The first Sunday in Rabbit year

Time passed by really fast. Everyone has come back to the routine after a splendid celebration of CNY. We have actually back to our normal life on Sunday. Since we didn't need to travel, we could enjoy the most relaxing Sunday, and this was the day I enjoyed the most during the past 4 days of CNY. You can say me weird, as I can finally get back to the peace and space.

Sunday 11.30am, we woke up. A friend of us, with his spouse and son dropped by for a chat. After they left, my husband bought noodles as our breakfast + lunch.

Sunday 2.30pm, my husband left home for the badminton games. I stayed home and did the revision with my girls, in order to get their mood ready for going back to school on Monday.

Sunday 5.00pm, my husband came back and brought the girls to the club for a swim, and I went to the gym to shed some fat that I gathered through out all the meals in CNY.

Sunday 7.00pm, we took dinner at PIL house.

Sunday 8.30pm, we came back home for another round of revision before we called off the day.
How was your first Sunday in Rabbit year? I hope you didn't need to spend it on the highway. I heard it was a massive traffic jam everywhere.


  1. Our Sunday was also a revision day for my 2 older girls, to set them back into school mode. Pretty quiet one for us too.

  2. Hmm, your first Sunday really bec to the normal routine. I would say it is a good habit. On Sunday,we only started to buy some fire works bec home for the kids to play.

  3. I guess I'm too old for this festive mood. I celebrated CNY with extra laundry to do, extra rubbish on the floor, extra tantrums to handle, extra nagging and extra cash to spend... angpow :)

    On the other hand, my kids enjoyed it the most with longer TV allowance, cookies, no school and getting pampered by elders.

  4. We went to Ikea for breakfast last Sunday morning. Hubby then went to chauffeur mom in-law around to visit her friends while I stayed home to do revision with Ian. We watched a DVD together when hubby came back from CNY visits.. a quiet Sunday as usual.

  5. Went to church. On the way back from PJ to S'ban, found a new way through Bkt. Mahkota to bypass the Nilai jam. Phew!

  6. Ashley's school reopens on Wednesday and we are only going back to work tomorrow :) We had lunch with our friends and then dinner with the outlaws on Sunday :P