Primary 1 orientation day

April's school held the Primary 1 orientation day on New Year eve. I requested for an hour time out from work to accompany my precious baby to her school.
FIL too, tagged along and he was the first to lead his precious grand daughter to the direction of her class room.
Could you spot her papa queuing up at the back to pay April's form teacher the school fees and insurance?
Primary students in Year 1 are using One Malaysia new syllabus, so April is so lucky to have a big stack of totally new text and exercise books from the government.
April was very excited to receive her new books on the orientation day.
When these books are to be received by my little May, they won't be as new as these anymore. As they have probably been passed to different students in 2 years time.


  1. Ahhh, orientation days....reminds me of my two elder kids first day at school!

  2. Seeing April's classroom reminds me of my primary schooling time..... most of the classrooms still remain the same I guess?
    Wayy to go April~

  3. FOC book?!! That's so great, good news for both you and hubby! I spotted your hubby, lol... just wonder why they need to queue, they school can ask the kids to hand up the school fees and insurance(that'd be convenient and save lots of time)!

    happy elementary schooling to April, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh, a precious day!!! I'm so happy to see her wearing primary uniform. I'm sure she'll be a good student, she's a clever girl ^^ School life will be tough as she grows, I wish April many lucks for it ;)~

  5. Hello Sheoh Yan, nice pics. And your April looks really very pretty in her school uniform.
    I guess every kid is excited, same time apprehensive on their 1st day of school.
    Besides, leaving their mothers for the first time, to be with another woman half a day.

    Thats nice of Grandpa escorting her. A proud Grandpa too, I bet.

    Me? I ran home the 2nd day after my mother had gone home.
    Sure caused a panic when I disappeared. The police found me walking home 2 miles away.

    I was later brought back to school, with my mother's blessings, in a police van.
    The police threatened to put me in jail if I ran away again, ha ha.

    Anyway, one good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
    Have a pleasant weekend, and stay young, Lee.

  6. Looks like April is adapting well in school. does she like primary school?

  7. Free textbooks from school...that's very good. I see April like smiling in the photo. Wish her good luck in her studies. Yes, I can see your Hubs lining up there. :)

  8. The books are very new. I think by the time Avery enters primary one, the books won't be so new anymore... hopefully they are still attached, in a piece.

  9. i felt so excited already....but my son only will go to primary in year 2013. haha....