till we meet again.
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I am still seeing other guys

I am a mother of two and I am a wife of a man, but I am still seeing other guys. Not one, but three. They were my most favourite men since many years ago, until now I still admire them.

1. Jerry Yan (Taiwan), Height 180cm, Age 33. 

2. Leon Lai (Hong Kong), Height 179cm, Age 44.


3. Ju Ji Hoon (Korea), Height 187cm, Age 28

Since I watched the Korean Drama "Princess Hours" 5 years ago, I like this Korean, young and handsome Prince Xin the most, that is why I put up 3 pictures of him.
The above three men that I like have quite a number of similarities.
They have sharp nose. They are tall (at least 179cm ).They are Asian (means, I don't fancy white men.)

Other than your own partner, I am sure you will have your own dream guys or women. Mind sharing with me?
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Something about him

What will you do with this piece of worn and stained singlet? I told you, it is only suitable to be used as a wiping cloth on the table, window, floor or car, or just thrown into the dustbin. May be your house wiping cloth is still better than this. Too bad that I am not allowed to do that, it is one of  my husband's favourites.
The below conversation was always there, when I folded clothes and happened to see this singlet was among other clothes.

I said, "Still wearing this singlet. Don't you have other clothes to wear. So dirty like table cloth. Like no clothes to wear only. Shame lo!"

He said, "Cannot throw this. I want to wear this to the gym only. All the weight machines are dirty one . No need to wear so clean to go there wert!"

I should have bought him a dozen of the Pagoda singlets on his Birthday last month.
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Soup: Bitter Gourd and Carrot soup

This was my first time boiling bitter gourd soup. I also added in carrot, red dates and pork ribs. Before this, I dared not try cooking bitter gourd at all, as I worried that April and May might find it too bitter to taste.  One day, I saw my MIL cooked bitter gourd soup and my daughters were happily taking it with rice, then I knew that they like this soup.  Next time, I want to boil bitter gourd and preserved SzeChuan vegetable with pork soup.

Nutrition Benefits of Eating Bitter Gourd

  • Bitter gourd has been associated with lowering sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.
  • Bitter gourd is said to be helpful in fighting against cancer and a number of infections.  
  • Bitter gourd has been known to provide relief from constipation and is also effective in the treatment of psoriasis.  
  • Bitter gourd helps in improving circulation and in turn, generates slimming effects on the body.  
  • Regular consumption of bitter gourd has been associated with prevention as well as treatment of hypertension.  
  • Bitter gourd is believed to be helpful in preventing eye complications, apart from treating neuritis.  
  • The juice of the leaf of bitter gourd plant has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. 
  • The essential vitamins and minerals present in bitter gourd help in treating defective metabolism of carbohydrates.  
  • The bitter tonic properties of bitter gourd have made it effective as a blood purifier.  
  • Fresh juice of bitter gourd is good for patients suffering from piles. 
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Free lunch box

This isn't an advertorial, and nor a paid post.

I received the Sustagen newsletter few weeks ago, and I didn't have time to browse through until 2 days ago. Inside the newsletter, there was an advertisement on the Free All-In-One Lunch Box with purchase of twin 600g pack. I find the free gift very attractive. It is so useful for April to keep her snack in the lunch box and bring to her primary school next Jan. So, I just showed April the advertisement, and let her go and pester her Papa to stock up more sustagen at home.
Her Papa, who rarely says no to his princess, of course would do what was told. He brought his two princesses to Giant to buy the milk powder and get the free gift when I was still in the office. April is taking the vanilla flavour one, but there had only honey flavour left in Giant. Then, they went to Tesco, there also had honey and chocolate flavours only. Again, they went to The Store to try their luck for the vanilla flavour Sustagen with free lunch box. But again, there had no vanilla flavour. The Papa couldn't stand seeing his princess getting upset. He called me to check whether it was OK for him to buy the chocolate flavour one. I knew if the Papa went back home with empty hands, the princesses sure got very disappointed. I suggested him to get one twin pack of chocholate flavour and one twin pack of honey flavour, so that I can let her take the chocholate milk in alternate feedings.  I don't like them taking too much chocolate, it is very heaty for them to take everyday and 3 feedings per day.
When I was back from work, April was excitedly showing me the lunch boxes that they finally got .
It is a two layers lunch box with a pair of fork and spoon.
Do you think these two lunch boxes worth her papa's time and effort to go searching high and low from Giant to Tesco and then The Store?

Anyway, I tested and I knew something that work wonders. 
"When Mommy wants anything, she must let the princess go to pester her papa."
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Today marks the last day of final exam of my 6 years old, and she will be set to free from heavy homework and tight revision schedule. I will let her enjoy these few months as much as she likes before she actually starts her more stressful primary school life in next Jan.
As for my 4 years old, she has no exam this year. She may have to sit for preschool exam, starting from next year. I hope she can be more independent and less tantrum next year, as she goes to the same kindergarten without her jie jie acompanion next year.
Next week, husband is going to KL for an on job training course again. We will tag along for 3 hotel stays around KLCC this time. I am definitely looking forwards to this breakaway, as I can leave my work pressure, my house chores, my kids' revision and my laptop behind for this luxury 3 days. Woo hoo! I can go for more retail theraphy in KL.
If you happen to queue for a fitting room, and see the woman in this picture, who hold only 2 to 3 pieces of clothes, but take more than half an hour inside, please don't 'boo' at her, ok? She is just camwhoring to release her tension.
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Visit to the Museum

I have hopped over to Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy's blog and read about their trip to National Museum. It reminded me of our visit to the museum in our town on the 3rd day of Hari Raya.
I wasn't too keen to take photos inside the museum. Those dead animal, skeletons and mannequins didn't look appealing at all. I only took a few pictures of my princesses at the outdoor of the museum.
Now, I let the pictures do the talk.

This was actually an experience and an education trip for the girls, at least they learned what the museum is all about now.
On the way back home, April asked me, " Can the skeleton, animal, air plane, train and other objects start moving at night after everyone leave home?". She has been watching too much of "Night at the Museum".
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Shiquandabutang "十全大补汤"

Due to the recent sleep deprived and fatigue, I seriously need to boost up my body immune system and resume energy with this special soup - Shiquandabutang "十全大补汤"
Have a nice weekend everyone! Play hard and sleep tight.
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Girls stuff only

When I have daughters only, I invested in girls stuff only.

1. Maxi dresses - pink is inspired by Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), blue is inspired by Cinderella.
 2. Hair accessories - two big boxes of different types hair accessories which can allow me to open a stall to sell in pasar malam.
 3. Bangles, bracelets, anklets and necklaces - that's why they have their own jewelry music boxes to keep all these stuff.
 4. Handbags - April, 6 years old already has 5 handbags now, she got new handbag to carry angpow on every CNY. Her first handbag was given by her grand mother when she was one year old.
 5. Cosmetic - though they didn't apply makeup as much as mummy, but they have Nivea Cherry flavour lip gloss each.
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I am coming back from a short hiatus in blogging. During these short hiatus, days, I was busy with work, nights, I was busy with kids. I lost my sleep, I lost my beauty regime, I lost my patience and I lost my interest in blogging too.

When there was time to sleep, my eyes were really sore and tired after spending hours in front of the computer. I am a technical person, and I deal with computer more than people at work. I am a mother of two preschoolers, and I need to guide them in their homework and spend enough time with each of them at home. The remaining hours (if any), I can choose to either go online to read newspaper or watch PPS. Needless to say, I also have to spare some time to entertain my partner before he complains.

I am physically burned out and mentally worn off. I am looking forwards to a luxury 2.5 hours of full body massage, 2.5 hours of beauty facial and 9 hours of no interruption deep sleep to refrain my spirit and energy.

After these, I also do hope to have a few more extra hours of ME time, so that I reconnect to my blogging friends, revisit their blogs, and get myself updated with the latest news in the country.

I hope so much to have a break to do all the above mentioned things, but it seems so hard to achieve. Working mum, sucks!

p/s: By the way, after putting up Our Pets for one day, 8 fishes from the bigger tank and 5 peacock fishes from the smaller tank died. T____T.
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Our pets

Our first pets are fishes. These fishes are not the first few fishes that we had. These fishes that you see now are the 5th batch + 6th batch + 7th batch that we bought. The first four batches + 3 fishes in the 5th batch + 1 fish in the 6th batch were all gone with the flush in our toilet.
Our first generation aquarium is the blue plastic lid one on the right. It is to house 6 butterfly peacock fishes. Then, the second generation aquarium is the bigger glass one on the left. It is now housing 17 different species of small fishes and 1sucker fish.  We also invested in some water plants, colourful rocks, water filter, oxygen generators, and lamp. I agree with my Toronto blogger friend, Jenny that rearing fishes only needed less effort, if compare to pets like dogs or cats.
April and May enjoy feeding the fishes. They will help to feed the fishes only once a day . They love observing fishes eating, pooing, swimming and chasing each other in the aquarium.
I myself too love staring at the fishes. I find looking at the fishes can relax my mind and detoxify my brain. When I was in the office, I would call my husband who was at home to check on the fishes. I was emotional, when the fishes died. I don't know that I will love the fishes, until I had them in my house.
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Finally, we've got this sorted out

*edited* We usually got this done early, only this year we dilly dally until now.

I have asked my husband to find time and get this to settle before next CNY. 
Last weekend, we finally got this to sort out.
Their Papa took out their CNY hand bags and let the girls unwrapped their Angpao one by one.
He also got ready two baskets for the girls to put in their notes.
We were helpping them to double check all the unwrapped red packets before disposing them. Just in case they still left some new notes in there.
Out of so many red packets in year 2010, these were two nicest red packets. April said there was only RM2 in this Japanese girl angpao. I quickly explained to her that it was because the aunty already spent a lot of the money to buy this beautiful red packet, and asked her to be grateful.  

We used to recycle the new notes from the girls' angpao as the coming CNY angpao for others. In exchange, my husband will bank in the same amount of the angpao money in their accounts.  
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After 4 months

I have mentioned before that I brought the girls to attend the Di Zi Gui class every Saturday and Sunday since July this year. After learning Di Zi Gui for 4 months, I can see that they improved a lot in their behaviour, especially April .

1. They are helping with my house chores. Other than folding the clothes.
They washed their own glasses and plates.
They also helped me in baking and cutting of the pancake into shapes that they wanted to bring to school.

Last time, they would give me the remaining parts of the pancake, but now they also helped to eat them as their supper.  
2. April would pour a cup of water and bring it to me. She would also do that for her papa, though we said we weren't thirsty.

3. They say "Thank you", "You are welcome" and "Please" very more often.

4. They bow, hug, kiss and say "Good night and I love you" before bedtime.
( 4 months ago, they only hug, kiss and say "Good night and I love you". )

5. After taking off clothes, they would bring them to the laundry basket.

6. After reading, they would keep the book back in the shelf.

7. They offered me a full body massage when I napped with them on the weekend.

8. They gave me their favourite junk food before they themselves having the first bite.

9. April helped May in her revision and colouring. They quarrel less and share more now.

10. In general, they are more well-behaved and well-mannered than 4 months ago. Of course, there is still room for improvement.
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Juice: Pineapple

Do you love pineapple? Pineapple is different from banana. A lot of people love banana, but not many like pineapple. I personally like all types of fruit, including pineapple.
My husband referred to the juices recipe book and he made me two different juices with pineapple.
Slice orange and carrot.

The first one was pineapple mixed with carrot. 
The second was pineapple mixed with orange.
 I prefer the taste of pineapple+orange than pineapple+carrot. These two juices were rich with vitamin C.

The Health Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple is one of those foods that is heaven to eat. A good, juicy ripe pineapple can satisfy a sweet craving as well as any chocolate bar. In addition to being a delicious food, there are many health benefits of pineapple.

Pineapple is Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

The obvious benefits of pineapple are all the vitamins and minerals the fruit is loaded with. Its nutrients include calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. In addition it is low in fat and cholesterol.

The benefits of pineapple can be achieved through eating fresh, canned, or frozen pineapple or by drinking its juice.

Pineapple Strengthens Bones

One of the benefits of pineapple is that it helps to build healthy bones. Pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is needed for your body to build bone and connective tissues. Just one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of pineapple can effect the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening of bones in older people.

Pineapple is Good for Colds and Coughs

While many people often take extra vitamin C or drink extra orange juice when they have a cold, few consider eating pineapple. The benefits of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same as the benefits of orange juice, but there is an additional benefit of pineapple. Bromelain, which is found in pineapples, has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus.

p/s: Next time if you have cough and phlegm, remember to take pineapple. It helps loosen the mucus and suppress cough afterwards. You never try you never know.
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