My 2011 New Year Resolution

I believe everyone is having joyful holiday mood since last weekend. Malaysia will close the year 2010 with longer weekend, as 31 December 2010 has been declared as a public holiday after the victory of Malaysia football team in Suzuki Cup.

I am afraid that I need to do the New Year count down in the office with my gang. T____T. Those who have visited Hayley's blog, already knew that we need to commit to job over the New Year weekend.

I am afraid that I need to get up early in the morning, do the work in the home and then go to the job, work there and comes back home with frustrations and tiredness.

Nevertheless, I want to wish all my blogging friends and readers a very Happy New Year.
I do have the New Year resolution in mind. This year my resolution is very different from the previous year. I used to put weight loss as top in the list, though I still failed in achieving it every year.

My 2011 resolution is to sleep early every night. Means, I have to cut down my time spending on FB, blogging, and watching dramas. Probably sleep early by 1 hour will be good enough for me.

Nowadays, I notice myself looking aging, losing memory, lacking patient, having bad temper and feeling exhaustion day in and day out. All I blamed to my long term sleep loss .

The only solution by which I can get relaxation and can be free from stress, tiredness and frustrations, is sleeping early. The habit of sleeping early is always good to health. Six to seven hours of sleep for adults and eight to nine hours of sleep for children is always necessary which helps a lot in terms of health and obviously helps to improve our beauty too.
Early sleeping habit provides many great physical and psychological benefits in regard to health and beauty. The real and great benefits of early sleep includes,

Stress reduction
Increase in stress leads to many health problems like heart strokes. Sleep is the best natural way by which stress can be reduced. Sleep can repair the physical and mental damage that caused in your body due to stress and fights against diseases.

Controls and prevent diseases
The people who sleep late at night will definitely suffer from many long term diseases especially cancer and heart problems due to increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body. A habit of sleeping early helps to control and maintain blood pressure and prevent such long term diseases.

Improves memory
Early sleep helps the mind to store the information in an organized way so that it can be retrieved later easily.

Enhances quality of life
Sleep will improve the quality of your life and makes you experience the joy that present in doing your work.

Increase energy level
Better and early sleep makes you more energized by increasing the energy levels and makes you feel fresh the next day you get up which helps in doing the work perfectly and in time.

Weight can be maintained
Improper sleep that is sleeping too early or sleeping too late leads to obesity problems or leads to weight loss. These problems can be prevented and weight can be maintained by paying attention to good sleep at night.
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Christmas Eve 2010

This is a backdated post to tell how we spent our Christmas Eve. We were actually invited to a humble Christmas Eve dinner that Yvonne has blogged about it here. Since we didn't celebrate Christmas, if we didn't go for the dinner at Hotel Flemington, our Christmas Eve would be another normal evening. So, I would like to thank the person, Mr. Ooi who is also a member of FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) for the invitation.
Here my Little May and her Santa hat, which she got from the previous week event.
After quickly gobbling down the dinner, my princesses couldn't wait to eat their lollipop that they've got from the Santarina at the hotel lobby.
This was the first time that my princesses experienced the Christmas event, and I did enjoy the Christmas carol very much.
A group picture of the table. The man in black is Mr. Ooi .

My husband was also taking a lollipop after the food while watching TV, which showed live telecast of  the pastor giving the Christmas message on stage.  

On the next day, April went and celebrated the Christmas with her ex-nanny's family, and 3 of us had a very quiet Christmas day at home.
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Shopping loots in Langkawi 2010

Langkawi is a shopping heaven for duty-free goods from around the world and Kuah happens to be Langkawi’s main location for shopping outlets. Perfume stores, cigar shops, confectionery outlets, wine boutiques and other retail venues are a dime a dozen in this quarter of Langkawi Island.
While shopping in one of the outlets at Kuah, I found these very lovely paper dolls for my princesses.
It costs only RM1 each. I got 6 of them, 2 for April, 2 for May and 2 for Avery.
April and May couldn't wait till going home, they have started to play with the paper dolls at the hotel.
Papa was actually taking beer more than water at Langkawi.
He had stocked up the fridge in the hotel with half dozen of beer cans and half dozen of beer bottles on the day that we checked in.
Wakakaka! The camera trick that I learned from the tour lead in Stesen Mardi. I am sure you folks know how to do this.
I also got these two M&M dispensaries for my princesses.
These were all the chocolates that I hunted in the Duty Free outlets. These chocolates weren't meant for our own consumption, I was actually helping my colleague to buy most of them.
*Wink* This was my Christmas present from my White Knight.
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Food in Langkawi 2010

At Langkawi, being a seafood lover like my husband and myself got to enjoy the seafood there very much.
 First everning, we had the dinner at KITTA Seafood Restaurant.
 April was a bit tired due to the long hours of travelling by car and boat in the morning.
While browsing at the menu for ordering the dinner, my little May had started to show some tantrum due to over exhaustion.
She was almost falling asleep on the desk.
 Sweet and sour crabs.
Fried Hong Kong style mantis shrimps.
Deep fried fish.
The bill for 2 adults and 2 children is RM190.

 Second evening, we had dinner at May Hiang Restaurant which served life seafood.
 April looked more refreshing after getting a lot of breezes during the exciting ride on banana boat.
 May too, surprisingly she wasn't that tired after splashing water for 2 hours in the sea.
 Roasted chicken wings.
 Stir-fried broccoli.
 Steamed mantis shrimps in liquor.
 Steam lobsters.
Their homemade ice-cream as dessert.

The bill for 2 adults and 2 children is RM232.
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Days in Langkawi 2010

This post is to summarize the day time activities that we did during our last week Langkawi trip. I will let the picture do most of the talking.
We went to Taman Agro - Teknologi, Stesen Mardi Langkawi, because my husband found out from the map that there got free seasonal fruit for visitors. We are so cheap skate. Lol!
There got free transport for the plant tour as well, but we have to pay for the entrance fees of 2 adults and 1 kid. I cheated that May is below 4 years old. Kekeke!
This giant guava could definitely help saving us lunch money.
My princesses were enjoying the pamelo. This was the first time they took pamelo.
The tour lead said that this banana was special, because it was hard to find elsewhere for this type of size.

We went to Wildlife Park after filling up our stomachs with Guava, Pamelo, Watermelon and Pineapple.
Apparently, my princesses found that rabbits were the most appealing animal out of all. The above picture reminded me of the scene in Snow White.
I didn't expect that my very shy girl would have the courage to carry the rabbit. I myself don't quite like holding any furry animal.
May was struggling to hold one, but failed. April helped May in catching the rabbit.
Finally, May managed to catch one with the jie jie's help.
Luckily my girls were more animal friendly than me. Sorry to admit that I don't like holding any animal close to me.
We were in the beach for 2 evenings. First evening, the girls were playing with the sand only. Second evening, we all dipped into the sea and tried out an exciting ride on the banana boat. So no picture was taken, as we didn't want the camera to taste the salt.
While waiting for me to get a beach set, they felt the sand with hands and foot.
We should have brought along our beach set from home, as a small beach set like this cost us RM15.
Other than playing with the beach set, we also got the entertainment by watching people trying out the parachute, jet ski, and banana boat.
Please stay tune on the food in Langkawi in my next post.
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Christmas theme colouring contest

Last Saturday, my princesses attended the Elite Learning Center Christmas celebration. April and May were registered for the Christmas theme colouring contest. A few days before the date, April already told me that she wanted to be the champion in the contest. So, I only needed to put the attention on my little May.
Since the elder one had equipped herself with tans of confident, I have to give more motivation and encouragement on the younger one.
I kept reminding my little May to take her time and color carefully.  Here is the end result of her colouring. She had done quite a good job, as many children still coloured the Santa in yellow, blue or green outfit. Kekekeke! At least, she knew that Santa must be in red clothes and Snowman must be white. Pheww...
On the other hand, April was the last one to submit her colouring paper to the organizer.
April spent approximately 2 hours to mix and match the colour. In high patient, she tried to make it as perfect as she could. Here is the end result of her hard work.

Finally, April had successfully made her wish come true by emerging as the champion. My little May was also one of the top 10 winners. Ain't this best Christmas gift for mummy and papa? I certainly proud of you, my two princesses.
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