2011 CNY food that I like

Chai Buey (菜尾/一品窝)

MIL make a huge pot of chai buey - a soup or stew with all the leftover ingredients from the reunion dinner on the first day of CNY. It was generally consisted of meat (chicken, roast pork, duck), vegetables like mustard green(gai choy "芥菜" - kua cai in hokkein), and all the other leftover from the reunion dinner. Other than the leftover, MIL also put in tamarind juice, dried red chillies, peeled "assam keping", salt and sugar for better taste.
I savoured a big bowl of rice with only this chai buey for days. I love digging the goodies to find the best treasure from it. The slightly spicy could really tickle my taste bud when I sipped the sour soup. Yum yum!
Folks, do you love chai buey too?

Kuih Pie Tee

MIL too make Kuih Pie Tee filling herself on 2nd day of CNY. She bought the kuih pie tee top hats from market.
I couldn't part with this Kampung Koh garlic chili source when taking these kuih pie tee.
This New Year, my two girls have finally tried some new food. They both took a lot of Kuih Pie Tee, so indirectly they took a lot of vegetable like carrot and turnip.
April saw me taking pictures of kuih pie tee, she said, " Let me demo how to take this kuih pie tee, then you put my pictures up in your blog. Ok?"
I was chuckling to myself while taking these series of pictures.
She wanted to make an expression to show how yummy the food was. Ain't she looked hilarious?
3 of us walloped the whole plate of kuih pie tee and felt so satisfying.

Yee Sang Chicken Porridge 鱼生粥

The 7th day of Chinese New Year is 人日 (Yan Yat) which means the birthday of every person in this world. Every year this day, MIL makes Yee Sang Chicken Porridge (鱼生鸡粥) at home.
When I reached home after a long tiring work day on the 7th day of CNY, this big bowl of hot steamy Yee Sang porridge was laid out awaiting for me on the dining day.


  1. Yan,

    Your (鱼生鸡粥) looks so yummilicious ..

    A very nice treat for the stomach especially on a cold rainy day ..

  2. Wah, mouth-watering lor...looking at ur chai buey. Look at it, I think wanna lick my pc monitor! LoL. If my house cook chai buey, I can just have it with white rice too...

  3. You make me drool, Yan. I love the sour-y taste of chai buey. Can eat it with rice alone....no need other dish.

    I'm gonna ask my mom to cook chai buey later.... *wiping my salive*

  4. The Chai Buey my mom used to cook it and we call it 'Dua Cai' in Hokkien and that's my favourite dish of all time!;D

  5. Mmmm...the vege and pai tee are my favourite too.

  6. I would like to try kuih pie tee, I never try any of those hehehe
    April looks so happy there ;) I guess you all had a great time, happy to know xD

  7. He he he, I will be cooking Chai Boey tomorrow! Yum yum, can't wait lorr!

  8. Your MIL can really cook up a storm. I like chai buey too. Haha...April's expression is so funny. :)

  9. Comming here thru Eugene's post

    I love Chai Buey. Would cook this even if it is not CNY just to have it