Everyday is a great day

Last Saturday, we already had our first Yee Sang at Sushi King.
This mini Yee Sang cost only RM8.80. The girls didn't like Yee Sang. My husband and I finished it all.
The girls preferred Fried Ebi sushi .
My girls are the biggest fans of sushi. After the dinner, we lingered around the mall while waiting for PIL to come and join us for a movie.
We watched the local production, Great Day. It was a great movie.
May be I am a sentimental person or may be I have lost both my parents, so the story of filial was really touched me. There were some parts which could make me shed my tear, and there were also many scenes which could make me laugh so hard.

Overall, it is a very touching, heart warming, meaningful and comedy movie. It is suitable for all ages of audiences too.

After the movie, when we walked  towards our car.
I said," This movie is nice, right? So touching."
Husband said, " Yes, quite a few scenes."
My Little May said, "Not touching, but very very funny. bla bla bla....."
April said, "Yes, the funniest part is....bla..bla..bla..."

As a conclusion, adults feel its touching, kids actually enjoy its funny.

I like this saying the most in this movie,
"Sunny day, rainy day, can also be the great day."  - It depends on how you live each day.


  1. I cant wait to watch the movie lo, already heard so many good reviews about it! And I believe, I'll cry too when I watch it :P
    I like that saying too ^^

  2. Wah~ so fast already taken your yee sang of the year! Both my kids also like sushi, kekeke, another reason for patronizing sushi outlet, even though my hubb is not a big fan of the Japanese food.

    So many good review on this movie, I must make a trip to the cinema already.

  3. Yee shang is Juan Juan's favourite dish leh, she was looking forward to lou hei again since last CNY!^-^

    Wow, I agreed that you are a sentimental person too, kinda hearted and definitely filial!

    p/s: Like your new template, so cute!!!

  4. I also wanted to watch this movie but have to prepare some tissues first. haha

  5. LOL, I'm like your daughters, I don't enjoy eating yee sang too. During last CNYs, I merely took very little yee sang into my bowl - just for the sake of joining in.

  6. I also can't wait to watch this movie. I heard so much about it...of course via MyFM :) lots of crying.

  7. Sounds like a touching movie lor. No chance to watch it here in JKT lah. Gwen loves sushi too.

  8. OH... i didnt hear of this till now.. as usual, backdated one.. i must ask my kids about this movie..

  9. try ikura (big fish roe) and ebiko (small fish roa).very good and also huann huann favorite

  10. I Love yee sang! We usually have yee sang toast during family reunion dinner and on 7th day of CNY with friends..

  11. The yee-sang looks unusual. Is it nice? Would love to try it too. The ingredients in it look yummy.
    Talking about local movies, I've never watched one in a cinema before. Maybe we are not really cinema fans haha.

  12. What is yee sang? I never hear about it hehe
    I don't quite like sushi but my family enjoy sushi too haha..
    Wow, inspiring movie? Long time I don't watch such a movie though, it's a malaysian movie ya? Will be hard to find it here T_T I wanna watch that kind of movie, really good :)
    Anyway, great outing with your family ^0^

  13. Hi Sheoh Yan, regret to read the great loss of your parents.
    I have not gone to a movie, can't remember when. And guess here no Chinese movies, unless on Tv.
    Looks a good movie.
    Have a nice day.

  14. the food looks delicious! I'm a fan of sushi and sashimi! YUMMS - looking at your pictures are making me crave. MUST resist!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  15. Is yee sang = 鱼生?I thought sushi is 寿司?