Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

The first CNY card that I received this year. This Bug Bunny CNY card was from my sister in Ipoh to my girls.
The CNY greeting cards that I bought for friends and relatives. All have very cute bunnies printed. I have my girls signed both their Chinese and English full names in the cards.
The CNY drawing that April did in her first Art lesson in her primary 1.
Surprisingly, I don't get too many CNY clothes for myself this year, but my princesses have too many CNY clothes which can last them till Chap Goh Mei.
Normally, I should have started to crave for CNY cookies, but I don't this year. May be age is catching up, and I am gradually losing all my excitement towards this big festive. I am just happy for the long break that I am going to have in CNY.
Who dare to ask me coming back to work on CNY, I'll kill the person


  1. You changed your layout too..hehe..very cute. :)

    Cutenya those angpow packets. I must say April's CNY drawing is a masterpiece. I like the shading of the oranges.

    I'm looking forward to CNY too. ^_^

  2. Hahaha! No one dare to ask anyone back to work on this festive season, unless he wants to be suey for the whole year.

    You still adapt the traditional way of sending greetings and wishes :) Normally ppl opt for electronic one. Keep up the tradition, Yan!

  3. Its been a while since I last give greeting cards.. Now you make me feel like posting some to my friends ;)
    Oh by the way, April's drawing is very neat!

  4. I am sure this CNY you gals no need to go back to work already, right?

    that's cool and by the way i am sure you do have new clothes not lasting until chap goh mei, but until chek gao is ok,, for me don't know what to buy, all red red one, don't like red,,, i like black if i buy, will sure kena from my mother,,,,sigh...

    hey may be if you gals coming to Penang, let meet up and say kong si kong si to one another,,that will be so cool,,,

  5. I agree, when we get older, we tend to get less excited about CNY. I think that's becos of the thought of responsibilities that come along with festive days like cooking, cleaning, etc. FOr me, I admit I still don't have the CNY mood yet. In fact, I think festive days are actually meant for children. THey are the ones who enjoy most becos they still don't have responsibilities to think about or do! :-D

  6. She is quite talented in drawing. Got shading some more. Definitely better than my kids. Errr... actually, better than me too. Heheheh.

  7. LOL, I like your persistence! Long holiday means you might drop by K.L? The CNY decor here is something worth seeing, hehe!;D

    Muahahaha! I always young at heart and love CNY like all the children do, can't wait for CNY but then... would feel rather sorrow when it ends!>_<

  8. I still received paper greeting cards few years back but now.. only from some relatives, mostly e-cards.. Though I must salute to my parents inlaws who still keep the tradition alive by sending and receiving CNY cards from their friends and relatives.

  9. April's art work is so neat and nice!

    I'm so into CNY.....so looking forward to it. That is the only happy occasion can meet up with all the relatives & friends (other than wedding).

  10. CHINESE NEW YEAR is around the corner. OH NO! A lot more food this time. YIKES never going on a diet like this eh? sigh..

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  11. Oh I love April's drawing especially the 'nian kao'. It's a masterpiece!

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  13. They are so beautiful, nice New Year wishes and greeting cards. Thanks for sharing!