Well said, girl

On the way back from April's primary school, our conversation in the car.
April: Mummy, today teacher asked that whose mother came to help sweeping the classroom floor.
Me: Oh! really?
April: Got 2 boys raised hands.
Me was trying to tease her: Did your teacher ask you why your mother wasn't helping?
April: My class has 32 pupils. Only two raised hands, still have 30 not raised hands. You don't worry la!
Me speechless, but quite happy with her answer.

April gave her best friend a CNY greeting card , and her best friend also gave one to her in return. When April opened the card and read, she laughed.  
April: Mummy, you see, it should be 乐 and not 牙. 
Me was trying to tease again: May be your friend wish you to have your 2 front teeth sprouting up faster in this New Year.
April: No. I asked my friend already. She said her mummy has written wrongly. Nothing to do with my teeth.
Me laughing.


  1. April is so smart. :) Wakaka....her friend's mum wrote wrongly ah..hehe.

  2. Hahaha! April is indeed very smart and sometimes her answers really stun us :D

  3. I think the mom of April's classmate should have let her daughter did the writing part herself, just my thoughts though. :)

  4. Yeah, April is a smart girl. hey, care to show us what clothes you got for CNY? would love to see them :D

  5. LOL, April is getting smarter ;)

  6. I seriously can't wait to have a daughter, she is so freaking cute!!!

  7. The parents really have to volunteer to sweep the classrooms? April is so clever to spare you from the job this time hehe.

  8. Always have unexpected answers from smart April hahaha ;D
    Oh there should volunteer to clean the classroom ah? Weird, we never do that here 0.0

  9. uh...April's answer was a good one. When my son is in primary, I hope he will not be that 2 boys who raise their hands. haha

  10. Friends' mummy writing, no wonder so neat! LOL, April has very logical answers to question!