2011 CNY 2nd and 3rd Day

On 2nd day of CNY, after praying at the home alter to symbolize 'hoi ni' (开年). We started the CNY visits to my aunty's house.
My girls enjoyed the pistachio while watching their favourite Tom and Jerry show on ASTRO CH616.
After taking so many pistachio, I forced all of them take a big glass of water.
 My two princesses used their sling bag to carry a lot of Angpow from house to house.
April and her cousin brother (my sister's son), they both are born in Monkey year.
Pa Pa was very tired. He took a nap with his two princesses on his laps.

On 3rd day of CNY. The Chinese Recreation Center held an CNY open house party in the club. We were served with varieties of hawker food.
My girls get to choose their favourite drink from a big container.
Left the club, and  continue for several CNY visits before returning home to take some rest.

On 3rd day of CNY evening, I invited a few of April and May's ex-classmates, and also Yvonne's kids to my house to play 'pop pop' together.
I was also happy to see Little Chowder, and this round I heard him calling me "Aunnnnnty" for the very first time. He is always cute.
The kid get bored with the 'pop pop' very soon and decided to come in for more happening games. I was actually quite afraid of tidying up the mess. Pardon me, as I have no maid at home. My husband was already occupied by cleaning the 'pop pop' waste and dust outside the house. So, I only allowed them to read books.
I was seriously a devil mom and a bad host. Sorry kids, I know it.


  1. Kekeke... my kids keep asking me, "When are we going to Aunty Yan's house again?" I think both of them are looking forward to April's 'play' room.

  2. Guess the kids enjoyed themselves very much!

  3. You are not a bad host la... once in a while, just let the kids have fun. Seriously, I hate clean-ups too that's why I seldom have guests over at my home *paiseh* I'm worse than you hehe!

  4. Hmm, u consider a very good host d. You are so kind to invite April and May ex-classmates over to ur house to play. *Thumbs Up*

  5. Good idea to have some playmates coming to the house. My boy never had one simply because he has a lazy bum mommy. Hahaha.. like you, I am maidless so I would faint by just thinking of the aftermath. LOL..

  6. You are not a bad host but a smart one..kekeke. I also hate cleaning up and doing housework..LOL. The kids are very well behaved.