Things that I learned in 2010

Things that I learned in 2010 and I am still learning in 2011 are,

1. Di Zi Gui
I joined the Buddhist Society in April 2010 with my two daughters. We learned Di Zi Gui together on every weekend. Besides, we also learned some basic chanting in the lesson. Now, I have to put Di Zi Gui to practical use in my daily life.

2. Line dance
I just started my beginner's lesson in line dancing on October 2010. In the first two lessons, I was like entering the Lost World, because I was so dummy. When I turned to the left,  others turned to the right. When I turned to the front, others already turned to the back. Arrrgggh!
Now, I feel more comfortable as I have familiarized myself with some basic steps. I am very interested in the line dance and I love going to the line dance lesson.


  1. I like this entry. Keep up the good work.

  2. Life is always a never ending learning journey...
    Way to go Yan!

  3. It is good to learnt new things in our life......

    Mum love line dancing too... a good exercise

  4. You gonna get sexier and slimmer from now on, I'm so jealous~!>_<

    Me and my Juan Juan also learning Di Zhi Gui, it took us more than a year but still stop at "Shi si zhe, ru shi sheng"... cam mou?!=_=

    Have a nice day!

  5. Di Zi Gui is indeed a really good course to learn I believe. Soon as you posted about Di Zi Gui for the first time, I goggled it :)
    Anyway, dancing is a good activity to make our body smlimmer and more fit ^^ Great choice!

  6. I love dancing, used to dance and perform before but sadly i don't like line dancing, i find it to be kind of restricted,, for me dancing should be individual, the use of space, the expression of oneself and to add our own creativity or dance moves into our own dance routines,, not that someone out that follow me, follow me...hahhahahh.

    i love dancing, i have my MP3 on while running, after i am done running, walk to the garden to cool down and i would stay to sway, sometimes people look at me like one kind, i could not bother much,, i just do it,,,,,,,,

  7. We acquire knowledge by learning.... Don't stop until the end of our life.

    p/s: at least non-stop activities will prevent Alzheimer, kekeke!

  8. Good for you :) Do impart some of the Di Zi Gui lessons to us. I like line dancing too and it is so interesting. Sadly I don't have the time to join any :(