First day to school in 2011

*Backdated post

I took a day off on this day. Since this was the first day, my time management was not well planned. I got them ready an hour earlier than the expected time. I was so overwhelmed and my girls too, were very excited.
Last year, April and May were studying in a small group (less than 10 students) with one to one teaching concept. This year, I wanted little May to experience the larger group class and expose to different environment.
I only enrolled her to her new kindergarten one day prior to the school start day, and I have already paid RM200 booking fees to her ex-kindergarten. I am not too sure whether her ex-principal will refund me for the short notice of cancellation. Here was my little May with her other 25 classmates. Bravo to my little May, she didn't make any fuss or cry at all. She amazed me with so much of her good behavior on this first day to school. She talked softly to her friend who was next to her, and she joined in the group during the play time. I was surprised to see her adapting so well in the new place.
After dropping my little May and waving goodbye to her, I sent my elder 7 years old to her primary school.  We reached her school half and hour earlier. She found her four kindergarten classmates there.
She is placed to the same class with these 2 boys, but the girl is placed to another class. Primary 1 has 3 classes, and each class has average of 35 students
When April went into the class with her classmates, I went back to May's kindergarten to pick her back, as her school ended earlier for the first 3 days. Taking May with me to April's primary school again at her break time, making sure that she was having snack at the canteen. Going home to settle some housework and bathing my little May. Then, it was time to go and fetch April back from school. That's all the first day to school. Phewwww....


  1. *Thumbs Up* to you, April & May. Guess after all this, u deserves some better during the weekends!

  2. Good to hear that April has a smaller class. This year Ian's class has 50 of them and 9 classes for whole std 2. Is April in morning or afternoon session? Bravo to both April and May for adapting well in their new school. :)

  3. yan,
    thank God you have two braved girls.
    and thanks for sharing. I had gone through this, but unfortunately those days no digital camera, and I was not able to record such events. someday your girls will appreciate this,

  4. Your girls are really good girls lah. Bravo to April and May for adapting so well in school.

  5. Just look at your girls, they seemed so at ease with themselves and their new found friends,,,, dulu all sudah nangis lah..

    watch it watch it,,,, your two darlings will grow up so fast until you can't even believe it ,agree? especially girls,,,

  6. Looks like April has no problem coping with new year, new friends.. good job!

  7. Hectic schedule on the first day of school with 2 different places to juggle. But glad you managed it smoothly. And bravo to both April and May for adapting so well to their new school!

  8. Ohhh... May's uniform is so cute! Ehhh?! I thought normally elementary school will start their class 1st at around 7:15am while the kindy after 8am, it sounds like at your place Kindy starts earlier wor!^-^

    Have a nice day Sheoh Yan!

  9. U r great......i'm never early in the morning no matter how early I woke up. Always very rushing. Lucky MIL help us to fetch YX to kindie. If I were to fetch, I think I will be late to work EVERYDAY. haha

  10. I wished i have a kid this big!!! U hot mummies!~

  11. Good for April and May!!
    Indeed, it's a great idea to expose little May to another kind of environment. I think she'll be more able to socialize with others in a large group ;)
    April got friends already? So cute of them, I miss primary world, when everything seems less complicated muahaha