Just want to feel complete

I saw many mummies out there have done a lot of DIY CNY decoration. I am a type of person who have zero talent in art and craft work, I reckon, but I don't feel complete if I don't join in the fun. Therefore, I cancelled the revision time last night, instead I let my girls have fun with scissors, stapler, tape and red packets.
They enjoyed doing it of course. I was just letting them to have some fun, other than study, study and study.
Some very rough work of us. The fishes.
The lanterns.
The flower ball.

I don't think I will have time to blog during CNY, my girls will come over to our master bedroom from the eve till the school starts again. When they are around, I seldom go online, because I don't like them to go online that often too. 

Till we meet again, Happy Rabbit Chinese New Year.


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Making CNY crafts can be considered educational too. Give their creativity some exercise.

  2. This year, I dint DIY any CNY decorations... time is just not enough!
    Anyway, wishing you and family, a wonderful happy chinese new year!

  3. Too many flower decoration this time! I prefer the flower ball!I'll plan to do it for next year...hehehe...

    Again, Gong Xi Fa Cai

  4. I have no time to DIY...only be back on CNY eve. House also didn't clean..haha.

    You girls did a good job. I'm not good at arts and crafts.

  5. Nice and beautiful crafty work you have let your princess to experience.
    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

  6. Lovely hand crafts your girls have made you! Wishing you a prosperous Rabbit new Year too, have fun and enjoy ya!^-^/

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you and family!

  8. Hello Sheoh Yan, from Canada, wishing you and family 'kong hei fatt choy' and all the very best of the Rabbit year.
    Wishing you a happy, heathy new year, and stay young...keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Aunty Yan! Wish you good lucks for this Rabbit Year ;)
    Your girls, as always, have a creative hands ;D

  10. I love your diy lanterns. They are pretty :) Hope you all had a great celebration :)

  11. It is good to have some DIY decorations around the home. Wishing you healthy, happiness and joyful rabbit year!

  12. Such an interesting activities for bonding time, and especially during CNY :)

    Sadly, I didn't have enough time to do any decoration :(