April's new watch

Once getting April a new trolley school bag, we have covered almost all the important Go To  School stuffs for April. Next, I thought of getting her a watch, and it will be useful for her to tell when the class is started, when the class is ended, when the recess time is and etc.

April and May actually possessed a few watches at home, which were mostly bought by their granny from Pasar Malam. Each might cost less than RM 10. Those watches were easily out of function after wearing for some time.

So, I brought her to a watch outlet in Tesco. I let her choose the watch that she likes.
She chose this purple belt Kiko watch at the end. I got it at 10% discount of the price which showed in the tag.
I didn't buy for May, I only took one of her "Pasar Malam" watches to replace its batteries. April was helping May to wear her Pasar Malam watch with new batteries. Wakakaka!
April is now wearing her new watch to school everyday. When she looks at the watch, I am sure she will think of me and miss me. lol!


  1. Happy to see you update now that new year is over and am happy to be your first commentor before i punch out..

    April must be happy to have new of so many things,,,,,, lol

  2. The watch is nice, April likes blue?

  3. Very nice watches you got for your little girl.

  4. Nice watch for April, I also bought pasar malam watch for Juan Juan(since she can barely take care of her stuff), muahahaha!;D

  5. Aw cute watch xD I'm sure April must be happy to received that, yet I should tell you, indeed it is important for us student to have a watch ^^ good thought Aunty Yan ;)

  6. cute watch. i only buy pasar malam watches for ashley ...hehhehhe

  7. I also bought watches from the pasar malam for Ian when he was younger, the cheaper the better.. Hahaha.. He only got a proper watch, a Casio which I redeemed from my credit card points when he entered std 1 last year.

  8. It's a cute watch. Very nice. I also buy cheap watch for Gwen..hehe..not pasar malam lah from those small stalls in Pyramid. Only RM10.

  9. Kiko squirrels (or chipmunks?)... so cute! I buy cheap watches for C too. I find them not too bad lah, quite lasting also.

    Wishing April a very good and happy year in her new primary school!

  10. I've stopped buying watches for my girl because she hardly take good care of them and she don't read time yet. Maybe I should only invest in one after she's taught to read the clock....

    I'm sure May will get her first non-pasar malam watches before she enters primary one :)

  11. u may try flik flak (children swatch).which u can put in the washing machine and get a proper cleaning :D

  12. Hi Sheoh Yan, thats a cute watch. Bet she'll be proud wearing it.
    Love the name 'Koko'.
    I have only owned 5 watches all my life.
    My very 1st one was given to me by my father when I passed my standard 6 exam, a Timex.
    Always had to remember to wind it.

    Have a nice day, Lee.