He is the man

 I have to record this, though he has stopped me for flattering him too much in my blog before.

April brought home an art homework from school. Her Art teacher also gave her a few pieces of colour papers. She showed me how to cut the colour paper into smaller pieces and in different shapes, then paste them onto her drawing.

Very frankly, I hate this type of job. I am not a detail person, I am not a creative person, I am very lazy to do craft work like sticking tiny little piece of colour paper onto a drawing. I kept grumbling while helping April to cut and paste. 1 hour passed very fast, we only managed to make the tree, clouds and fence.

Papa came to rescue, he took the scissors from me and said, " Mummy brings April to tuition now, Papa will do all the rest."
 2 hours later, April came back from the tuition, this was what she saw on her study table.
He makes juice for me, he cooks better than me, he guides April and May in their studies, he helps me in all the house chores, and he does art like this one. His hobbies are working out in the gym and playing badminton. He drinks beer and watches drama at his leisure.
What else I am asking for more?

I love him for the man he wants to be.
I love him for the man he alsmost is.

p/s: He is not a perfect man, but he completes me. (Comment from Broccoli Ginger, and I find it true)


  1. Gosh... envy+++++!! You have found the greatest life partner! Continue to envy++++++

  2. I'm green with envy~~ If he had a twin brother and I were still single, I don't mind a partner like him.

  3. You're so blessed to have him Yan... How I wish my hubby have abit of his characters, LOL :P

  4. wah wah... good man best man.. u r so blessed SY.

  5. I feel so envious. You have a good man who takes care of his family well. Not everyone is as lucky as you :)

  6. He is the one for you. You are one lucky woman.

  7. Lucky you to hv such a loving and thoughtful man in your life :)

  8. Indeed this is a very tedious job. I'm not that patient too.

    Cherish him as he is truly a wonderful husband.

  9. I remember my son had a similar art project last year. The theme was fruits and my boy chose rambutan and a bunch somemore boy.. Being the impatient lot, we pasted sparingly onto the paper but kena kicked back by the teacher and it took us another 2 hours to complete it.. forget about my husband.. he is more impatient that me. You are lucky to have him. :)

  10. Oooohhh....you are one lucky woman to get him! As for me, I have to do 99.9% of the housework all by myself besides having to work outside, and plus layan the baby! Basically, mine is almost like one-man-show even though I have a husband.

  11. i feel so happy for you. u r truly blessed ... :)

  12. Hi Sheoh Yan you have a Gold Medal hubby there.
    Not many like him.
    Impressive, outstanding!

    My compliments to him.
    He the kind of man if a bachelor any girl would love bring home show mummy.
    Have a nice day.