The supplement for my kids

It has been a long time that I want to mention about this topic in my blog. I keep procrastinating as I am quite 'pantang' phobia to talk about my children's growth and health openly.

April and May's Paediatrician(PD) is in Hospital Columbia Asia. When both my kids were less about 3 years old,  they get cough, phlegm and running nose often. They both were on Singulair, Ventolin and Seretide inhaler before. They also got the nebuliser a few times in the hospital when their cough and phlegm were too serious.

That time, I forbid them to take cold drink, ice and ice-cream, and I strictly watched over their diet.

Their last visit to the PD was in May 2010. Within these 9 months, they only got mild flu or mild fever once or twice. I gave them the flu medicine and paracetamol that I kept at home.

I am certainly happy to witness the improvement in their immune system and general well being. Here, I would like to share what I give them as their supplement, and I believe it improve my kids' health.
Vitamin C from Natural Factors 500mg for each chewable tablet. I break the tablet into 2 and give half to each of them. This vit. C is sugar free, so it is a bit bitter to chew. April complained a lot about its taste, but I still insist her to take it everyday.
I feed them one big table spoon of the Scott's Emulsion after meal, and I make them a glass of honey every day too.

On weekends, I boil them Chrysanthemum tea, or Barley, or Loh Han Guo drink.

Other than the above mentioned supplement, I also believe a well-balanced diet and plenty of fluid daily are essential to maintain the kids' health. I am not forgetting to give them fruit as snack in between meals.

I have started to allow my girls to enjoy some cold drinks and ice-cream, especially on hot weather.
So, during this CNY, whenever I prayed, I only wish for good health and harmony for my family, and nothing else.

And Today is the Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's to all of you.


  1. I think its a smart choice to invest on proper health supplements for kids.. I too take up Vit C and EPO daily ;)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and hubby, Yan~

  2. I give my boy cod liver oil and multivit daily. He only take the orange flavour of cod liver oil though and refused the original one. :(

  3. Happy Valentine's to you and hubby too! )

  4. Hey thanks for sharing,,,, may be you can add Pro-biotic to their supplement regime too,,, that's what my boys take,,,,,,

    hey go dinner and have a wonderful Valentine day,,,

    spread some love ya

  5. wow, that's a lot of supplements :) i haven't started ashley on Scott's yet but i drank it a lot when i was a kid :) May our kids be happy and healthy always :) Happy V-Day to you :)

  6. I give Chloe Scott's Emulsion only cos she doesn't like those chewable vitamins. All her vitamin source comes from fresh fruits and veggies only... I make sure she eats A LOT everyday. So far *touch wood* she is fine and very rarely falls sick.

  7. My kids reject everytimes I feed them scott's emulsion. Now I only give them some chewable vitamins.

    Happy valentine's day~

  8. Happy Valentine's Day To You and Your Dearest Hubby!

    Nowadays Gwen is rejecting the original Scott's emulsion..even I find it hard to swallow..yikes. Ok, I'm gonna force it down her throat no matter what. I think I will try to find the Vit C you mentioned. The one I'm giving Gwen has alot of sugar.

    P/S: Thanks for the compliment..hehe..paiseh. I will do a post on my latest skincare regimen.

  9. Whoop so many supplements, I also drink vit C back then, and Scott emulsion too (when I was kid). Now I only eat fish oil something.

    Happy Valentine to you Aunty Yan! ^^

  10. Wah, salute... you are such a health conscious mommy! I just give my kids scotts emulsion and the absent minded me always forgot to feed them!>_<

    Wishing you and your hubby a lovely Valentine night!

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, I guess kids will have their problems, healthwise......but once past a cetain age, they will be fine. Always when below 12 years.

    But you are good with these health benefits....
    By the way, I love that Kampong Koh chili sauce.
    Used to go there, the Dindings area, Sitiawan, Pangkor, Pantai Remis, Tanjung Tuallang back in the '70s, early '80s....
    I love those CNY dishes you had....sure look delicious!
    Have fun, and keep well. Best regards, Lee.

  12. "This vit. C is sugar free, so it is a bit bitter to chew. April complained a lot about its taste, but I still insist her to take it everyday." From ur comment, the vitamic is sugar free, has the sugar been replaced by articial sugar (aspertame)? aspertame is cancerous.

  13. My child used to take a course of antibiotic EVERY MONTH without fail when she was younger , and has been hospitalised twice for broncho-pneumonia when she was 2 or 3 years old. Yellow thick phlegm each month that can only be cured with a course of antibiotics which I hate but have no choice but to give it to her. Then i discovered Bio-Life Bio-Allisure, she took it whenever i sensed her phlegm turning yellow , and it has worked like magic on her. I highly recommend it to mothers whose children are prone to cold, running nose and cough. But pls bear in mind what works for my daughter doesnt necessarily work for yours. But there is no harm trying as allicin is naturally found in garlic. Just sharing :)