She can chant

Ever since my princesses learned chanting in Buddhist Society, I could hear them chanting "Namo Ami Tou Fo" quite frequently at home too. They chanted while they played, just like kids sang their nursery rhymes often.

Yesterday, when I was helping them to wash, then change into pajamas, April said to me. "Mummy, mei mei always chanted in school. " . I was puzzled. April continued by saying, "I heard her chanting when I was going to toilet and passing by her desk."

I was wondering how could her teacher not stop her from chanting. Then April said, "Her teacher couldn't hear her chanting. If she heard also, she would think mei mei was just singing, as the teacher doesn't know how to chant."

Sounded logic also .

Before I started to warn my little May to stop chanting in school, April said again. "Never mind la! Mummy, no one can hear her chanting one, all her friends were yelling and chatting away, her class was just the Caterpillar Class in Sunny Side Day Care. "

I was speechless.

If you watched Toy Story 3, I am sure you know how was the Caterpillar Room looked like.
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1st Year Di Zi Gui Closing Ceremony

Regarding my earlier post on April's Christmas wishing. A lot comments were credited to my husband and me had done a good job in educating my girls. I don't think that I can take this complement if not attending the Di Zi Gui class since last June.

Yesterday, my girls and I attended the Di Zi Gui closing ceremony for year 2010. I have got ready a few gifts for my girls to present to their beloved teachers in Di Zi Gui class.
Here was my April bowed and presented the gift to the senior teacher.
 Little May too bowed and presented to the junior teacher.
 Someone wanted to snap their picture, but my very cheeky 4 years old hid herself under the table.
Here was the group pictures before we bid farewell to teachers and friends.  

Next year, I have registered myself as the junior teacher in Di Zi Gui class. Despite of my busy schedule at work and other activities, I still load myself with such a big responsibility. The reason is only one, I am really interested in the value of Di Zi Gui. I hope being a junior teacher, I can make myself continue to excel and learn Di Zi Gui, in order to be a better person.
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Her Christmas Wishing

Yesterday evening, when April was back from her UCMAS training center, she showed me a Christmas wishing card that her teacher wanted her to fill in. She told me that she had actually written one in the class, and the teacher had helped her to put on the Christmas Wishing Tree. I asked her about what she had written on the first card. She said she wrote to Santa, "I wish to have a puppy as my pet."

She said that most of her classmates wrote, "I want to be the first in class every year."
I told her, "Santa cannot let any person to be the first in class. Only you yourself can make you the first in class, if you are hardworking enough." She nodded her head.

I asked her what she wanted to write on the second wishing card that was still blank. She kept quiet and thought really hard. I thought she might be running out of idea . So, I just suggested a few and felt those might be her all time wish list.

1. Go to Disneyland in Hong Kong again.
2. Wake up from her dream and be a real princess. (If she really fills in this wish, I bet probably Santa has to use some magic dust or cast a spell to make Prince Harry marry her, because has no chance on Prince William anymore. T__T)

When I was busy feeding my little May the supper, April finally thought of something. To my utterly surprised, she wrote this on her second wishing card.
She wishes for longevity for her parents. I am really touched by her filial love to us.
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Hayley was back from her honeymoon in the most romantic place in the world. It is always nice to have a friend/colleague who travels a lot, at the same time will remember you in her trips. Wakakaka! This time, she bought everyone of us the Eiffel Tower as souvenir.
A box of Eiffel Tower chocolate and Eiffel Tower key chain.
The chocolate box is now in the dustbin, but the chocolate was already melted in our mouth. You don't need to "merci" me, I just helped you to entertain a few of your unwelcome users' calls tactfully when you were not around. Muahahah!

Once again, Hayley, merci.
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Christmas Gifts for Kids

I have been a loyal reader to Health Freak Mommy and her 3 little angels' stories.  I am also visiting her online store Old And New Stuff For Sale quite often. However, I didn't order anything from her until the reference of Pillow Story Book which was done by Little Chumsy's blog.

Without any hesitation, I placed my order to a set of 4 pillow story books. 1 for April, 1 for May, and 2 for my best friend, Su In's kid.  
I hope the kids will like the Christmas gifts that I bought for them this year.

I heart these pillow story books, because they can be used as a pillow in the car, in the hotel, and a good reading material anytime anywhere.
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Something make my day

Since today is Wednesday, the 3rd working day in the the week is normally the most productive day. Spending the first half day working on the very tedious technical job, my colleagues and me went for lunch.
I had Kuey Teow soup (RM3.50) and Chinese Tea (RM0.40). It wasn't the lunch that make my day. I found a small paper among the notes in my wallet when paying money.
I love this drawing to bits, I especially adore the seashell hair clip on the mermaid's hair. Guess, who drew this and secretly put this in my wallet?

The answer is in the label of this entry.
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Do not be late to school

Many people think that I have two nice, obedient and clever girls, but do you know that they were always late to school? April has complained many times to me that her Mei Mei always caused her to be late to school. The person who sends them to school, such as my PIL and my husband also get annoyed when dealing with their late to school matter. The culprit was my little May's dilly dally attitude. She likes to whine in the morning for unnecessary things. She also takes forever to finish her milk.  

Every morning, I drop them at the babysitter's house and leave for office, the babysitter will make them milk and get them ready to school. Either my PIL or my husband will pick them up again and send them to school.
I have been receiving umpteen complaints from the babysitter, April, my husband, and my PIL on my little May. I tried coaxing and bribing in the beginning, and followed by threatening and scolding in my subsequent attempts. When I lost my patience, I also raised my "magic wand" on her and punished her writing "Do not be late to school" for two pages long. However, none was able to resolve her dilly dally and whining problem in the morning. My little May is a real monster in the morning, when everyone is rushing to go to work or school, she is throwing her tantrum and whining non stop. When I go and pick her up again in the evening, she will turn to a very innocent look and show me her angelic face. That make me so hard to be harsh on her.

My girls' school break hasn't started until mid of December. On Monday, again they were late to school. I removed her privileges on watching TV and Internet for the entire evening. I reprimanded her to stay in the study room. She was only allowed to read books and do colouring, while her jie jie was enjoying their favourite cartoons on Astro alone. Infact, this was the second time I did that on her. I pray hard, and I hope by removing her privileges on watching Disney Playhouse, Tom and Jerry and so on will make her stop  making nonsense and also being late to school.
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A non working Saturday

I need to work on alternate week of Saturday for half day. My husband also needs to commit to his shift work on certain weekends in a month. So, we always appreciate the weekend that both of us do not need to work. The weekend that just passed was the last weekend in November that we get to spent time together with our princesses.

Other than the swimming course, I also enrolled April in the Aerobics Children class on Saturday morning, which was held in Chinese Recreation Club. While April was hopping, stretching, and running vigorously in the Aerobics room with the trainer and other children, we were killing our time this way.  
My husband was trying to connect to Disney Playhouse website in the WIFI corner, before he left for his 1 hour work out in the gym room.

I was browsing through a few old magazines like Women Weekly and Female which I borrowed from the library.
Little May was surfing the Disney Playhouse and Barney website, while waiting of her jie jie to finish her Aerobics exercise.

Then, we would go for lunch, and back home to take a nap together. That's all for our Saturday off.
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Mummy, please take a picture

April and May enjoy seeing my blog. April is able to read and comprehend most of the entries in my blog, because my English writing is always simple. There were a few times, while she was playing with her paper dolls, or Barbie dolls, she asked me to snap pictures of their dolls. She said, "Mummy, please take a picture of my dolls and put in your blog, write something and let me read." As I didn't find her toys interesting enough for me to blog, I just refused and said, "Don't want, your dolls are not as cute as May and you. ", and left the scene immediately to avoid her from bugging me again.

My princesses came and slept with us on every weekend. Sigh, no privacy for my husband and myself on weekends. They would bring along their sleep partners. I only allowed them to bring in one sleep partner each night. Last weekend, April brought in her Baby Bob, which was given by her ex-babysitter's family on her 2 years old Birthday.
This time, I really found her soft toy looking very cute, as she used my Ogawa mini massage pillow as Baby Bob's bolster. Next to Baby Bob was a toy milk bottle.
When she woke up, Baby Bop also woke up. Do your kid have 'sleep partner' too?
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Sauk Lau Kai Restaurant - Raya Haji Public Holiday part 2

I was drooling over Sauk food that blogged by Hayley, so I pestered my husband to bring us there on Raya Haji Public Holiday. We had lunch at  Lau Kai Restaurant at Sauk, before we headed to Chemor Chinese Temple(善学院) which I had blogged earlier. I forget to bring my Digital Camera along, and I had to take all pictures with my mobil phone.
I didn't know that April held her skirts up this way until I downloaded pictures to my PC yesterday. She is getting vain.
Homemade assorted fish balls.
Stir-fried green mustard.
Steamed Pak So Kong. This fish was really fresh and yummy.
Assam Shrimp.
Claypot edible frog (田鸡).
The bill for 4 adults and 2 children is RM140 (inclusive Chinese tea and white rice).
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Chemor Seen Hock Yeen - Raya Haji Public Holiday part 1

After reading the two entries of Sauk yummy food in Hayley's blog, we decided to give it a try on Raya Haji Public Holiday.  I will blog about the lunch that we had at Sauk next to this entry. After the lunch at Sauk, we headed to Chemor. We wanted to visit the very well know tourist spot, Kuil Seen Hock Yeen (Chinese Temple). I would love to let the pictures do the talk.
April posed with her Chinese Zodiac.
Little May with her Chinese Zodiac.
My husband and I were born in the same Chinese Zodiac.
Images of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar.
As a first timers, we were surprised to see such a magnificent temple with a pagoda, carp in ponds, images of dragons and lions, calligraphic couplets and crafted buildings hidden off the Chemor-Sungai Siput main road.
Kuil Seen Hock Yeen is Chemor tourist attraction with tour groups coming from around Perak and as far north as Kedah and Perlis. A tour lead who was assigned by the temple would introduce the temple history, he will also explain the deities and features of the temple in details to visitors.
There is a 70-metre long bridge where worshippers cross to dispel calamities and to have problems dissolved and a section for prayers to seek a good partner in marriage. Some came to this temple to pray for good health, recovery from sickness, steady business operations, a smooth career, a good marriage, a happy family and academic excellence for their children.
After done with the praying and touring around the temple, there were some refreshment and mineral water laid out waiting for visitors in the hall.

How to get there
Kuil Seen Hock Yeen
1 1/2 km, Railway Station Road,
Kampung Cik Zainal Tambahan 1,
31200 Chemor,
Perak, Malaysia
Coming from Penang, after Kuala Kangsar and Changkat Jering tunnel, when you come to the former Jelapang toll gate, turn left towards Chemor. Go straight for about 10km until you reach Chemor town. Turn left and drive for about 0.5km until you come to the first traffic light. Turn left until you pass the KTM overhead bridge. Immediately after the KTM overhead bridge, turn left and go straight for about 3km. You will see the temple on your right.

Coming from Ipoh, heading to Sg Siput, when reach Chemor town, take the right turn when you see a railway bridge in front of you and drive for about 2km.
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Change is always constant

I have thought of being a SAHM when April starts her primary 1 next Jan. My husband and I were talking about this a couple of months ago, whether it is ok to go for single income after I resign. However, my early retirement plan has to put on hold, because my PIL has decided to stop selling the economy rice last weekend. Since the elders whom had worked for more than 40 years wanted to retire, we shouldn't have any excuse, but to give them the priority.  My MIL has volunteered to help me babysitting my kids when I go to work. My FIL also offered to help fetching and taking my kids to school. My PIL want the grand daughters to keep them acompany during the day, so that they won't be too free at home.

I really appreciate their offer and help. On the other hand, I also have so many concerns for transiting the child care from my babysitter to my PIL.
1. Can my MIL help tying the girls' hair?
2. Can my MIL help washing their buttock after pooing?
3. Can my MIL help bathing them and blowing their hair to dry?
4. Will my FIL spoilt my kids and let them break all the routine that I have set?
5. Will my MIL make them go to nap in the afternoon?
6. Will my kids love staying with the grand parents?
7. Will my kids cooperate with the grand parents?
8. Can I have a peace of mind at work when my kid are with the grand parents?
9. So far, I have not a bad relationship with PIL. Will this relationship spoilt after they've help me taking care of their own grand children.
10. Will this change bring more arguements to my husband and I in future?

I know I can't have all the above questions answered, unless I try it out, right? Am I a person who think too much?
Some said change is always constant and some also said change is always for the best. Who can help me to evaluate whether the change of my child care provider is good?
My princesses with their grand mother at PIL's rice store.
I have too many uncertainties in my mind.
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Sweet potatoes in white fungus dessert

I thank everyone for your compliments in my post on white fungus and gingko biloba dessert. I am really overwhelmed in receiving so many good comments, and my dearest Uncle Lee was asking for that dessert picture. Hence, I boiled the white fungus dessert again on Friday evening, this time I put in Japanese sweet potatoes, gingko biloba, sweet and bitter almonds, honey dates, and rock bee sugar in slow cooker. Using only low temperature to boil over night. I woke up early in the morning of Saturday, put in dried longan and turn to high temperature and boil for 30 minites. Then, off the power and bring to office as my breakfast.
I did serve Hayley a bowl of it too, because she was also coming to work. I love this more than the previous one, because it tasted really  much better with sweet potatoes, and it ain't too sweet as a whole. Slurpee!
After taking this very nutritious, and treasure to beautiful skin breakfast, I went to pantry and snap a picture of myself. Checking whether I have become more beautiful. Wakakaka!
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Meet my young friends

BB_Hwiyee and Angie are my two very young readers. Both of them are still a student, and they both love Art, Handcraft and Design. They are full of passion and talent in Art, pretty, sweet young ladies. I addressed myself as Aunty Yan to Angie and Ah Yi to Hwiyee. They are even younger than my nephew. My sister's son who calls me Ah Yi too is already 19 years young this year.

I love to read their blogs, because I can find the youth that I miss in their day to day life.

Special thanks to Angie for drawing a portrait of April. 
Angie, you have drawn April too pretty.
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A new membership

Since April was very young, she has very sensitive lung, and she catches cold and cough rather easy. We have thought of letting her learn swimming, so that it can help strengthening her lung. Many swimming coaches take students 6 years old and above only. My husband and I had started to look for a suitable coach as well as a good swimming spot for April when she turned 6 this year. The chance had finally come. I want to specially thank a friend, Li Ying. She recommended me the membership of Chinese Recreation Club. After some surveys, we decided to sign up. Hence, we are going to be very busy exploring on the available facilities with the new membership.
April has started the swimming lesson beginning this month in the club swimming pool.
First and second lessons were solely breathing in water. I purposely found her a lady coach from the club. Unfortunately, her swimming lessons were always after a big down pour, thus she kept shivering in the pool. She likes swimming very much, though the first two lessons were a bit boring. After her first lesson, we had steamboat as the dinner in the club restaurant, just to make her body feel warm again.
Assorted fish balls.
"Fu Pei" - Tofu Skin.
Fish meat.
Bean curds.
Chicken meat and fish fillets.
This was the first time we had dinner there. We have yet to try their other foods. The steamboat costs us RM70 for 2 adults and 2 children.
After the dinner, the kids were entertained by watching people playing tennis in the court.

Besides enrolling April in the swimming lesson, I am joining the line dance and yoga in the club, apart from the yoga and aerobics classes that I already have at other place. My husband is also utilizing their gym room and badminton court. The children can borrow some books from the library to read at home in the coming school holiday. Weekends, when the weather is good, all four of us will go for a dip in the pool too. Way to go, to go for more family activities with the new membership.
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White fungus and gingko biloba dessert

I have just hopped to Hayley's blog and seen her sharing the very cool DIY facial serum by using only white fungus. If you love to have beautiful skin, do not miss this very interesting entry of her. Coincidentally, I also boiled the white fungus sweet dessert for my family on last weekend.
I soaked the white fungus which is also known as snow fungus in a bowl for about 10 mins. When it turned soft, I used scissors to cut out the roots and threw them away. I should have kept them to scrub my body, my face, my knees, my albows and my armpits. Hayley, shouldn't be a problem right?

I also added in some gingko biloba to the white fungus desserts. I noticed myself having  the tendency in forgetting things recently. May be it was due to my sleep deprived. I heard gingko biloba is good for memory. So, I just eat more gingko biloba.
After cracking up the shells, soak the gingko biloba in water to remove its skins in brown color.

Besides gingko biloba and white fungus, I also add in sweet and bitter almonds, lotus seeds, dried longan, red dates, honey dates and rock bee sugar for better taste. This dessert can be served hot or cold. I will normally keep it in the refrigerator, because my children love it chilled.

Health Benefits of White Fungus

  • White fungus contains much iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus.
  • The fat and gum like protein in it is especially nourishing to the body. It is considered a good supplement to the body.
  • Stew white fungus with rock sugar lubricates the colon and stimulates peristalsis. Thus, it is a mild laxative for constipation patients.
  • White fungus is also said to be effective in nourishing the lungs, healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lungs. Those who have weak lungs catch cold easily.
  • Eating stewed white fungus with rock sugar and red dates helps strengthen the respiratory system and thus, helps prevent cold. 
  • Skin gets dry when people reach the middle age. Eating white fungus is the best way to take care of your skin. They aid blood production and bring more circulation to the skin to give you a moisturized-complexion.

 Health Benefits of Gingko Biloba

•Stimulates and tones the brain.
•Treat Embolism.
•Increase memory and mental concentration.
•Prevent senility and Alzheimer's disease.
•Prevent headache (Migraine).
•Prevent Asthma.
•Prevent Intermittent Claudication (pain caused by inadequate blood flow to the legs).
•Prevent hearing problem.
•Prevent Impotence.
•Reduce High Blood Pressure.
•Reduce Menopausal symptoms.
•Reduce Varicose Veins and Phlebitis.
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