Happy Chap Goh Meh

Today is the last day of CNY. I plan to go to the Guang Yin Temple with my gang to make another praying before the CNY is over.

If you ask me how actually my CNY 2011 was, I will answer, "My CNY mood in 2011 was just so so only. "

Nevertheless, I have a wish list for the Bunny year.

1. I can sleep earlier every night.
2. I can keep healthy, fit, young and looking good.
3. I can be more patience, passionate and grateful to all my loved ones.
4. I can excel in my line dancing and yoga lessons.
5. I can manage my stress and temper better.

To all my friends, Happy Cap Goh Meh and Happy, Happy Everyday


  1. yes sleep is first in my list!!! I wished i could sleep earlier every night too!!!

    happy new year once again~

  2. Now you can do this to make your wishes come true.

    1)this one sure can,,,
    2)i think you are already healthy, fit and good looking as for young age is just a number, right?
    3)sure you can, just put ourselves in other's shoes, passionate and grateful to you loved ones,, just love them more a little a day
    4)pratice makes perfect right?
    5)Learn to breathe well and not to be bogged down with stress and pray and pray and pray..

    have a wondeful chap goh mei

  3. Ah... my wish list is only one, day-day-great-day (天天好天)

    Happy chap goh meh!!

  4. Back from the temple, I can still smell joss sticks, LOL :P
    Got pray got po pi, hopefully this year of Rabbit is a better year for us!
    Happy Chap Goh Meh Yan!

  5. Happy Chap Goh Meh!

    Have a great Rabbit year.......more babies...LOL!

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, happy chap goh mei.
    Follow your wishes and be what you want to be tomorrow, and have fun.
    Stay young and looking god.

  7. Have a good Bunny Year ahead and may what you wish for come true!