Dong Khoi Street, Ho Chi Minh

We excused ourselves from the tour group and solely on our own on the 2nd day in Ho Chi Minh. We took a taxi to Dong Khoi Street. Then, we walked to Saigon Square and ended our shopping day at Benh Thanh.
 I tell ya! We were at this so called 5 star rated street for window shopping only.
 I didn't intend to buy any designer brand stuff, so I didn't bother go and check the price either.
 We really walked passed all these high end outlets from one end to the other end.
You can see that my left hand was holding Princess April and my right hand was holding Princess May. My most expensive products, whom I brought across the ocean from Malaysia.
 So many animal printed clothing from Milano.  

Sheraton Saigon Hotel is a great 5 star hotel on the street. We didn't have the luxury to stay there, we stayed at Lan Lan 2 hotel.
Other than looking at Esprit outlet, please also pay attention at this taxi, which I was told to trust by the tour guide. If you are going to Ho Chi Minh, please remember this Vinasun Taxis,  with the phone number 38 27 27 27 on both sides of their taxis, as there are also a lot of fakes taxis on the streets. We were warned by the tour guide that the driver taking you to somewhere other than your destination and demanding more money.

Beware, this place is not only having a lot fake LV, Gucci, Long champ and Coach, it also has fake taxis.


  1. Hi Sheoh Yan, ha ha, first time I read about fake taxis.
    I will bear that in mind should as and when we visit Vietnam.
    I guess one has to beware of fake goods when in China, Vietnam, Thailand, even KL too I heard.
    Good that your kids get a first hand geography experience.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Never know got fake taxi =_="
    Thanks for sharing with us, will keep this in mind if I go Vietnam one day....

  3. Jakarta too got fake taxis. The safest taxi co in Jakarta is Bluebird. :)

    I like the pics of you and your princesses in front of the stores..hehe.

  4. Never heard of fake taxi. It would be a nasty experience should we hired a fake one and were brought for terror "city tour" with extra money demanded.

  5. Wow, thanks for the cautions! Will definitely be wary if I ever got to visit Ho Chi Minh!

  6. Din know about this taxi thing.

  7. yes, both princesses r indeed the most expensive products. :) love this. hmm.. priceless...

  8. Haha I like the way you described your two most expensive "products"... they are indeed the most precious princesses that money cannot buy! :)

  9. I didn't realize that there are so many high-end stores in Saigon :) Thanks for the info on the taxi. Hope to be able to visit Saigon soon :)

  10. Oh, yes, I definitely agree with you....your two daughters are your most precious and priceless (more than just expensive!) objects that you carry with you! Thanks for sharing the tip about taxis in Ho Chin Minh!

  11. So many high end shops.. All The fake taxis buat apa sana..

  12. I mean they are actually demand for my money than usual cab fee?

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