2011 CNY eve and CNY 1st day

On CNY eve, I put nail polish on my princesses nails. I let them change to the new bangles, bracelets and also new earrings.
Before this, they were wearing the studded earrings.
I actually put a lot of effort in taking care their ear pierced areas, their ear holes have recovered completely in 3 to 4 months. Thank goodness, there is no hiccup, no complaint of pain and itchiness so far.
After taking the reunion dinner at my PIL house, we came back to pray at 12 am on 1st day of CNY.
1st day of CNY, we slept late, so we woke up late too. April and May with their cousins at my PIL's house.
The relatives and PIL at the temple. In my MIL's practices, it is a must to go to the temple and pray for the whole family on 1st day of CNY .
Please pardon my sunny. It was really a very hot day, especially I was just coming out from the temple.
Before heading to PIL house for lunch, we dropped by the club for some free refreshment.
(Not really free, the refreshment should be covered by the monthly member fees.)

....to be continued


  1. Hey, u r really look great with ur sunny leh...I bet everyone glance at u.

  2. Hi Sheoh Yan, love the pics here. And yes, the traditional way of greeting in the Chinese new year is either pray at a house alter, (I have one at home) or to a temple.
    Asking for forgiveness as well blessings.

    Hey, you look real cool in your YSL sunglasses, ha ha. Hubby too.
    And your kids look really adorable. Hubby and you wearing red too.
    Love your pretty Gypsy earrings....wayyyy to go, Sheoh Yan.
    Have fun and enjoy the new year celebrations.

  3. Everybody has started to update on their CNY events!!
    Weather was terribly hot right! I stayed at home most of the time during day time, and i got active at night :P

  4. Wah... you look like a celebrity lor, with 3 kids. However, your hubb looks more like the bodyguard, kekek :p

  5. hahhha..i can't help laughing at Yvonne's comment. Yeah you really stand out with the outfit and sunnies :D very nice :)

  6. I've always have problems with earrings and itchiness - my skins are very sensitive and till now it is. I can't even wear sterling silver. I hardly wear earrings now.

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  7. You look so stylo in that outfit & sunnies!

  8. You are a hot and leng lui Mummy leh. Glad to know you all had a fabulous CNY. Your girls' hair is always tied neatly. Love their outfits too.