School holiday activities

A sneak peek on what my children did on last school holiday.

I have signed up April for a swimming course. She has acquired the beginner's floating skills and swimming strokes so far. Way to go, April.
When her training ended, I would let her join her sister in the baby pool for some water play.
After negotiating with April's swimming coach, I have eventually signed up May too for the swimming course. May has gone to her first swimming lesson last week. The coach acknowledged that May is a faster learner in swimming than April.
Apart from their normal Art class, I also enrolled them in the hand craft lesson.
Other than cup cakes, April and May also did the 12 Chinese Calendar Zodiac, cookies, burger and Americal Breakfast clay fridge magnet.
This is the Japanese Ramen which made by my little May with the Art teacher's help.
A jewelry box had decorated with red roses and green leaves that April and My crafted with clay as well.

Others than the above two activities, I have also mentioned things that they did in the holiday as in below.
May went to her first dental visit and April went to her second dental visit.
April, May and myself completed Di Zi Gui first year lesson.
April joined Children Aerobics in Chinese Recreation Center.
April and May first make over by KOSE.
Watching Karaoke Singing Contest from stage.
Christmas Theme Colouring Contest.
A short getaway in Langkawi.
Chritsmas eve dinner


  1. I like the ramen...looks real for me! yummy!

  2. Lots of achievement during this long holidays! Especially April's swimming lesson. I like all their art works, very cute and creative!

  3. Hey, it is good to let the children to learn swimming, that's very nice and thoughtful of you,,,

    take care now ya

  4. Yeah, lots of achievements ya!
    Swimming is a very good exercise for kids, you've made a right choice ;)
    Way to go ya~

  5. Looks like they had a lot of fun during the holiday! I wish Toronto was HOT and all that - so swimming in the middle of winter is a problem outside lah. I dislike cold! HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRL!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  6. Love their arts and crafts......so nice.

  7. how about piano or violin or inline skating or kids yoga for next holiday ?

  8. Great extra activities for the girls. I'm impressed with the clay art they made...very very creative. Your girls are very smart.

  9. Wah... I should conseider to send Juan Juan to a hand craft lesson too, the arts are so cute and she can probably sell it after she made it!

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Oh my, I love clay! But I have no time to enroll clay class T_T so sad! But I'm happy to see the creative results of April and May. Really cute >.<
    Oh about swimming, it reminds me that I pass my swimming activity during SG trip, I feel my body needs some catch up again hahaha...

    Have a nice weekend for your family Aunty Yan ^0^