Some updates on my 7 years old, April

1. She loves Art.
2. She has neat handwritting
3. She is still very cute in papa and mummy's eyes.
4. She is gentle in handling her own stuffs, be it toys, stationary, homework or books.
5. She will tell me everything happened in the school, especially the good one, such as teachers praised her.
6. She loves going to school, but she complains about the school toilets.
7. She is attending UCMAS arithmetics, child aerobics, Art class, chanting class, swimming course and all subjects tuition(3 days a week).
8. She is looking forwards to bedtime story every night.
9. She is taking only 1 feeding of milk before bedtime.
10. She comes sleeping in our master bedroom on every weekend.

First time using her pocket money in the canteen.
I give her pocket money RM0.50 everyday. She used RM0.50 to buy a pink colour jelly from the school canteen on last Tuesday. She had to finish the bread and the jelly in 15 minutes break time. When she rushed back to her classroom. she fell on the ground and her knee bled slightly, and this marked her first injury at school too.

First time getting caned by the teacher.
I went to pick her back from school. Her classmate, WS whom she knew since in her kindergarten told me that April was caned by Teacher K, their mathematics teacher. After much asking by her papa and myself in the car, she broke down in tears, and said "It wasn't my fault, the girl in front of me, kept talking to me. I didn't talk to her. Teacher saw and caned both of us."
She is my forever precious baby April.
Books that I bought yesterday at my lunch time. 8 stories in one book. I have promised my girls that I will tell only one story in one week. 16 bedtime stories for 16 weeks.


  1. April has a very neat appearance and charming too.
    I feel pity for April get caned becoz of others fault. It happened
    the same to my girl last week too. They are too little to know how to defend themselves in such a young age.

  2. Shenny's mommy, I actualy tried to take it easy, though I wasn't happy too. This is pretty normal in Chinese school, most teachers are using cane to discipline the students.

  3. Teachers in primary schools are more strict compares to kindy's ones. Plus, they got more students to handle and control. I believe next year when my girl attends primary one, she'll get caned too, because she's a chatterbox.

  4. April is so busy...attending so many activities. But it is good to built up a healthy mind.

  5. Yan, take it easy on the caning and punishment part as this is part and parcel of studying in a Chinese school. My boy was caned by the discipline teacher twice last year for running around during recess time and countless ear squats for things such as forgetting to bring his book, talking.... As long as the teachers don't go overboard, I am fine with it.

    It's good that April shares what happens in school with you. My boy too, can't stop talking about school the moment he gets into the car. See, how not to get punished for talking? hahaha..

  6. Yvonne, hehehe! Shall wait and see yours. It can be interesting too to see them moving to another stage.

    mNhL, I reckon it. She is busy, and we all are busy too.

    Ian's mom, thanks for sharing your view with me. I really appreciate it, as you are one who have more experience than me.

  7. God gracious! She is the ideal child for every mother on earth!!! I reckon she should learn to defense herself next time(ok, maybe she did but the teacher didn't listen), tell her she has done nothing wrong and cheer up!

    Keep up all your good work April, auntie proud of you!

  8. Caned? Gosh, in here we never get caned by teachers 0__0
    Omg, poor her, but April had a really nice personality. You're lucky to had her Aunty Yan, such a rare kind of child ;)
    Like to see April wearing her uniform, so neat and cute >,<

  9. Never expect April will get caned because of chatting... because to me she's a quiet girl, hehehe :P

  10. OMG they still caned in malaysia ???? Poor girl. No caning here in Canada or i think the US too!! Or else...

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  11. Your April is such a well mannered and clever girl. I hope Gwen turned out like April in a couple of years time. Mine still very baby-ish although already 5 years old.

    Talking also need to be caned meh..so strict..moreover it wasn't April's fault. Poor girl.

  12. 好心疼 when i read that April fell down, and when i read about her get canned, even more 心疼. She's such a good girl to me! I thought school teacher not suppose to use cane ?? OMG, i guess i may need to buy a cane for the teacher when my boy starts his primary school, coz he talks non stop!But i guess, no pain no gain :) We just close one eyes and let them go through this...

  13. Alice, she has her dark side also. I just talked about her good points this post. I told her, she has nothing wrong to talk to friends, but not during the teaching.

    Angie, Jakarta teachers are so good, never use cane to punish. Here is a norm.

    Hayley, I guess she is talking too. How can one not talk? Especially kids. Every one also enjoys talking, right? Her mother too. Hahaha!

    Jenny, I know some countries have forbided physical punishment.

    Mummy Gwen, I dare not say it wasn't her fault, she could be defensed herself by saying so. Anyway, I just closed one eye.

    Joanne, thanks for the comment. I was 心疼, so as her dad. You are right, we have to go through this as part and parcel of her growing up.

  14. She's a very sensible girl. Really both you and your hubby did a good job :) Bravo to the both of you. My heart ache when I read about April being caned for something she did not do. Same thing happened to me when I was in my primary school and got slapped on the face by my teacher though it was no fault of mine. *sigh*

  15. You enrolled her in so many enrichment classes. She is going to be an all-rounder... good in everything!

    Poor girl... just only started school less than a month, kena caned already. I hate this kind of punishment cos last time I also kena. One pupil misbehaved, whole class got caned... what kind of stupid punishment!

  16. Hope she didnt get scared by the cane. She has got so many enrich activities , comapre to Yan Yan she is about 5 yrs old and I yet to get any thing for her to learn except going to school, sigh..