Enjoy Vietnamese Food - Part 2

Folks, I hope you enjoy my Vietnamese food - Part 1. Part 2 is going to show you the Vietnamese dessert, noodles and rices that we had in my recent Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam trip.  
After spending hours shopping in the very crowded Benh Thanh market, we stopped at this place for some refreshment. I randomly ordered a glass of lookalike  "Ais Kacang", or we used to call ABC (Ais Batu Campur) in Malaysia for April.  I was not sure what's being scooped into the containers, but I know it's very tasty.
The glass was filled with coconut milk and an exotic array of seemingly incongruous ingredients. Chick peas, white fungus, agar agar jelly, tapioca and coconut milk, together? Delicious. Add another mixed spoon of lotus seeds, kidney beans, and tapioca-flour jellies, and April happily slurped away the day.
While seeing April taking spoon by spoon all these colourful ingredients with coconut milk, I was worried that she might have diarrhea and suffer from stomach ache throughout the rest of the days in Vietnam. Thank Goodness, she was fine, and I had to use force to make her go to toilet. It only proves that Vietnam hawker food is hygiene and safe.
Though I was not really hungry, but I was lured by the "Pho". A bowl full of their cloudy, protein-speckled broth and chewy pork only confirmed my choice of noodles fantastic.
"Pho"  Vietnamese seafood soup.
"Pho" Vietnamese chicken soup, Lee, I put on 1.5 kg after coming back from Vietnam, all because of these "Pho" noodles.

My kids love fried rice. Wherever we go, we must order fried rice. Vietnamese seafood fried rice is not as greasy as the Chinese style fried rice.
Vietnamese fried rice with shrimp and corns.
We also tried this special food in Vietname, rice cover by lotus leaf.
The sticky rice was steamed in lotus leaf. It also garnished with lotus flower and served with soy sauce and chilli dipping sauce.

Other than Thai and Japanese food, I am now starting to flavour Vietnamese food.


  1. Wah, can put on weight so fast. For me very hard lorr.....run a few rounds and busy for one week can loss 1kg liao! LOL!

  2. hey..the sticky rice looks good.. after all the shopping and walking.. sure needs more food! :)

  3. My impression of Vietnamese food is plain and rather tasteless(of what my husband complaint), lol... but you proved me wrong, it looks delicious, I'm so keen to try those ABC thingy(always love variety)!;D

  4. Hur hur, guess I came at the wrong timing, seeing your photos made me even hungrier~ Haha :D

  5. I've only tried the Vietnamese beef noodles not other versions. That Chicken soup noodles really make me drool..hehe.

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, Love the pics, And Vietnamese, Thai as well other SEA countries all have delicious spicy foods, except HK.....rather bland to my taste.
    Vietnamese have really exotic varieties too.

  7. Looks like a very fruitful eating trip. How much roughly did you spend per person for this trip?

  8. Hmm, I didn't expect Vietnamese offer hygiene hawker food. That's good, unlike those China's hawker food, yucks!!

  9. I love Vietnam cuisine too esp the beef noodle & their signature spring rolls :-)


  10. Mmm..they look good. Hey i always thought that Pho is beef noodles. The closest vietnamese food i ever had is at Vietnamese Kitchen...hehehhehe

  11. Wah, lots of good food! Well, food is meant to be enjoyed on a good and happy trip so don't worry too much about putting on weight... until you're back haha.

  12. The pho is so delicious hor.

  13. Shireen, this trip was partially sponsored by my husband's company. Including food, shopping and stay, each person is less than RM1K.