Anti litter

I pass by this street every morning when I drive to work. This street is actually at the corner of my house. I used to see a lot of rubbish were thrown at the road side, and it was even more trash during the spring cleaning season right before CNY. One fine evening, when we went out for dinner, my husband asked me to take a look at the sign board which some one put there.
Since this Anti Litter Sign was placed there, the rubbish is getting less, but not yet zero.
I guess those people who still litter do not afraid of life threatening decease, poor and bad luck.

Anyway, everyone should have the Civic Pride to care for the hygiene and the beauty of the environment. It is always our job to pack our own trash and dispose it properly.


  1. Usually, if there's signboard 'Dilarang buang sampah di sini', thats where people will throw the rubbish =_=
    Like you said, everyone should engage in proper way of disposing the rubbish.

  2. Sorry but I can't stop laughing at the words, mati tanpa mayat? Wakakakaka! Is it translated directly?

    Some people are very selfish - to keep their space clean, they don't care but throw their unwanted stuffs / rubbish elsewhere. Where are their self-awareness??

  3. What a way?
    This happens everywhere. People nowdays are so selfish.

  4. I just wonder who put the sign board there, so 'geng'(got guts) wor! He/ she must be really pissed of by these 'rubbish worms'!

  5. LOL ....that signboard is such a curse! hahahaha.......hope the people will wake up and stop littering.

  6. Haha...the signboard is really teruk. If the signboard says "you will be fine for littering" I think that would work gua.

  7. The sign is evil but funny at the same time hahaha! The little rubbish thrown there must be by people who don't know how to read or don't understand the sign.