Gala night 2011

Last Saturday, I attended our company CNY annual dinner. In fact, I seldom attended any function without my kids and my spouse tagging along. The company dinner and colleagues' wedding dinners are two occasions that I have to trouble my personal home assistant a lot.

I needed to take a few hours before the dinner time to get myself ready for the function. Those few hours I would concenstrate only with the hair do, make up, and dress up. I would totally shut my eyes and close my ears to all my children's antics.
Here my personal home assistant fed the girls my MIL's fried rice.
After finishing the fried rice, my personal home assistant fed the girls MIL's dessert, the "fucuk barley".
Thank goodness, they were well taken care by my personal home assistant.

Before the make up was smeared, Before the food was served, I took pictures with my colleagues, a.k.a my lunch mates, a.k.a my blogger friends Yvonne and Hayley.

When I was having fun with the rest, my home personal assistant was still  busy attending to the girls at home. Paiseh!

For the food pictures, you can hop to Yvonne's entry here.
For Gala night 2010 pictures, you can click here.

p/s: To my personal home assistant, my chauffeur, my only one, my valentine and my white knight, thanks a zillion. I owe you a lot ...


  1. Why so few photos only Yan? :P
    You looked great that night, I like your hair ;)

  2. You look great, Yan. I should be getting beauty tips from you. Yes..show us more photos. :P

  3. hahahhaa... u've the best home assistant lerh.
    n ofcoz, agree with the rest, show us more photos lerh, u look so great. n make up n beauty tips, teach us some. hehehhe...

  4. Everyone looked really awesome! My ex-company used to have CNY annual dinner every year too and all spouses and families are welcomed to attend it. Anyway, you have a great home assistant. You gals must have had a blast at the event :)

  5. wow, 3 pretty ladies :) your home personal assistant deserves a big hug and kiss from you :)

  6. Personal home assistant... lol, he's been promoted and no longer carry the title ah sei (cantonese).

    Agree with Barb, he deserves them indeed!

  7. Wow, few hours to get ready but then the end result was fabulous!

    By the way, your PHA really deserves a big pat on his shoulder for a job well done! :)

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  9. Aunty you look fab there!
    Also Aunty Yvonne and Hayley, you three look totally great ;D
    Who personal assistant? Ur hubby ah? So lucky to have a caring hubby ^^

  10. Just wonder how do you manage to maintain such nice figure after 2 deliveries, so envy~!

    EnvyX2 for your good assistant!^-^

  11. You are one lucky woman and wife to have a reliable and loving PA!

  12. You look great and so do the other two ladies :)
    I am envy on you, I don't have few hours time to get prepare when I have any functions or dinner to attend. Normally I need to get prepare the kids and lastly only do my own part. When the time I can only do a quick hair do + simple make up also with two monkeys kacau here and there :(
    How i wish I can have personal home assistant like you !! Mine will only help me when being told. kick once then move once.