2 years shy, and I

turning big 40. Today is my 38 years old Birthday.
When the clock strike 12am, I received my husband's greeting call, and very early in the morning, I received my sister's greeting SMS.

Up to now, I have received many Birthday wishes through phone, SMS, emails, my FB wall and as well as in person too. Thank you everyone. I am so happy to be blessed with all your best wishes.
Colleagues had given me and another colleague whom Birthday also in February a lunch treat of western food.
My best friend, Cannie gave me a red comfy sleep wear from La Senza.
My youngest aunt in Australia gave me a very nice Crystal Healing laces.
I have also got myself a line dancing shoes, which I wish to have long time ago. Putting on this pair of new shoes, I certainly can dance better now.
I also got myself a set of HBS facial product to retain my youth and beauty, ahemmm...
I added a few new items in my wardrobe too, today and  yesterday. I bought all these new clothes with the sponsor from my husband.
My two darling daughters gave me this piece of small little note.
Thanks for remembering the day and thank you everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday Yan!

    Your daughter's writing is so neat.

    May you be blessed with good health and happiness.

  2. Ahem, you forgot to mention another birthday present, which is Independent Day at work :P
    Happy birthday to you! Dont worry, age is just a number hehe :P

  3. Happy birthday to you, Yan! Like I always say, age is just a number. Although it mentioned here 38, I bet you feel like 28 every year!

    Go get pampered this weekend~

  4. Happy Birthday! You've got so many presents!! :D

  5. Wait? 38? I thought you are only 30? hahhhahhaahaa. Love all your pressies. The best present must be from your 2 princesses :) Happy Birthday to you again :)

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  7. 1st time here and wish u happy birthday !!! vy nice b'day prezzie u got ..... ;P

  8. Fret not.. there's still someone here older than you. Hahaha.. Happy Birthday to you, Yan.

  9. Happy Birthday SY. You definitely look younger than your age lerh. How you keep? Your daughter's writing really VERY NEAT!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday To You!! Wishing you stay healthy and beautiful always!

    Age is just a number. My age is very close to yours..hehe.

  11. Happy birthday, Yan. May all your wishes come true.

  12. Lovely cake and excellent handwriting from your girls, how thoughtful... they even remember your age, wow~!!!

    Wishing you a beautiful Birthday, hope your BIG day is as special as you!^-^

  13. Happy Birthday Yan! Wah all the nice pressies!

  14. Happy birthday again! I didn't know that our birthday is only 3 days apart :) Anyway, my age is also very close to yours :p

  15. Happy birthday to you Yan! I like all your pressie especially your new clothing and the note that your daughters gave you!

  16. Happy birthday again to you Yan.

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to you Yan :-) Best wishes to you!


  18. Hi Sheoh Yan, many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
    You are now at the prime of your life, and women at this milestone not only carry their beauty in their looks, but in their heart.
    Nice presents you have.
    Have fun, stay young.

  19. HI yAn,

    Happy 38th birthday to u!

    Hopefully I am as fit n fun-loving+cook when I am ur age!


  20. Thanks everyone for your lovely wishes. I really appreciate.