Our first time on the 9th day of CNY

It has been so many years that I couldn't sleep peacefully on the 9th day of CNY. I hate to be the victim of the noise of the fire alarm, house alarm, car alarm, dog bark, fire cracker, "red bomb" and also human. So, I decided to join in the fun to create more noise to the street. Wakakakak!

Since my husband and I are not hokkien, we prayed to the Jade Emperor of Heaven in much simpler way. I bought apple, pineapple, mandarine oranges, Ang Ku kuih and sweet glutinous kuih. Of course, I also prepared some paper gold, tea and incense as well.

Luckily my girls didn't need to go to school on the next day. They got to stay up late to watch how happening my street was for the night.
There were more than 10 houses in the 'lorong' that I stayed, who prayed to the Jade Emperor last night.
My very simple first time celebration on the Jade Emperor's birthday. I am sure we can do it better for the years in future.

"Huat ah! Huat ah!...." I kept hearing this from my neighbourhood when burning paper gold. My husband and I were still too shy to shout this out loud. Hehehe! May be next year.

We went back to the house when it closed to 1am. Yawn....I will take a half day leave today in the afternoon, I hope I can take a nap to recover my sleep loss. "Huat ah!...Ai Kun..." (yawn)


  1. I was half awake and half asleep when everyone was shouting 'huat, huat'.

  2. Your area so happening huh.. Here we I live, very quiet where I heard fireworks once a while after midnite.

  3. Wow, your place seems to be very happening!
    I slept at 2am++ last night, and woke up at 10am this morning.. consider enough? :P

  4. Hehe... I don't think I dare to shout like that too.. shy lah :p

    It was very happening around my area too... non-stop fireworks and firecrakers until 2am+ and this morning, we woke up to bad haze!

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan I really enjoyed looking at the pics here as my mother used to pray this night.
    I am Hokkien. And back in the old days let loose loud and long firecrackers too.

    You take very nice pics, very clear too.
    Really good to know lots of people still observe this Jade Emperor's birthday.
    Bet your 2 Angels had fun too.
    Go have your beauty sleep. Have a nice day....Lee.
    PS, we have a -28'c temp outside!

  6. kkakakaakakak...can't help laughing at your neighbour's comment when burning the paper gold. if only it is that easy to huat :D hey, your celebration looks pretty grand to me :D

  7. I had a good night sleep this year, no sound of fire crackers at all.this is because I lived at a malay area, near to the factory where I worked.
    happy chinese year Yan.

  8. Yalor... that night the crackers kept bombing, pity those little kidos who didn't sleep well!=_=

  9. I remember we need to wear new shirts when praying. That was my favorite moments! Wearing new clothes, prayed and eat as much as you can! Huat ar!!!

  10. this year i heard crackers can go on till 15th day.. :)

  11. Sure is fun praying to Jade Emperor on the 9th day! My kids had lots of fun too, yesterday! LOL!

  12. This post is funny lah. You also join in the "fun"..hehe.

    I have never heard of fireworks this loud before in my area...meletup.

  13. Gosh, we just celebrated CNY for 2 days hereee. Envy u still having fun around >,<