Goodies from US

I have a best friend, SaSa whom I knew in my previous job, was joining her fiances in US since May 2010. My another best friend, Su In were visiting Sa Sa twice since then, when she were in US for business. These two ladies have told me several times that they could get me good bargain and nice design of Coach handbag from US, if I decided to have one. Sa Sa would help me to shop for it and Su In would help me to carry it back. Nice right?

Of course I wouldn't want to waste this golden opportunity. Yvonne and me were religiously browsing through Coach website to look up for latest design day in day out. We also briefly told my two friends in US what our preferences. They've finally got us one each. Awwww, how nice? I really love them. (My best friends and the bag.) As for Yvonne's bag, I will let her to tell you more in her blog.
I want to thank SaSa for grabbing this Coach bag at good discount on one of their public holidays, just for me. I was really touched.
Me, posing with my proudest purchased, and I want to extend my thank to Su In for buying this white long sleeves Gap blouse for me. Hey Su In, you really know my figure well, I look quite curvy in it. Ahemm.
There were also some goodies for my girls, like M&M candies and Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate.
Two very cute Los Angeles and Hollywood T-shirts for my girls. Thanks a lot, Su In and Sa Sa.

My last meet up with these two beautiful ladies were written here.


  1. wow.. I like the design too! very nice.. your friends are great!

  2. Very classy bag, beautiful! That's really nice of your friends!

  3. Best friend is hard to find especially those know your taste.

  4. Finally, you got your Coach bag~ Very classy and nice!
    Hmm, am looking forward to see Yvonne's too ^^

  5. That's a lot of goodies from US :D Hey I did not get to see your voluptuous figure in that white blouse. Move your body to right side a bit, lol~

    Btw, I haven't got time to pose with my purchase yet.

  6. Wah, so many nice gifts....have a nice weekend with your family!

  7. Cool friends you have,, only shows you are cool friend to them too.

    Hey did you know that there's a Coach boutique in Penang too?

    Drop by 1stAvenue.........

  8. That's so nice of your friends. The Bag is very nice...bought direct from US is very dai. :) Wow...must be very sexy in that new top..hehe.

  9. oh i like your bag. it is worth buying in the States. you have such a wonderful friend :) can't wait to see Yvonne's bag :)

  10. such good friends hard to find!