Some updates on my 5 years old, May

  1. She is a very "cincai" girl. When I bought anything new in two sets, she would be the last to pick what she wanted. Instead, she doesn't mind to let her jie jie be the first to choose. She is not a demanding child.
  2. I always wish that she would weigh 2 kgs extra .
  3. She is a clumsy girl, as she tends to drop things or spill water everywhere.
  4. She loves reading and swimming.
  5. Other than going to kindergarten, she also takes up swimming, Art, and I-Maths classes.
  6. When Jie Jie is not at home, she misses her jie jie more than her jie jie misses her.
  7. She is less talkative, but she is more playful "samseng" than her Jie Jie.
  8. She doesn't eat as well as her jie jie, but she sleeps much better than her jie jie.
  9. She pasts motion on every evening, right after taking her dinner. That's why she is skinny.
  10. She is a very thoughtful daughter. 
  • I was about to leave home and go to Tesco to buy something, after that only go to the tuition center to fetch her jie jie back. I couldn't find my car key. I got really panic and sweat. My little May helped me to find the car key. She spotted the key which I accidentally dropped it on the flowery blanket. I thanked her. When we reached Tesco, she took out my car key from my bag and said, "Mummy, I put the car key in the pocket on my pants, so you won't lose it again."
  • Her jie jie was going to tuition, I wanted to go to the boutique to buy my CNY clothes. In the fitting room, I put my purse and hand phone on the floor. My little May who tagged along, came in and picked up everything on the floor. While I was busy taking off and putting on clothes, through the mirror I saw her holding her tumbler, my hand phone and my purse with her 2 small hands.  
These series of pictures were taken on yesterday evening, when her jie jie was rushing to finish her colouring at up stair. I wanted to capture her very attractive big sparkling round eyes. This was the best that I could capture with my Digital Camera. I reckon, her eyes look more beautiful in person.


  1. awww....you have another very good and obedient girl. you are so lucky :)

  2. I was touched by her thoughtfulness (on the car key). So caring!

    Her eyes are really round and sparkling.

  3. May is still a shy girl, from the 1st day I saw her ;)
    But you're right, she's really skinny... I think she'll look 'healthier' with 2kgs extra ^^

  4. She is indeed a thoughtful girl. I am sure she is well liked by his classmates and friends.

  5. May is indeed a very lovable, sensible and thoughtful little girl. I always forget that she is the same age as Chloe... May's character is so much more matured :)

  6. Can't believe 5 years old can behave this mature! My bro who is 7 , isn't as thoughtful/mature as May. You really nurture, both April and May, so well. No wonder, how good are the outcomes!
    Anyway, love May's big round eyes ;D

  7. May is such a thoughtful girl that you could count on her to help you in anything. You are a lucky mom.

  8. So good to have two guai lui lui at home.. I always think girls are more thoughtful, sensible than boys.

  9. Love her big sparkling eyes. *envious* haha. She doesn't look skinny wor. May is so good in guarding and taking care of things. Gwen always forgets her water tumbler..sigh..I have to check her bag everytime I pick her up from school.

  10. Although lil May is more careless and clumsy compares to her sister, but there's credit to her thoughtfulness :) That's all that matter... I really like her big round eyes

  11. Ahhh... such a heart warming and thoughtful girl! Hey, I can give my extra 2kg to May, I won't mind... seriously, lol!;D