Enjoy Vietnamese food: Part 1

Tourists can enjoy Vietnamese food everywhere at deluxe restaurants or even at street cafes. Once I was in Vietnam; I immediately fell in love with Vietnamese Food. Vietnam is also a coffee-lover’s dream. It seems like every street cafe sells the thick coffee preferred by locals. I try to introduce here some typical Vietnamese food that no tourist can ignore when they come to Vietnam.
Vietnamese spring rolll is a traditional Vietnamese food which is wrapped in rice paper. Like most of Vietnamese food, spring roll (goi cuon) is a very healthy diet which all ingredients are made fresh from pork(grilled or boiled), shrimp, or grilled beef, rice vermicelli, and vegetable. Spring roll is served cold, with dipping in a simple sauce consisting of Hoisin sauce, garlic, peanut butter, and water or a combination of fish sauce, garlic, sugar, lime, and carrot. 
When I first saw this, I called this escargot. It is not escargot, but it is a must try Vietnamese food, Snails Stuffed with Minced Pork.
Salads are popular in Vietnam. Simple combinations such as cooked chicken and shredded cabbage are given an exotic touch by the addition of chopped mint and fresh coriander leaves and the inevitable nuoc mam sauce or nuoc cham, used as a dressing.
The spring roll in the first picture, which we actually had it at a street cafe, and this one we had it in at a cosy restaurant. Both are equally good.
On both sides of Benh thanh market will be filled with food vendors, mostly seafood merchant, was on the opposite side will be full of clothes and souvenir vendors. This is an empty street in the day, it will quickly turn into a busy night market when dusk. This seafood cafe that we went were packed with foreigner.
Grilled big prawns.
Deep fried egg roll.
Stir fried big clams with lots of garlic.
Steamed crabs.
My husband's favourite made in Vietnam western herbal tea, triple 3 beer.
The food and drinks that we felt satisfied in this famous seafood cafe called Quan Cua Tay, caused us a total damage of RM300 (1,950,000 Vietnam Dong).


  1. Not cheap, but the food looks yummy! Somehow, Vietnam food are often taste good, rite?

  2. the food there very nice ya. Suit our M'sian taste bud. haha

  3. Wow, all the food looks good, especially the spring rolls...

  4. Not cheap and the bill was for how many pax? The food sure looks yummy though. :)

  5. yeah not cheap food but delicious :) err..snails stuffed with meat? i think i'll stick with the spring rolls...heheheheh

  6. Those food looks delicious and healthy, especially spring rolls.
    Escargot?? I'm not that adventurous.

  7. Still cheaper than JKT lah. :P The food looks delicious though.

  8. Wah, expensive seafood. Hah, the bear I remember! Ba is 3 in Vietnamese language. So the 333beer is called Ba Ba Ba! Had some great time with my friend there with ba ba ba.....reminds me of some good memories in Vietnam!

  9. Hello Sheoh Yan, wow! Love these Vietnamese food, especially their 'Pho' noodles.
    There'e a very nice Vietnamese Pho restaurant just across the street where we live, and we are regulars there.

    Here in Toronto, Vietnamese is the next most popular restaurant next to Chinese, HK or China, Taiwan cuisine.

    There's vietnamese restaurants all over Toronto too.
    I'm sure you must have had a fabulous time in Vietnam, Hanoi.

    And Vietnamese women are known as one of Asia's beautiful women, with the Indons and Thais....all noted for their exceptional beauty.
    Have a nice day, sleep early, ha ha, Lee.

  10. I won't call that a damage lar, so many scrumptious food! It's a bliss! lol!^-^

  11. By looking at vietnamese food photos u posted, that reminds me that it has been quite a long while I didn't patronize any vietnamese restaurant. Ough...I miss their taste now. :)

  12. There are also many other famous vietnamese food to try, such typically as pho, springroll, bun cha etc. just try!!!