2011 Steamboat gathering on 1st CNY

Another practice in my in law family, we ought to take steamboat on the
1st day of CNY evening. I like this practice to bits, the reason is MIL's steamboat always too good to describe in words.
April and May with the cousins were waiting anxiously for the hot pots to boil.
The hot pot with clear soup.
The hot pot with tom yam soup.
I mustn't forget to mention my MIL's best in town kuih pati. Trust me, this is superb yummy, I am only over exaggerated  a little bit.
7 cars parked outside this village house could only be seen in CNY.
The kids were playing 'Pop Pop' happily outside the house, also could only be seen in CNY.

I also talked about my MIL's steamboat on last CNY - http://sheohyan.blogspot.com/2010/02/cny-dishes-2010.html

... to be continued


  1. And not forget ur MIL "Bak Zhang" too! Is really hard for me to forget it.

  2. 7 cars in the porch? Wow~ your MIL must been polishing her cooking skill and get satisfied because everyone is looking forward to this steamboat.

  3. Firstly let me comment something on the post before this, " i like your sunglasses, they look so cool to you"

    now back to this post, i am not a fan of steamboat, but i like the get together around the steamboat dinner with some beers of course,,,,

    hey, have a great rabbit year ahead ya, and stay sui sui always, your two lovely girls and your handsome hub too ya

  4. Wah, how I miss CNY eve's steamboat... used to have it when I haven't married! Kuih pati, sound interesting but I have yet try it before!^-^

  5. Mmmm...they look delicious. Now I feel like having steamboat too :D Do you have this often at your inlaw's house or only once a year?

  6. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR SHEOHYAN. May the new years bring you good health and luck. Yumm the food looks so delicious - just what you need here in Toronto. It's been freezing on our side of the world.

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  7. This year, I had the 1st steamboat at my mum's place. It was a hot afternoon but still we enjoyed very much~

  8. We have steamboat as our CNY eve's reunion dinner ever since my mom in-law was not fit (she has osteoarthritis) to cook up a storm in the kitchen and we, especially yours truly loves it 'cos less work mah. :)

  9. The steamboat looks really, really good! Bursting with ingredients *drool* My MIL observes strict vegetarian on the 1st day of CNY.

  10. Fuiyoh..what a big spread of "liu" for the steamboat. You have a great MIL who cooks really well. :)