Restaurant Lam Khie at Selama, Perak

*Edited - after receiving a few comments, here I amended the post with red text.
It has been quite some time that I last blogged about food. There was one weekend in last December, we took about 45 minutes drive to Selama. A place which is famous for the Kung Poa Tian Ji (stir-fried dried chili with edible frogs) and the Sang Har Mee (shrimp noodles).
 Sang Har Mee (Shrimp noodles). I like this the most. RM40
 Kung Poa Tian Ji (stir-fried dried chili with edible frogs) RM25
 Steamed Soon Hock fish.RM50
 Clay pot homemade bean curd and trotter. RM15
 Stir fried snow pea shoots.RM10
Restaurant Lam Khie is located at the big street of Selama.

I couldn't recall the price, but I remember it was quite reasonable.

The bill for 4 adults (with PIL), 1 child (April was at her ex-babysitter's house) is RM150 (Including white rice and a pot of Chinese tea).


  1. Wow, all the dishes looks very tempting to me!
    Must pester my hubby to bring me there, hehe, afterall, I have not been to Selama before..... =_=

  2. These dished are torturing me..looks absolutely delish.

  3. Eiiiii... the dish looked great, how about the price?! Reasonable?!

    45 mins, super near!!! I wish I could travel 45 mins to Taiping and Perak too(heard a lot of these food paradise)!>_<

  4. Ahhh, that looks like steamed Soon Hock fish to me....mmmm, love this yummy fish!

  5. Hello Sheoh Yan.....I really love that 'sang har mee'.
    And I remember Selama town from long ago but never been to this place, guess it had not become well known then.

    I'll take a pass on that froggy dish....not on my list to eat, ha ha.
    But that steamed fish is delicious.
    I guess Malaysians really live to eat, travelling, going to places where the food is good.

    Sheoh Yan, out of curiosity, how much is that 'sang har mee'?
    As well the bill for everything?
    I have been away long time....

    Have a nice day Sheoh Yan, stay young, stay beautiful.

  6. oh the food look absolutely delicious and reasonably priced :)

  7. the frog is killing me......so delicious.

  8. I love edible frogs, especially cooked in porridge. *slurps* :)

  9. Never knew such place could offers superb delicious food! All I can think of Selama is trees and bushes, kakaka! I'm wrong now :p

  10. LOL, quite reasonable for the spread of scrumptious food!^-^